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The Worst Villian Results Are In!

There are some pretty mean villians in Salem, but my voters seem to know who they think is the cruelest:

Stefano DiMera got 10 Votes; 67%

Kristen Blake DiMera got 4 Votes; 27%

Sammi Brady got 0 Votes; 0%

Peter Blake got 1 Vote; 7%

Vivien Alamain got 0 Votes; 0%

Total Votes: 15

Again, I'm disapointed in the response, hopefully more next time. I voted for Kristen, I think Stefano has been pretty reasonable lately. Well, I guess everyone else didn't feel that way. Well, I guess everyone will even feel stronger that Stefano is the worst, with Peter in jail and Kristen in her watery grave...maybe a new villian/villianess will come up!

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