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In loving memory of our dear sister
and kindred spirit of the old ways.

Catherine M. Blaettler

Born Nov.1,1976

Died Nov. 19, 2004
at the age of 28


pandora074: I only met Catherine once,but she seemed like a kindred soul.

She is someone that I very much would have liked to

have been able to get to know better. She will be missed greatly.

I once knew a smile, And that smile knew me. That smile was lovely,

As lovely could be. That smile was giving, That smile was good,

That smile was loving, And all understood. That smile meant friendship,

That smile eased pain, That smile healed heartbreak, And cleared out the rain.

She fought for justice, She fought for right, She fought to bring darkness

Out into the light. She loved everyone of us, As everyone should,

She walked amongst us In her cloak and hood. But a fury and hailstorm

Took away that friend, And that smile shall never knock Upon my door again.

Jason M. Brill Nov. 27, 2004

My sister Catherine, or Cathy (as I always called her, even when she insisted on being called Catherine), was a beautiful, caring, loving person.

Although we didn't get along well at all as children, we started a much closer relationship once we were adults, and living out on the world on our own.

We still butted heads on occasion, but we were so much more quick to make up and laugh at how stubborn and bull-headed we both were - and agree to disagree.

Cathy wasn't afraid to do anything. I remember a time when we were in Las Vegas, and it was after darkness had already settled in.

We were staying at the MGM Grande, and she decided she was going to go check out the casinos in the Excalibur - across a very busy intersection, in a town that we were not familiar with.

I urged her to just stay in the room with me and our other sister, or to at least wait til we could go with her - I was so concerned that she would get mugged or robbed - but she insisted on going out on her own.

I was so worried for her....but lo and behold, she comes back a little while later, with a little less money, and huge smile on her face.

That girl was so infuriatingly independent, it drove this older sister nuts. All I wanted to do was make sure she was safe. And all she wanted to do was go out and do her own thing.

Cathy loved to express herself in so many ways. She took photography classes, pottery classes, art classes, guitar lessons.

She was never afraid to try something new. I admired her ability to go full force into the world, never minding if it was something that she couldn't do - she would figure out a way to at least try. "No" or "I can't" was not in her vocabulary.

Boy, did this girl love to travel! She went to San Francisco - by herself - not once, but twice! What courage that took!

I could never imagine just picking up and going all the way across the country, alone, to a city I've never been to before. When she came back, she showed me her pictures from her second trip.

Some of the pictures were of her. I asked her "who took the pictures?" "Oh, someone who was nearby." A complete stranger!! Cathy would do that - just go right up to people, ask them to take pictures of her.

Of course, this big sister tried to admonish her for (what I thought to be) carelessness about her safety. She just would brush me off....after all, how else would she get pictures of herself on her trips?

Oh how I loved her spirit - I'm gonna miss her.

Jennifer Gadoua

In loving memory of our dear sister of the old ways shall I remember your warm smile, and openess to share.

I have never in my life known some one so intuned to astrology as Catherine was, and I believe she saw her own passing in the stars she so understood.

She was a friend , a witch, a teacher, and a lover of all life. She'd come to Sabbats here at the farm many times and each time others that gathered in worship would gather round Catherine afterwards to have there cards read.

It was only one of the many things I admired about her. She was a very free spirit and let no one , Including ME tell her what to do, when to do it, or how to do it lol.

If you didn't butt heads at least once with Catherine,, well, you just didn't fit yet lol.It was kinda like the initiation to enter into her private life.

I have shed my tears, and now raise a glass to toast her life as she'd want us all to do. As Catherine LIVED,, we need to live now to.

As the cycles unfold about us all, life ,death and rebirth, she's amoung each new season ,in each leaf that is born and falls later in death.

Catherine is the wind that whispers in our ears, I'm here and watching you, protecting you , guarding the ones I love with all my heart.

She is as in the picture above the water falls, never ending, always changing, evolving never allowing anyone to hold her back.

But She was always true to her self and her spirituality. She believed in her path with all she was and I know that when she left us that night

That her deities she'd call on with her mother by her side opened there warm arms and took her instantly away to some day rejoin us all again.

I will for ever think of you my dear sister of time, for you have touched a part of my life and changed that with in so deeply. With love and respect. Cat loved music and so here was one of her favorite songs she'd sing and play.

Chrissy ( Witch33)

Sorry this is the wrong date, I always for get to take that darn date off, this was taken Sept 19,2009 at Pagan Pride Day in Ft Lauderdale Florida. I have to say this is one of the best new musical bands I've heard in a long time.I would say they remind me of King Diamond. Please buy the CD, I promise you that you won't regret it. They are also very sweet and kind people and it was my pleasure to meet them and add them to my sites.