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Day Family Genealogy

A Tribute To Edward Day
Engine 28, Ladder 11 NYC Fire Department
Lost in the WTC disaster of 911
Let us not forget!

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Day Family Genealogy

of The 1800's
(And Earlier)

"I expect to pass through this life but once.
If, therefore, there can be any kindness I can show,
or any good thing that I can do to any fellow being,
let me do it now as I shall not pass this way again."

--William Penn


We welcome ALL Day descendants from any
line and from anywhere in the world to join us, share information
and connect with fellow descendants

Please report any broken links. The page has been dormant for quite awhile and we are in the process of updating all links and info.


Day Family Forumn
Use this forumn to post a query, connect and post to others who connect to the Day family through your line, etc.,
This is a new forumn and I most likely will have to iron out some kinks so please be patient.
I will monitor what is posted.
If you see anything inappropriate please email me asap and I'll remove it.

Newly Added Information


Researcher's List
Days Helping Days


Which Day Line Is Yours?

Our Immigrants
If you descend from an immigrant not yet listed and would like
to start a special section for him, please email us and we will
add that for you and your fellow descendants

Table of Immigrants

Robert Day of Ipswich Section

Robert Day of Hartford CT Page

Anthony of Gloucester Section

Nicholas of Baltimore Section


Our Female Day Lines

(Contains Family Trees)

Multi-Generation DAY Lines
Please Note:
There is a new format for the listing of various DAY trees. It is now set as follows:
If the first individual listed in your tree was born in England, the entire tree is now located under "England"
and includes a brief immigration trail. If the first individual listed in your tree was born in a Australia,
you'll find your tree under "Australia", and so on. There is now so many files that I felt
it would be easier for everyone to trace their lines with this set up.

Australia Canada England
Ireland New Zealand United States
Wales Future Category Future Category

"Our Days With A Specific Given Name"
(Contains Family Trees)

George Days Corner
Hiram Days Corner
John Days Corner

Lines With Variant "Day" Spelling
(Contains Family Trees



Digital Books

Descendants of Christopher Day of Berks County, Pa

The family of Jeremiah Day of New Preston

The ancestors and descendants of Giles and Hannah Cutler Day, compiled by Adele Andrews

Genealogical Register of the Descendants in the Male Line of Robert Day of Hartford Ct

A record of the descendants of Jacob Day and an incomplete record of Anthony Day

Descendants of Anthony Day of Gloucester

A Partial Register of the Descendants of Anthony Day Of Gloucester


Day DNA Project

Links to Other Sites Containing Various DAY Information/Lines

Records Containing "Days"
Military, Marriage, Census, Bible, Biographies, Death Index
Cemetery Inscriptions, Wills, War Records and Misc. Records

Hodge Podge
A little bit of everything

"Stumpers" a.k.a. "Brickwalls"
Are you stumped on one "DAY" or a whole lot of them??? Maybe this can help!

Day Photos
If you have any photos you would like to share,
please send them and I will add them to this new
section. It would be fun to be able to display a big selection of "DAYS"

Lost and Found
A new section created to list bibles, photo's, documents etc., that you may
have that you would like to see reunited with their families


New Day Forum at MSN

Day Related Query/Messageboards On Other Sites
"Day" Message Board At Genforum

Day Surname Club
GenCircles, Many messages and info left by other
Days searching for their lines

Please put your pin on our "Guest Map"
This will be fun to see where Days from various lines are located
in the world.

Old Queries

View Our Old Guestbook


Other Helpful Genealogy Sites

Free Genealogy Forms to Download

Links to Historical Societys

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individuals submitting them and requesting their information be
added to the page. The page is not sole ownership of any one person,
rather the work of many people. If they do not submit verification of the
information I can only say do not take the information as gospel until you can prove with documentation.
Information such as genealogy has a way of becoming mixed up and misrecorded over the years as it passes the many hands
The webmaster posts information submitted and does not have knowledge of any
line other than her own so please do not email the page's main email requesting information other than to
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