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The Day Family Genealogy Page is maintained by Susan Day Hafner
This site is intended to provide you with information that may
help you in researching and compiling your family history, and
is for personal use only. If there is no documentation with the
information you should keep in mind that some of the information
may be less than accurate as with any information you acquire
that does not have documentation with it.

If you have questions regarding a post or it's contents, contact
the poster rather than the webmaster as it is the poster who is
responsible for the contents. If you then have no luck, contact
me and I'll see what we can work out.

If you find that you have been listed in a post without your
permission, please write to the "poster" and ask that you be
removed. If you have no reply, email me directly at Though every effort is made to
make sure living individuals and personal information is not
posted there are so many files that it is possible for some
to be overlooked.

Remember that many posts are from individuals searching for more
information and some portions of a line may be left out. Please
email the poster directly if you have issues with any of their
posts. Day Family Genealogy/Sue Day Hafner, is posting
information only and has no knowledge of the 300 plus posts and
their contents other than the actual posting to the site.

Many individuals are either  missing information in their lines
or are searching for the accurate content hence the reason they
are posting to the site and would like to hear from you
personally if you have more information or disagree with
portions/individuals listed etc., that they have included in
thier posts.

YOU MAY NOT copy any portion of this page to be reproduced for sale by you or any other

If you are submitting information to be posted on this page, 
you must first read and agree to the following:

You Will:
***** Not submit any information that is copyrighted 
by another individual or company

*****Not include and personal information in your post
that may be offensive or embarassing to descendants who
are still living (i.e. living grandchildren etc.)

***** Not post any personal information for indivduals
past the date of 1900 unless the following applies:

---It is a date of death for an individual who was born
in the 1800's, and died in the 1900's 
---It is included in a cemetery
transcription and the material was transcribed by you personally
---It is part of a generation for which the generation starts with
individuals who were born in the 1800's 
and died in the 1900's 

Please remember that there is to be
absolutely no individuals included in any line on this site 
if they are still living  

If you do not carefully choose the content of  your posts, there
may be legal consequences of the material contained in your
information/files as there may be information that violates
copyright laws and/or the rights of individuals or companies
that are listed in your posts. 
Before submitting any information, please make sure that you
understand the above and agree that you will not submit information
that is copyrighted, an invasion of an individuals privacy, discriminating, 
or which contains information/names of living indidviduals.

Neither Day Family Genealogy or Susan Hafner are responsible for
any information posted and you as the submitter, are solely
responsible should legal action be brought forward by any 
individual for any and all material that you are submitting.

When using the internet to compile information for your family
genealogy keep in mind that without supporting documents there
is no way to guarantee just how accurate the information is.

To Submit Information To Be Posted To Day Family Genealogy:
Email me at:
And in the subject of your email, write "Add My File To (Fill in the correct category name for which you want your information posted)" Such as Female Day Lines, Robert Day Section, Marriages, Kentucky Days and so on. In the body of your email, state that you have read the above disclaimer and agree to it. I will not post any information until I know that the disclaimer has been read and agreed to. Then, simple paste or type the information that you want posted into the body of your email. Send all files in RTF format

If someone has given you information from their research that you are including, please be courteous and write them first to let them know you would like to submit to this site and as whether or not they mind your including the information they gave you. Most often, when someone "gives" you information to incorporate into your line they are very positive. If you are giving someone information, make sure you have no problem with them sharing that information or giving it to another researcher. It's all a part of helping each other out in an attempt to figure out the correct lines and facts. Back