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Mitch-O's Unbelievable NeverhoOd Page!


yes, I'm sure you all thought Mitch was eaten by giant ill-tempered Pandas, but I'm here notheless!!

Hey Everyone, I Got ICQ!!!! (claps) Want My Number?? Well, Ask Meeeeeee!!! I'll gladly Give it! HeHe!

Howdy Ho, Everybody!!!

Hello, my HOODIAN name is Mitch-O Willikan and this is my Neverhood/ stories site. Here you'll find some stuff I write, cool things that just happened, and the Neverhood!(who would've thought!) have fun here!


I am a hunter and I got my first deer this season. It was my first Archery season. I was leaving my tree and there it was! 8 points!! WOW! (C'mon, everyone congraulate me!)

Yummy Stuff!!

eat it upupup!!

My FwaCattle

I Gets My FwaCattle!

Me Cool Links!!
Go see My Cool Links, Me Say GOOOOO!!!

Willikans chat room!!

Willikan's Kool Chat!!

Weasel Trouble!

Mitch & his friends run into a weasel!

New! March of Death

I've got some of my Yunk story up!(finally)It's not half bad!

I am a resident of a Wonderful Place Called.......

Welcome to The NeverhoOd!

This Neverhood, Skullmonkeys, and EWJ Webring site is owned by Mitch Willikan.

Want to join the Neverhood Skullmonkeys and EWJ Webring?

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