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Mickey Mantle connects for 500th home run.

Hello there. My name is Mike and I'm a lifelong extremely dedicated baseball fan from Pittsburgh. I'm from a suburb of Pittsburgh, and I grew up cheering for the Pirates. My favorite baseball summer came in 1995 when the Indians exploded on the ML baseball scene with a 100-44 record and a World Series appearance. My favorite hobby is collecting baseball autographs, and I've been sending out requests since I was 13 years old. Getting autographs by mail is a fun and relatively easy way to acquire major leaguer autographs. I have had this site up since March '97, and it currently contains over 500 scans of baseball images. The purpose of this site is to provide a guide for mail autograph collectors. If you have any questions or comments regarding my site or autographs please email me. I do have a FAQ, and I have answers for many commonly asked questions located there. I always get emails about adding links, and at the present time I really don't want to add anymore links. So I applogize if you want a link on my page, but I'm currenly not adding new links.

I would say above everything else I'm just a huge baseball fan. I have a lot of passion for the game of baseball, and have been a baseball fanatic since the age of 5. I view my always increasing baseball autograph collection as an extension of my identity as a baseball fan. Collecting autographs by mail and in person has always been a lot of fun for me. I do my best to keep all my baseball comments and autograph commentary printed on this site upbeat and positive. I try to keep this site very individualized to what I feel is interesting stuff about baseball autographs and baseball in general. If anyone disagrees with any baseball comments I make I would love to hear other opinions. I hope others can enjoy this site as much as I do and they find it useful and they also find it a lot of fun.

Todd Helton is the reigning NL Gold Glove winner.

DISCLAIMER: The commentary on this site is not intended to be objective in any way. It's just me typing out my opinion on baseball/autograph related issues. I do my best to make sure information I report is accurate, however it is possible I may have read bad information, remembered something incorrectly and consequently reported something incorrect. The purpose is just to present one fan's opionion on various baseball/autograph issues. I appreciate getting feedback, and you can always email me your opinions on the same issues.

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