overlord IAQ

infrequently asked questions
about the world's most superlative
& least hyperbolic symphony of personal doom

1.1 Who's in the band?
The answer is more complicated than ever.

1.2 What kind of music is overlord?
Pretty good!

1.3 If one was so moved, how could one listen to overlord music?
Number of ways.

1.4 What other crap is available at this webpage?
Nothing, come to the new page.

1.5 What would Edward Gibbon's take on overlord be, provided he was both interested and breathing?
1991. A suburban educational facility. Everyone there had a band. But little Georgie only had a band name. One that sounded good to him. And only him. With his decision to keep it, 'overlord' set a precendent for consciously avoiding ingratiation. In theory, at least. Armed with an album cover and the aforementioned shit-kickin' name, all that was left was learning how to write songs, and, um, how to play an instrument. It all turned out to be much easier than you'd think. It's an oft-told tale that is told almost oft enough to warrant being included in the FAQ. Not quite yet, though.

So Jeff and Dave L. joined in August 1994, playing drums and bass, respectively. The trio recorded a song or two and overlord played its first shows. Dave L. was abducted from the band in August 1995, and Jeff and George recorded the bulk of overlord's 1st cd, the album FILLER. They got Sarah to play bass with them starting in February of 1996. Jeff vanished in February of 1997, and Sarah and George coaxed Chris into playing drums for a few shows until April of 1997, when FILLER was actually released. Sarah and George then got Dr. Asif to play drums starting in August 1997. Sarah took a powder for the 1st half of 1998, and Dr. Asif and George got Ben to play guitar. By the time Sarah returned, most of the 2nd cd, the album A FINISHING PICTURE, had been recorded and the band became a four piece. That 2nd album came out in October of 1998. Following an Asif-ectomy in June of 1999, Jeff briefly rematerialize for some shows, after which the precocious and prodigious percussionist Jordan, nary a teenager, was spirited into taverns to play drums for some shows in early 2000. Somewhere in there the cd single TRANSPARENT TUNES was released. Then the living anti-depressant David F. joined on drums in early 2000. Ben and Sarah returned to Cuba that summer. By Fall of 2000, high school crony Jon Robb joined on bass. In March of 2001, the ep THE WONDERFUL WORLD OF CHEMISTRY was released. Multi-instrumentalist Dan Nosheny began making sporadic guest appearances starting in early 2002. Dave F. moved to Lake Gaston at the end of the summer of 2002 and Jedediah Smith picked up the sticks. But Jed was left at the station and Dave recoaxed. Then George went to LA and shacked up with Smadar and Chris. George's month long return trip home has rewritten the definition of month, now akin to a Judeo-Christian apologist's conception of a Biblical day. And Jon and Dave still wanted to play. And Ryan Boyd joined. And the album THE WORLD TAKES was released. And George saw it, and it was expensive. Soon, however, Dave was seriously injured in a roachclip accident, and his place was taken by Dan Sagherian, who passed the now mandatory drug test, and who is also the first member of overlord to have spawned. And then the sparks flew-- from metal against pavement -- as the band's tours became more hazardous than a moped ride through Fallujah. And yea, the studio was sold. And Ryan begat Jamesina. And there was reverse stripping. And no cheech did join the band. And yea, verily, George wept. Soon, Ryan missed the boat. Then Dan swam after him. Soon, NYC was invaded. Steve and Tris and yes one last time Jed were brought in. Then Kerry showed up. And Steve alternated with Matt H. and Jason M. And MoMo stayed, and Jon left. So Bongers, etc...

It should be noted that overlord is now a recognized internship program for all accredited institutions of higher learning in the tri-state area. It's not a question of if you'll be in overlord, it's a question of when. Clear your schedule now.

1.6 So that's it?