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Billy's Family Tree
Submitted by Billy D. Day

Robert>John>John>Benjamin>Amasa>Roderic>Flavius Pease>Charles B>Flavius P>Robert L>Billy D

It seems that over the years, information gets added and sometimes
left out of some family trees and therefore I don't make claims that
this or any information I post is 100 percent accurate.
I also do not have any sources for the first 8 generations to prove
that the information is correct. I have also found contradicting information
regarding Robert Day marrying Editha Stebbins in England.


Morgan Dee was the son of Richard Dee. He was born
1390 at Radnor Wales
Children: John Dee

John Dee b. 1418 Denbigh Wales
m. Margaret?
Nicholas (Day) DEE
Born: Salop

Nicolas (Day) Dee b. Salop Wales
Children: Richard Day

b. 1477 Newport, Salop Wales
m. Elizabeth Osborne
George Day
Richard Day
Robert Day
William Day

Robert Day b. 1518
m. Ursulowe Chaloner
John Day

B. 1544
m. Elizabeth Wentworth on Aug 7, 1559
Adwick-le-Street-York, Eng.
Richard Day
William Day
Wentworth Day
Thomas Day

 Richard Day was born in 1575 in Kilburn, Yorkshire, England.  He
 (name unknown) before 1601 in Kilburn. His wife had been born in 1579.  
 Little is known about Richard and his wifeother than they had 6 children 
 together.  He died on 4 May 1622 in Kilburn, England.
 1.  RICHARD , b. 5 Feb. 1601 in Kilburn, Yorkshire, England.
 2.  ROBERT , b. 31 July 1604 in Kilburn, England.
 3.  MARGARET , d. 6 Feb. 1605 in Kilburn, Eng.
 4.  GEORGE , b. 5 Apr. 1606 in Kilburn, Eng.
 5.  GILES , b. 1 Mar. 1608 in Kilburn, Eng.
 6.  ALICE , b. 10 Mar. 1609 in Kilburn, Eng.

Robert Day was the son of Richard Day and was born on 31 July 1604 in Kilburn, Yorkshire, Enland. Robert married first while still in England in or before 1634, Mary _______ (b. abt.1606). In Apr., 1634, they came to this country on the ship "Elizabeth".They located in Newtown, now Cambridge, Mass. but Mary died shortly after their arrival here. Robert was made a freeman on 6 May 1635, which shows that he must have belonged to some church in the jurisdiction. He returned briefly to England in 1636 and while there, married second in Ipswich, England, Editha Stebbins.(Roberts marriage to Editha taking place in England is one of the facts for which we have no source) Editha was the daughter of William and Mary Stebbins and sister of Deacon Edward Stebbins. She had been born in 1615 in Woodham, Essex Co., England. Robert and Editha returned to this country in the same year and became original settlers of Hartford, Conn They were probably in the company of one hundred persons who journeyed through the wilderness in 1636 with the Rev. Mr. Hooker. They became members of the First Church of that town. Robert Day's Will was dated 20 May 1648. He died at the age of 44 on 4 Sept. 1648 in Hartford, Conn. and the inventory of his estate was taken on 14 Oct. 1648. Editha (Stebbins) Day married second Deacon John Maynard. He died without issue shortly after, and left all his property, which was considerable, to his wife's children,"provided they carried themselves well towards their mother." Editha married third in 1658, Elizur Holyoke of Springfield, Mass., who was the grandfather of President Holyoke of Harvard College. Elizur Holyoke died on 6 Feb. 1676 in Springfield, Mass. Editha died on 24 Oct.1688 in Springfield, at the age of 72. Children: 1. THOMAS, b. 1637 in Cambridge, Mass.; d. 27 Dec. 1711 in Springfield, Mass.;m. 27 Oct. 1659 in Springfield, Mass., Sarah Cooper (d. 21 Nov. 1726; dau. of Lieut. Thomas Cooper who was killed when the town was burnt by the Indians). Thomas Day's Will was dated 29 May 1711 and was proved 25 Mar. 1712. 2. SARAH b. 1640 in Hartford, Conn.; d. 19 Sept. 1677 in Hatfield, Mass. (killed by Indians with her son, Joseph); m. 1.) 17 Nov. 1658 in Springfield, Mass., Nathaniel Gunn (b. bet.1636 and 1640 in Roxbury, Conn.; d. 1663 in Branford, Conn.);m. 2. 24 Nov. 1664, Samuel Kellogg (b. bef. 1642 in England; d. 17 July 1711). Nathanial Gunn 19 Sept. 1677 in Hatfield, Mass. 3. MARY b. 28 Oct. 1641 in Hartford, Conn.; d. 17 Oct. 1725 in Hatfield, Mass.; m. 1.) 28 Oct. 1659 in Springfield, Mass., Samuel Ely; m. 2.) 12 Apr. 1694, Thomas Stebbins (b.31 July 1648; d. bef. Nov., 1696); m. 3.) 12 Nov. 1696, Deacon John Coleman. 4. JOHN b. 1643 in Hartford, Conn. JOHN DAY JOHN DAY, b. 1645 in Hartford, Ct. d. bef. 29 Apr 1730 in Hartford; m. 1675 in Hartford to Sarah Maynard, b. 1651; d. abt 1730, daughter of John Maynard and Mary Starr. His will was dated 16 Nov 1725, when he was "advanced in years," and proved 6 May 1730. He owned a share in a grist or saw mill, which he bequeathed to his son William." There has been some confusion about the wife of John Day, with some claiming she was Sarah (Stone) Butler, but the following reference from Savage, "Genealogical Dictionary of New England," vol. 4, p. 446 shows that that would have been impossible. "Richard Webb........he died [1665] leaving no children but took Sarah, dau. of Rev. Samuel Stone, and brot. her up, until she married Thomas Butler of Hartford; and in Hall's History we see that the widow [Webb] empowered a friend, in 1677 to adj. with Butler and his wife for their claim of the estate of her Husband. Butler's wife had half, and by the court was distribut. other portions to Bartholomew Barnard, who was husband of Sarah, dau. of Thomas Birchard, to Richard Homes, Stephen Beckwith, Thomas Barnum and others, of whose degrees of consanguin. it may not be easy to determine." This would indicated that John Day did not marry Sarah (Stone) Butler & have children by her in 1675 & 1677, because Thomas Butler did not die until 1688. John Day owned a share in a grist or saw mill, which he bequeathed to his son William. Children: 1. Joseph Day, d. 1696 in Hartford, Ct. 2. John Day, b. 24 Sept. 1676/7 Colchester, Ct.; d. 4 Nov. 1752 in same; m. 21 Jan 1696 in Hartford, Ct., to Grace Spencer, bpt. Middletown, Ct. 24 Sept. 1676; d. at Colchester, Ct., 12 May 1714; dau. of John and Rebecca (Hayward/Howard) Spencer 3. Thomas Day, b. abt. 1672; d. 1724/5; m. 21 Sept. 1698 in Hartford to Hannah Wilson; She m. (2) Nathaniel Dickinson; She was prob. dau. of John and Lydia (Cole) Wilson of Hartford.(John Wilson was son of Robert and Elizabeth (Stebbins) Wilson) 4. Mary Day, m. 14 Nov. 1699 in Hartford, Ct. to William Clark 5. Maynard Day, d. 10 May 1759 in Hartford, Ct.; m. 1714 to Elizabeth Marsh 6. Sarah Day, bapt. 19 Sept. 1686 in Hartford, Ct.; d. Sept. 1767, age 84; m. 10 June 1708, Jared Spencer, b. 15 Jan. 1682; d. 1754 age 72; son of Jared and Hannah (Pratt) Spencer of Hartford. 7. James Day, b. 5 apr. 1690 in Hartford, Ct. (not listed in Cutter) 8. William Day, bapt. 24 Apr 1692 in Hartford, Ct; d. 25 Nov. 1768 at same; m. 18 Apr 1717 to Elizabeth Andrews 9. Joseph Day, bapt. 14 June 1699; d. 10 June 1785; m. 1 Mar 1737/8 to Deborah Andrews 10. Editha Day m. Ebenezer Moody (not listed in Cutter) References: "Genealogical Dictionary of New England," by Savage, vol. 2, p. 26 "New England Marriages Prior to 1700" by Torrey, page 210 "Prominent Families of the United States of America" by A. M. Burke, p. 209 (wife incorrect) "The Compendium of American Genealogy" by Frederick A. Virkus, vol. 7, page 134 "New England Familes" By William Richard Cutter, A.M. 1913 Vol.2, p. 696 "Genealogical Dictionary of New England" by Savage, vol. 4, page 446 (Webb) "Genealogies and Family History of Central New York" by Cutter, vol. 2, page 666 "New England Families" by Cutter (1913), vol. 2, page 696 JOHN DAY
JOHN DAY, born 24 Sept. 1676/7 in Colchester, Ct.; died 4 Nov. 1752 in same; m. 21 Jan. 1696 in Hartford, Ct. to Grace Spencer, who died 12 May 1714 in Colchester, Ct. He m. (2) Mary _?_., who died 2 Nov. 1749, aged 74 years. There is disagreement about the parentage of Grace Spencer. There were two Grace Spencers born in the same generation. One Grace, b. 27 July 1674 in East Haddam, Ct., was the daughter of Samuel Spencer and Hannah Willey. This is the Grace named by Nathaniel Goodwin in "Genealogical Notes, First Settlers of Connecticutt and Massachusetts" (1982) as the wife of John Day. (Also in Virkus' "The Compendium of American Genealogy" and the Elmer I. Shepard Collection) However, TAG 27: 89 lists the Grace, b. 24 Sept. 1676 in Middletown, Middlesex, CT, the daughter of John Spencer and Rebecca Hayward/Howard as the wife of John Day and suggests that Grace, dau. of Samuel died young as she was not mentioned in her father's will. It is possible that children not mentioned in a parent's will received their settlement before the will was written. [Since this could be the case with Samuel Spencer, I personally will not rule Samuel out as the father of the wife of John Day-mra] John Spencer and Rebecca Hayward/Howard have been the accepted parents of Grace Spencer by the Spencer Family Association. However, since it was called to their attention that there were 3 sources that named Samuel & Hannah (Willey) Spencer as her parents, they are doing further research. Children, all by 1st wife; first three born in Hartford, Ct., others born at Colchester, CT: 1. Lydia Day, b. 11 Apr. 1698; d. 1762; m. Joseph Fuller 2. Mary Day, b. 14 Aug 1699; m. 20 Dec. 1722 to Jonathan Northam 3. John Day, b. 6 June 1701; d. 1780; m. 1725 to Sarah Loomis 4. Joseph Day, b. 27 Sept. 1702; m. 1 apr. 1729 to Esther Hungerford 5. Benjamin Day, b. 7 Feb 1704; d. 1777; m. 1729 to Margaret Foote 6. Editha Day, b. 10 Sept 1704; m. 11 Dec. 1729 to David Biglow 7. Daniel Day, b. 9 Mar. 1709; d. 1712 8. David Day, b. 18 Jul. 1710; m. 12 Dec. 1734 to Hannah Kellogg 9. Abraham Day, b. 17 Mar. 1712; d. 18 Mar. 1792; m. 20 Nov. 1740 to Irene Foote, b. 18 March 1722 Colchester, Ct; d. there 7 Aug. 1809; dau. of Ephraim and Sarah (Chamberlain) Foote 10. Isaac Day, b. 17 May 1713; m. 8 July 1740, Ann Foote, dau. of Nathaniel Foote 11. Daniel Day; d. 1746 BENJAMIN DAY Benjamin Day was the son of John and Grace (Spencer) Day and was born on 7 Feb. 1704 in Colchester, Conn.,He married on 6 Mar. 1729 in Colchester, Margaret Foote. Margaret was the daughter of Ephraim and Sarah (Chamberlain) Foote and was born on 13 May 1711 in Colchester, Ct. Benjamin served as a Lieut. from Colchester in 1747. He next served as a Capt. in the 3rd Conn.Company in 1750. Finally, he served as a Capt. in Col. Trumbull's Regt. in t he defense of Fort William Henry and Fort Edward. He died on 22 Dec. 1777 in Colchester, CT. Margaret (Foote) Day died in Apr., 1801 age almost 90 in Colchester. Children: 1. ANNA b. 27 Feb. 1730; m.Silas Pepoon of Stockbridge, MA. 2. BENJAMIN b. 13 Sept. 1731; d. 26 Jan. 1811 in Royalton, Vt.; m. 1.) Abigail Day (dau. of Samuel Day of Colchester); m. 2.) Eunice Young. 3. ADONIJAH , b. 16 July, 1733; d. 1 Oct. 1799; m. 1753, Sarah Loomis (d. 28 Jan. 1802). They were first of Colchester, CT. then of Ellington, CT. They had 17 children. 4. ASA, b. 16 May 1735; d. 26 May 1735. 5. ASA, b. 1 June 1736; d. 13 June 1736. 6. MARGARET , b. 27 Oct. 1737; m. 24 Oct. 1754, Joel Jones of Hebron, Conn. 7. AARON , b. 14 Sept. 1740. 8. AMASA b. 21 Apr. 1742; d.17 Oct. 1816 in Stockbridge Mass., m. 1.Eleanor Beebe 2. Elizabeth Young They lived in Stockbridge, MA. 9. LYDIA, b. 21 Apr. 1744; m. 4 Aug. 1763, Asa Beebe. 10. DANIEL, b. 21 July 1747; d. 1835 in Lima, N.Y.; m. 10 Dec. 1772, Elizabeth Chamberlain (b. 1746; d. 10 July 1826). They lived in Lima, Monroe Co., N.Y 11. DAVID, b. 4 Aug. 1749. He married and lived in Spencertown, N.Y. (Spencerport [?], Monroe Co., N.Y. [?]). 12. EDITHA, b. 5 Jan. 1752; m. Elijah Williams. 13. RUSSELLl, b. 16 Sept. 1756; bapt. 24 Oct. 1756; d. 1829; m. Anna Chapman of Colchester, CT. They removed to Winhall, VT. AMASA of Stockbridge Mass, died 17 Oct. 1816. son of Benjamin I m.1.Eleanor Beebe 2. Elizabeth Young Children: 1. CLARISSA b. 1771 d. 2/19/1775 2. MINORIS b. 1773 d. 1/14/1775 3. ERASTUS b. 1774 d. 9/9/1776 4. CLARISSA b. m. Ebenezer Carrier 4/14/1795 5. ELEANOR b. m. Flavius Pease, Stockbridge, Ma 6. DAVID b. 1778 d. 5/18/1789 7. RODERIC b.1780 in Stockbridge, Mass. 8. MINORIS b. of Charlton NY 9. MATILDA b. 1782 m. Justin Day 11/5/1800 RODERIC, son of Amasa m. Elizabeth Wilson The four children were born in Lee,Bershire County, Mass.One should notice that Eleanor married a Flavius Pease of Stockbridge, Mass. and that our ancestor is named Flavius Pease Day. I am looking for the birth date of Roderic Day. Children: 1. FLAVIUS PEASE b. Dec. 25, 1811 d. June 19, 1878 2. HARRIET ELIZABETH b. July 17, 1819 3. JAMES WILSON b.May 8, 1808 4. LOIS MATILDA b. May 22, 1817 FLAVIUS PEASE, son of Roderic Day, was born on December 25, 1811 and first married Laura Roxanna Bishop b.July 25, 1817 d. April 13,1862. His second wife was Anna McLaughton. Laura Roxanna is buried in the Methodist Cemetery in Dale, Indiana. Her tombstone is inscribed "Roxie, Wife of F.P. Day" . Flavius Pease came to Indiana about 1838 or 39 and built a flour mill in Selvin, Indiana. He is listed in the 1840 Census as Flavian . The Census lists two males and one female in the household.The 1850 Census 0f Boone township, Warrick County lists four males and four females (F.P.,George,James,Charles and Roxanne,Lois, Harriet, Mary). Flavius and family are listed in the 1860 Censusof Spencer County. Seven males and five females are listed(F.P., James W., Charles B., Roderick, Lawson F., Jared, Franklin, and Roxanne, Lois M., Harriet E., Mary E., Amanda L.) The 1870 Census puts them back in Warrick County and lists eight males and two females(F.P., James, Charles, Raden S., Sampson, Lincoln, Eugene, Elsworth and Ann, Mary). Children 1. GEORGE b. 1839 2. LOIS MAE b.14 MAY 1841 d. 13 Nov. 1913 3. HARRIET b. 1843 4. MARY b. 1845 5. JAMES W b. 20July 1847 d.26 May 1910 m. Mary J.,2 Feb 1852 d. 10 July 1936 6. CHARLES BISHOP b. 24 June 1849 d.29 August 1902 7. LAURA ARMANDA b. 27 March 1851 d.12 Dec 1930 8. RODERICK E. b. 1853[?] Scottsbluff Neb. 9. LAWSON H. (SAMPSON?) b.1855 d.28 August 1883-Tomestone in Selvin Cemetary has 28yr6mo9da engraved on it. 10. JERRY F. b. 1857 d. 1 July 1884- Tomestone in Selvin Cemetary has 27yr engraved on it. 11. FRANK b.1859 ? 12. WILLIAM FLAVIUS B.1860 d.18 July 1884-tomestone in Selvin Cemetary has 24yr 11mo 9da s of F.P. & Lauraengraved on it. 13. ALBERT LINCOLN b. 1862 - His stone in the Selvin Cemetary does't have a date of death.m. Martha Avery The last four children were with Anna McLaughtin. 14. EUGENE b. 1866 d. 21 April 1895 15. JESSE ELSWORTH b. 13 Dec. 1868 d. 28 Jan. 1904 16. DELLA b.27 Sept.1871 d. 23 July 1915 17. DELIA (TWINS?) 18. DINK b.6 April 1874 d. 16 Sept. 1905 CHARLES B. son of Flavius Pease and Laura Bishop was born on June 24,1849 and married Rhoda E. Humphries b. March 13, 1852 d. Children: 1. LAURA A. b. 1870 2. FLAVIUS P. b. 1872 d. 1939 3. FLAURIA d. 7 April 1906 4. DANIEL T. b.1878 5. EDMUND b. Oct. 1889 6. EMILY b. Oct. 1889 7. JESSIE b. Dec 1891 8. HAZEL A. b. 2 Apr. 1894 FLAVIUS P. , son of Charles B. and Rhoda E.. Humphries, was born 1872 and died 1939 and was married to Dora West b. 1881 d. 1929 They are buried in the Lynville Cemetery. Children 1. CHARLES T. b.16 July 1922 2. (Daughter, still living) 3. GOLDEN R. b.22 March 1914 d. 23 Oct.1960 4. ISHMAEL O. b. 28 Feb 1905 d. Oct. 1965 m.Lauretta Jabolski 5. JESSIE N. b.22 Jan. 1918 in Arkansas m.1. Mary Frobb 2.Marcella Todd 6. LEO b. 9 Oct. 1911 d. Aug 1985 m.1st.Mildren Oskins m.2nd Dorothy Murphy 7. (Daughter, still living) 8. REVA G. b. 2 May 1907 d. July 1987 m. Wallace Barnard 9. ROBERT L. b.2 March 1909 d. 15 May 1982 10. VELMA O. b. 4 April 1903 d.1 July 1994 m. Ivan Walker 11. WILLOW MAE b.18 June 1920 d. 9 April 1992 m. Andy Boleski