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This Will was submitted by Loma
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Will of Thomas Day son of Robert and Edith Day Thomas b.1637 d. May 29,1711
in Springfield, Mass.

I, Thomas Day of the county of Hamshire within her Majest's
province of the Massachusetts Bay in New England having by God's good hand
of providence unto me attained to old age and having by daily expectation of
my dissolution;yet through God's mercy towards me in ye enjoyment of a
competent measure of health and in perfect memory, have thought good to
make, appoint and constitute this my last will and testament; hereby
abrogating and nulling all other wills and testaments. And first I do give
and bequeath my soul to God my most meciful Father in Jesus Christ, hoping
by ye merit of his Son my Savior that I shall obtain eternal redemption and
forgiveness of my sins for his sake and that my departing soul shall be
received into the arms of his everlasting mercy, being pardoned by the blood
of my most dear Redeemer and Saviour and sanctified by his Holy Spirit to
enjoy everlasting happiness in the kingdom of glory,forevermore. And my body
I do commit to the earth, there to rest til the resurrection at which time I
firmly beleive I shall obtain the resurrection of my dead body and reunion
of my immortal soul and so to live with Christ to all etermity.

  And as to that portion of outward estate which God hath been pleased to
bless me withal, I do hereby dispose of in manner following.

  1st. I do give unto Sarah my well beloved wife, in case she survive and
outlive me, the improvement of all my whole estate both lands and moveavbles
to be for her comfort and maintainance as long as she shall continue in the
estate of widowhood and bear my name, together also with all the income of
my estate in my son Jonathan's hand, that so she may be comfortably provided
for. And further I do give unto my beloved wife aforesaid one third part of
the moveable estate to be at her own dispose, according as she shall see

  2dly. I do give unto my son Thomas Day all my woolen wearing clothes after
my decease together with my best hat.

  3dly. I do give unto my son Samuel Day my lower lot in the Neck over the
Great River, containg two acres more or less and also one third part of my
land in the piece called Ashquenunseck Neck over the Great River aforesaid:
moreover one forth part of the Meadow called the World's End, the whole
being ten acres.

  4thly. I do give to my son John Day my upper lot in ye Neck containing two
acres more or less and one third part of my land in  Asquenunseck aforesaid,
the whole being twenty three acres and also one forth part of my land  at
the place called the World's End aforesaid.

  5thly.I do give unto my son Ebenezer Day three acres and a half of land in
the plain above End Brook, being the whole of my land in that place; and
also four acres of land lying upon the hill lying between the lands of James
Warriner, Jun_ and William Warriner, only provided that if my son Jonathan
Day see cause to pay unto my son Ebenezer Day nine pounds cash within the
spaceof two years after the decease of myself or wife which shall last
happen that then the aboves'd four acres of land on the hill shall be his.
Further, I do give unto my son Ebenezer  one third part of my land in
Asquenunseck Neck he having his choice which side of the lot to take the
land, also one fourth part of my land at the World's End Meadow.

  6thly.  I do give unto my Jonathan Day six acres of land lying on the back
side of my pasture in Garden Brook and one fourth part of my land at ye
World's End, he having his choice which side of the land to take it, and
also all my rights in the Outward Commons.

  7thly.  I do give unto my three daughters Sarah Burt, Mary Mirick and
Abigail Warriner, that is to say to each daughter particularly the sum of
nine pounds apiece as money to be paid out of the moveables if it hold out
so much and what overplus there may happen to be in the moveables more tham
to pay the daughters their respective portions, to be equally divided among
all my children.  It is to be understood that all the improveable lands in
my estate be improved by my son Jonathan according to covenant and agreement
with him so long as either myself or wife shall continue and then the will
to take place. And  further what moneys shall happen to be in the house at
my decease, I give unto my well beloved wife for her supply and maintenance,
if God so order that she survive and that my funeral charges and what other
debts may happen, to be paid out of the state. And whereas I have twenty six
acres of land granted to me on the south side of Agawam River, I do give the
same to my two sons Samuel and John Day.

  I being very desirous to maintain love and unanimity among my children, if
any of them shall go about to break my will they shall forfeit their
respective portions. And I do hereby order and appoint my well beloved wife
executrix and my two sons John Day and John Mirick executors to this my last
will and testament. And to the confirmation of these present I have hereto
set my hand and seal this 29th day of May, 1711.     Thomas Day