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Who Done It?

Kristen is dead

And someone is responsible for it.

Poll #5 --- Who Done It?

Email me with your vote, and if you'd like to include your reasoning, I'll post that up, too. Results should be up in early to mid March, and at the begining of March I'll have a new poll. Possibilities for this poll are:

Susan Banks

She was the last person we saw with Kristen, and she held a letter opener up to her neck...

Laura Horton

She was enraged that her daughter Jennifer was dead, and she mysteriously left the funeral...

Kristen Blake DiMera

Suicide is very possible: after all those tranquilizers and that alcohol, who knows what Kristen was thinking...

Celeste Perrault

Infected with Jungle Madness, she dissapeared from Stefano's hideout to seek Kristen and find out what had happened to her...

I look forward to recieving your vote