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Sovereign is a unique periodical dedicated to the study of the life and reign of Emperor Nicholas II. Each issue offers new, previously unpublished articles, including first English language works by historians and other experts in Russia. Their work is based on new documents discovered in Russian archival sources since the fall of the Soviet Union in 1991.

Each issue is further complimented with rare, vintage photographs from private collections and Russian archives.

Sovereign is published bi-annually, offering Autumn and Spring editions!


    - Full-Colour cover

    - Large 8-1/2 x 11 inch format

    - 154 pages of text and photos

    - 11 Full-length articles

    - Illustrated with 78 black and white photographs

This SPECIAL ISSUE contains the 'Royal Russia Papers', articles on Nicholas II, which were published in issues of Royal Russia between 2011 - 2017.

Russia’s Last Star: Nicholas II and Cinema
by Viktor Belyakov

Nicholas & Alexandra: A Love Affair in Letters
by Vladimir Oustimenko

The Imperial Family at Tobolsk
by Paul Gilbert

Nicholas II: A Re-evaluation of the Reign of Russia’s Last Tsar
by Katie Danae Wilkens

The Fall of the Romanovs
by HRH Viktoria Luise Princess of Prussia

Hostages to Political Games: Did Lenin Order the Execution of the Imperial Family?
Interview with Vladimir Solviev by Viktor Kozhemyako

‘An Energetic and Chivalrous Protector’ – Danish Efforts to Help the Imprisoned Romanovs
by Coryne Hall

Servant to Three Emperors: Count Vladimir Frederiks
by Margarita Nelipa

‘A True Friend of Russia’ – Russia’s Relations with Siam
by Coryne Hall

‘My wonderful house on the seashore’ – A History of the Lower Dacha at Peterhof
by Valentina Tenikhina

Faithful to the End: The Devoted Retainers of the Imperial Family
by Natalya Stukova

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