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William D. Hunter Magic Co.'s

Incredible Shows for Fundraising

Mind Blowing Psychic Stage Shows, Classic 1950 Spook Shows, Seances' and Renaissance/Medieval Faires for Fundraising.

William D. Hunter Magic Co. provides a unique fund raising opportunity for charity and civic groups. You provide the location. We will provide the entertainment and training. The best part is most of our program have little or no up front cost to your group! Together we create a fun and exciting fund raiser. Why have a "bake sale" when you can have Great Show? Let us put our experience to work for your group or organization. .

E-mail:Contact us now and we will start right away. Please include in your e-mail the name of your group, a postal mailing address and name and contact number for the event organizer..


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William D. Hunter Magic Co.



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Did you know that William started at Renn. Faires doing street comedy and games with the Jouster Lord Joseph. They were know as "Pond" (Will) and "Scum" (Joe). That is a bit of trivia mighty Lord Joseph would rather you did't know. Above our hero accepts a lance form a trusted squire at a popular Faire.