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Trade Show Magic

William D. Hunter has been performing magic for many years. He now offers his experience to you company to bring a unique close magic show to your trade show booth. William and our other professional performer work hand in hand with your sales staff to increase visability of your product or service. Each routine will bring the trade show attendees back to the important issue . . . Your Products. Booking or Referrals are available nation wide, but we specialize in the North East and Mid Atlantic State. If you have a upcoming show at the Javice Center, Philadelphia Convention Center, Atlantic City or any were else, call today for booking information.

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Previous Clients Include:

Kay Jewelers Inc. and Memory Town Resorts

Hanselmann Jewelers and Caesar's Resorts International

Dee's Crystal Castles and The Ames Corporation

Add Your Company to this list by booking today.

William D. Hunter Magic Company

Box# 3 South Carver MA 02366



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