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Descendants of Samuel Edward Day
Submitted by Marilyn Day

Generation No. 1

1.  SAMUEL EDWARD1 DAY1 was born September 10, 1822 in New York,( or Ireland) and died 
October 09, 1872 in Douglas Co. Missouri.  He married ARENA DAY February 28, 1855 in 
Webster Co. Missouri, daughter of WILLIAM DAY and DELILA DAVIS.  The bride and groom 
last name was the same but were not related in any way.

It has been said that Samuel was actually born in Ireland and came to New York about 
1849 with 7 brothers.  Six of the brother's changed their last name from O'dea to Day.
Samuel Edward and a brother, Dr Henry Day  settled along Beaver Creek in Taney County 
in the 1840's. After Douglas County was organized in 1857, the area where the Days 
lived was in Douglas County. 

Samuel Edward Day went to California during the early days of the gold rush. He returned 
to the Beaver Creek area in 1854, where he purchased 40 acres of land from John and Margaret Cox. 
The selling price on land records was listed as "$400 paid in gold nuggets." 
In August 1859, Samuel bought 120 more adjoining acres. Later he acquired 40 more acres. 
this land is today called "the Cal Neiman Place."

Samuel Edward, two of his sons, who died young, his brother Dr. Henry Day and Henry's wife 
and son are all buried on Beaver Creek in the Day Cemetery, Webster Co. MO.

Douglas co., Mo., History & Families 1857 - 1995

Day Cemetery, Washington Township, Douglas Co., Missouri:
Located on Section 25, range 17, twp. 26. It is in a bottom field on Beaver creek just west of 
Butler Cemetery, now known as the Cal Neiman place. The old cemetery was dozed off, and it is 
difficult to know just how many graves there are. Just three stones remain, Samuel Edward, Ire N. 
and James A. Day.

Notes for ARENA DAY:
One of twelve children. Arena is buried in Thornfield Cemetery.
Children of SAMUEL DAY and ARENA DAY are:
	iii.	WILLIAM HENRY HARRISON DAY, b. April 20, 1856; m. MARY E. DICKERSON, 1884.
	v.	SARAH J. DAY, b. 1862; m. WILLIAM TWIGGS.
2.	vi.	SAMUEL ROBERT DAY, b. March 15, 1865, Douglas Co. Missouri; d. August 14, 1931, 
                Douglas Co. Missouri.
	vii.	IRA N. DAY, b. December 04, 1866; d. July 01, 1873.

Notes for IRA N. DAY:
Douglas County Cemetery Book, Volume 1: Day Cemeterey

	viii.	HENDERSON BATY DAY, b. 1869.
	ix.	JAMES ALBERT DAY, b. September 06, 1868; d. October 11, 1892; m. JOSIE.

Douglas County Cemetery Book, Volume 1:  Day Cemetery

Generation No. 2

2.  SAMUEL ROBERT2 DAY (SAMUEL EDWARD1) was born March 15, 1865 in Douglas Co. Missouri, and 
died August 14, 1931 in Douglas Co. Missouri.  He married AMELIA ELIZABETH ARNOLD December 25, 1887 
in Douglas Co. Missouri, daughter of ALBERT ARNOLD and MARY HUFFMAN.

Samuel Robert and Amelia Arnold Day were born in Douglas County, Mo., and lived on the homeplace at 
Beaver Creek from the time of their marriage on Dec 25 1887 until 1907. At that time they moved to the 
Rome area where they lived until Samuel Robert's death in 1931. Amelia continued to live in the area until 1937, 
when she went to California. She died there in 1939.

Samuel Robert and Amelia reared their 12 children by farming, they also helped organize and were two of the 
12 members of the Walnut Grove General Baptist Church. It was organized in February 1926. Samuel Robert was a 
General Baptist preacher. Both Samuel Robert and Amelia are buried in the Walnut Grove Cemetery along with 
three of their 12 children, Frank, Albert and Gertie.  
Walnut Grove Cemetery, Spring Creek Township, Douglas Co., Missouri.

Walnut Grove Cemetery, Spring Creek Township, Douglas Co., Missouri.
Amelia E. has a double stone with Samuel R.

Children of SAMUEL DAY and AMELIA ARNOLD are:
3.	i.	WILLIAM HENRY HARRISON3 DAY, b. January 09, 1889, Douglas Co., Missouri; d. August 17, 1961, 
                Anaheim, California.
4.	ii.	GERTIE ELLEN DAY, b. February 07, 1891; d. April 15, 1944.
5.	iii.	HOMER OTTO DAY, b. May 15, 1893; d. April 09, 1977.
6.	iv.	SAMUEL ALBERT DAY, b. November 23, 1893; d. August 13, 1937, Douglas Co., MO.
7.	v.	ARENA DAY, b. June 25, 1899; d. September 25, 1977.
8.	vi.	IRA DAY, b. February 13, 1902; d. December 04, 1967.
9.	vii.	MARY FRANCIS DAY, b. March 22, 1904; d. February 27, 1984.
10.	viii.	CHARLES ROBERT DAY, b. October 31, 1906; d. February 08, 1980.
	ix.	FRANK DAY, b. May 06, 1909; d. October 26, 1919, Douglas Co., MO.

Notes for FRANK DAY:
"Little" Frank, as he was affectionately called by all who remembered him, died during the terrible 
flu epidemic of 1918-19. He was only ten years old when he died, but he was always remembered by his 
brothers and sisters.

Burial; Walnut Grove Cemetery, Spring Creek Township, Douglas Co., Missouri.

11.	x.	GEORGE O. DAY, b. March 21, 1912; d. October 10, 1990, Everett Wa.
12.	xi.	DELCIE DAY, b. June 11, 1916.
13.	xii.	WALTER W. DAY, b. May 09, 1920; d. January 04, 1968, Orange Co. Ca.