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Home of the Zoot Suit & British Blues!


Welcome to the only Runyonesque (Damon Runyon; go look it up . . .) Petz Page on the web!. o O (What is Surfree?)


7-18-00: The Petz 3 and 4 breedz are in a new format (with pictures!). Thanks for the Snoopy pic, Brittni! I just couldn't find my old caterpillar pic, though . . . If someone could send me one, that would be great! :-)
7-16-00: Wow! is five years old! :-)
7-1-00: The breedz are back up! :-)
6-7-00: Finally!! The shops are back up and redesigned! :-) The first step towards getting the downed parts of this site back up!
5-29-00: Another little thing to keep you from being too bored: The Fabulous Swing Quiz! Download this cute little quiz program that identifies what type of swing you like and then plays some music and makes suggestions of other bands you might like. Try taking it a few times (with different answers) to see the different songs you can get! :-)
Later on 4-24-00: I just found out that Geocities deleted my account for violating their Terms of Service because I redirected visitors from there to my main page, had pages linking to an affiliate service that was not part of Yahoo!Geocities, and had copyrighted music there. Slowly, but surely, I'll work on getting things back up (but on different servers!), so please, for now, pay no attention to the "broken" links.

If you want to adopt a pet, please fill out this form! It makes it faster and easier for me and you! Get your FREE e-mail from my new mail service, Nicely-Nicely Mail!

*more than somewhat - it means "a lot" or "very" (if you didn't know . . .) - Yori

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