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Descendants of Robert Day of Hartford CT

Louis J. Day, Laurel MT
My line is:
Robert>John>John II>Benjamin>Benjamin ll>Benjamin lll>Alfred>Alfred ll>Howard>Louis C
My line is:
Robert Day, born in England 1604, to America and married Edith Stebbins in 1636, died Oct 1648..
his son Thomas, married Sarah Cooper, his son Samuel born 1671 married Mary Dumbleton in 1697,
his son Aron born 1715 married Susannah Stanely in 1745,
his son Thomas Stanley Day, born 1751 married Ruth Newell, his son, Newell Day married Nancy Wright,
his son, Andrew Jerome Day married Abigal Ferguson in 1847,
his son John Ferguson Day born 1859 married Sarah Olsen in 1886 his son Howard Jerome Day born 1889 married Melinda Doescher he died 1945,
his son Robert Jerome Day born 1916 married jessamine Meyer, died in 1945

Diana Norton
My line from Robert Day:
Robert > John > John > Abraham > Ephraim > Solomon > Salmon >
Leroy Sanford > Lela Ethel Day m. Albert Christian Aldrow

My line from Robert Day:
Robert Day, The immigrant, Thomas 1636-1711, Samuel 1671-1729 > Josiah 1700/01-1770 >
Gideon 1733-1811 > Moses 1763-1828 > Moses 1802-1871 > Henry 1839-1910 >
Henrietta Day 1881-1930 m. Rudolph Hauschulz

Richard Day
My line from Robert Day of Hartford:
Robert>Thomas>Ebinezer>Timothy>Lewis>Munn>Roswell Merrick>Homer L>James Merrick>H.Paul>then me Richard

Coralynn Brown
My line from Robert Day of Hartford:
Robert > John > John > Editha > Hannah Bigelow > Noah Phelps >
Hannah Phelps > Mary Melissa Palmer > Ella Hubbard >
Wallace Drayton Brown (My grandfather)
Click Here to see more information

Joan Kaysen
My line from Robert Day of Hartford:
Sarah Day m Samuel Kellogg > Sgt.Nathaniel Kellogg m Margaret Belden >
Abner Kellogg m Lydia Otis > David L. Kellogg m Eleanor Williams (Vermont) >
Nancy Kellogg m Ebenezer E. Thompson > Hannah Kellogg Thompson m Orlow Bronson Griffin
Mary Louisa Griffin m Solomon Austin Scullin > Willis Earl Scullin m. Margaret Ann Maguire >
Margaret Mary Scullin m Thomas Firth and I am Joan Firth Kaysen

Sherry Martin
I am also a descendant of Robert Day of Hartford. I would like to share my line with anyone who might be interested.
Can anyone help me with information on Joseph Day of York, Maine?
My line is as follows: Robert Day>John Day>John Day>Joseph Day>Edward Day>
Edward Day>Charles Sublett Day>Mary Frances Day>Fred Otto Cobb>Jeannette Olena Cobb>Nancy Sue Hill>
Sherryl Eaves Martin.

Stephanie Allen
Robert > Sarah m. Nathaniel Gunn > Samuel Gunn m. Elizabeth (Bronson) Wyatt >
Nathaniel Gunn m. Esther Belden > Nathaniel 2 Gunn m. Dorothy Marsh > Elisha Gunn m. Mindwell Carver >
Sewell Gunn m. Eliabeth Sackett > Mindwell Carver Gunn m. Philander Noble > Amelia Loretta Noble m. Capt. Charles Tupper >
Florence Amelia Tupper m. William Otis Tripp Jr. > Rebecca Estella (Stella) Tripp m. Ray Laughton >
Hazel Schmadeke m. Norman Stewart West > Paricia Ann West m. Charles Douglas Allen > Stephanie Allen

Jann Williams
Robert > John > John > Benjamin > Adonijah > Margaret Day Carlton>
Peter Carlton > Caleb Day Carlton > Sarah Carlton Shires>
Samuel Day Shires > Helen Shires Hamlin >Janis (Jann) Hamlin Williams

Maxine Buckman
Robert m Stebbins > John m Butler > John II m Spencer
Issac m Foote > Anna B. Day m Skinner > Jacob Skinner m Buck
Would enjoy hearing from others in Day group.

Robert > John > John > Benjamin > Benjamin >
Sylvester > George >David > Alfred > Alfred
I would like any one on this line to e-mail me.

DeLane D. Wright
Robert > John > John > Benjamin > Adonijah > Margaret Day Carlton>
Peter Carlton > Caleb Carlton > Sarah Carlton Shires > S. Day Shires > Blanche Shires Wright>
Jack Wright

Sara Gredler

Robert >John > John > Benjamin > Daniel > Eunice
This line is not TOTALLY proven in the Daniel>Eunice link. Please help. But I think it's right.

Ardis Wolven
My husbands has two lines. One from Robert's son Thomas and one from John
His grandmother was a Day.
1st Line:
Robert > John 1 > John 2 > Benjamin I > Daniel>Erastus E Sr.>
Erastus E Jr>
John E > Grace E Day husband James A G Stanley,Gladys Stanley-Wolven,Gerald L Wolven

2nd Line:
Robert > Thomas > Thomas wf.Elizabeth Merrick > Sarah Day hus Wm Chamberlain>
Joel Chamberlain > Merrick Chamberlain > Nancy Chamberlain hus Capt. Harry Day >
Betsey Day hus Erastus E Day,Jr. > John E Day > Grace E Day hus James A G Stanley > Gladys Stanley hus Donald Wolven>
Gerald L Wolven my husband. My name is Ardis Davison-Wolven.

Patti White>
Patti Page White descendant of Robert of Hartford
Robert m. Edith Stibbens > John m Sarah Priegry > Thomas m Hanah Wilson > Nathaniel m ? > Joel m Martha Murray>
William m Nelly Corder > William(Elbert E.) m Annie Maria Walker > Wesley Levi m Fannie Johnson(part Choctaw Indian)>
O.W.(Dock) m Laura Cryer > Leon m Ruby Tatum > Lula Mae m Eulon Page > Patti Page White

Barbara McIlrath
Robert DAY (He was married to Mary [?] Day) > Sarah DAY (She was married to Samuel Kellogg)>
Samuel (He was married to Hannah DICKINSON) > (Deacon). Joseph KELLOGG (He was married to Abigaille MILLER) >
Joseph KELLOGG, Jr. (He was married to Susanna KENY {KING?) > Benjamin KELLOGG (He was married to Phoebe STARK)>
Joseph KELLOGG (He was married to Harriett KINGSLEY) > Martin Newton KELLOGG (He was married to Francs Isabella ESSON)>
Mary Beatrice KELLOGG (She was married to James MCILRATH) > James Martin MCILRATH (He was married to Mary Laura BASSINGER)>
"Jack" John Edward MCILRATH (He was married to "Kay" Myrtle Catharine KINSEL) > Barbara MCILRATH ( She was married to Richard Ray DOUGLAS)>

Bill Walling
Robert > John > John > Isaac > Daniel > Ralf(sic) > William B > Charles B > William A>Edith
See Bill's Photo
See Bill's multi-generation chart

Jeff Day
My lineage is as follows:
Robert > John I > John II > John III > John IV > John V > John VI > John Henry>
Clayton > William and Clifford.
My line decended from Deacon John Day III. His
grandson, John Day V settled in Ulster County (Delaware County) NY abt. 1787.
Jeff Day
210 Collins Ave
Mandan ND 58554

Richard Stephen Taylor
103 E. Oak St.
Alexandria, VA 22301
Robert > Thomas > William(b.1787) > William > Robert > William > Orland>
Orland > Dorothy

Graham Day
Robert > John I > John II > Joseph I > Joseph II > Asa > Stephen B.
> Everett W. > Louis E.
I also have many generations preceding emigration)

John Van Buskirk
I Have a direct line from Robert Day and Editha Stebbins > John Day m
Sarah Butler > Thomas Day m Hannah Wilson > Hannah Day m Thomas Barnes (son of
Ebenezer son of original thomas Barnes of Hartford) Timothy Barnes > Silas
Barnes m Anna Judd > Elnathan Barnes m Rachel Brown > Aaron B Barnes m Lovina
Van Deusen of their 11 children 2 daughters m John Charles Dayton (Dora
1858-1889) m1885 Emma F (1865-1939) m 1891 > Margaret B Dayton m Leon Van
Buskirk > John C Van Buskirk (me). po box 61 Tully, NY 13159

My second Day line:Charles George Day of New Jersey m Mary Riggs >
Samuel Day m ?(we had Mary K) new source has ??? > Jared Day m Mary/Agnes Gildersleeve dau of Zophar & Mary.
Phoebe Day m Jonathan Dayton of Basking Ridge, NJ > Charles Henry Dayton m Mary Ellen Thornton >
John Charles Dayton m Emma Florence Barnes > Margaret Dayton m Leon Van Buskirk >
John C Van Buskirk
I did find several Samuels in Roberts line, but other Day Families could be
involved, too. Thank You John.

Diane Day Reid
Robert > Thomas > Ebenezer > Luke > Thomas > Thomas II> Warren > Webster(Daniel) >Everett Jeremiah > William > Diane
PleaseView my Stumper listing.

Robert > John > John > Isaac > Daniel > Alfred > Dwight Henry >
William Albert > William Henry > Muriel

Peggy Grant
Margaret Day Grant's Day Line:
Robert m/2 Editha Stebbins > Thomas Day m Sarah Cooper > Ebenezer Day m Mercy Hitchcock>
Timothy Day m Sarah Munn > Lewis Day m Sebra Ward > Munn Day m Lucy Ely > Heman Ely Day m Minerva (Mariah) Scranton>
Dudley Mortimor Day m Mary T. Smith > Cassius Melvin Day m Lucy Alice Forney > Rollon Frank Day m/2 Grace Dyke>
Margaret Louise (Peggy) Day m George E. Grant

See Lomas Photo
Robert > Thomas > Ebenezer > Timothy > Lewis > Seth

Melda Delamater
Robert > Thomas > Samuel > Aaron > Thomas > Wareham > Marcus > Eliza Day
(my great grandmother)Love to meet and share with my cousins, any time.
Melda Delamater

My line goes like this:
Robert > Thomas > John > John II > David > Asa > Robert > Quincy

I am also a descendent of Robert Day. Here's my line:
Robert >John > John > Benjamin > Adonijah > Margaret m. Caleb Carlton
Margaret Day & Caleb Carlton are my great x 5 grandparents. I have always
hoped to find military records of Adonijah Day during the Revolutionary
War...have been unable to do so, and wondered if anyone else might have a
clue. Hello to all new cousins!

Kevin M. Kelbaugh
Robert > Thomas > Ebenezer > Ebenezer > Ezekiel > Justin>
Sylvester > Harvey > Carroll C > Mary Cecil Day > Carolyn Joyce Brundege > Kevin Mark Kelbaugh
Kevin's line came from Springfield Mass and settled around Lewis Co, NY
in the early 1800's
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Kevin Whitehead
See Kevins Photos
Robert > Thomas > Ebenezer > Timothy > Lewis > Mun > Roswell M > Joseph
Kevin'e line continues from Joseph's daughter.

Janet Day Jackson
Robert > John > John II > Abraham > Abraham > Ira > Joshua>
My line left CT and went to Mass. Later Joshua left and ended up in central
Illinois. I am looking for any information on him and his travels.
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Sharon Hart
My line goes as follows...
Robert > Thomas > John > William > John > Frederick > Frederick O. > Halsey T.>
Gertrude > Blanche > Sharon
There seems to be alot of info out there from Robert> John line but not much
on mine.... hope to find some cousins.

Quelle (Tobin) Reams (submitted by Orin P. Reams Jr.)
Robert > John > John > Benjamin > Adonijah > Erial > Eunice m. Amos Crandall
Eunice Crandall married Amos Crandall of Tolland, CT 1/20/1814. They are buried in the South Cemetery,
Tolland, CT. Eunice was born 12/6/1794 and died 10/20/1883. Eunice and Amos Crandall were my 3rd Great
Grandparents. I grew up in Tolland, CT and lived on Old Stafford Rd. Although we now make our home in
Memphis, TN, I frequently travel home to Tolland. I have many Crandall cousins that I know of but am not aware
of any of my Day cousins from Tolland or Monson, MA. Erial of Monson, MA, son of Adonijah and deacon of
the Baptist Church in that town.

Robert D.Day
Robert has email through juno and the address is:
Robert > John > John > Benjamin

Martin Roberts
Robert > Thomas > John > John > Abigail

John and Sue Ladwig
Robert > John > John > Abraham > Ephraim > Salmon>
Salmon > Flora A.
Sue's line left CT and went to Winhall Vermont.
Ephraim Day left Winhall about 1823 and settled in
Parma, Monroe County, NY where he died in 1825. Salmon Day Sr.
left Winhall in 1830 and settled in Riceville, Town of Ashford,
Cattaraugus County, NY. Would like to correspond with others.
Ashford, N.Y.: The Day Family

Linda Hart
Robert > Thomas > John > John and Joseph > David and Silence > Hezekiah >
Samuel > Eliza Jane Day
John's son David married Joseph's daughter Silence.
They moved to Colchester,Vermont after
1780. David also served in the Revolution for Massachusetts
1777-1780, if anybody collects that information. I
also have some limited sibling information on David's line.

Terence Kelley
Robert > John > John > Benjamin > Russell > Electa
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Ruby Kathryn Day McNabb
Ruby travels frequently between Texas and Louisiana
and has an email in both places.
Robert > John > Thomas > Nathaniel > Joel > William

Robert > John > John > Abraham > Abraham > Irene m.Salathiel Judd

Bill Day
Bills' branch of Days went to Warrick County, Indiana
from Mass. in 1838 or 1839.
Robert > John > John > Benjamin >Amasa > Roderic > Flavius Pease>
Charles B.>Flavius P. > Robert L.
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Dave and Linette
Dave's Line: Robert > John > John II > Abraham > Ephraim > Abraham > Albert > L. Movell>
Robert > Dave
Homepage: Welcome To Our Family Page

Mervin Day
Robert > John > John > Abraham > Ephraim > Abraham > Abraham > Ira > Merrill > Mervin
Has much information and is willing to share.

Julia Walker
Robert > John > John > Abraham > Ephraim > Abraham > Abraham > Ira > Merrill > Mervin > Julia
Julia would like to correspond with
other descendants of Robert Day of Hartford Ct.

Cynita Day
Robert > John > John > Abraham > Ephraim > Abraham > Abraham > Ira > Merrill > Mervin > Cynita
Cynita would also like to correspond with "Cousins"

Ann Wilson Shirk Brooks
See Annies Photos
Robert>Thomas>Samuel>Aaron>Thomas Stanley>Wareham>Marcus>
Orilla Day (m. James Henry Inch)>Ethel Inch (m. Robert Helms)>
Lois Grace Helms (m. Merritt Beuchler Shirk)>Ann Wilson Shirk

Sue Day Hafner
See My Photos
Robert > John > John > Benjamin > Benjamin > Ira
My line left CT and went to Vermont. First in Royalton
and then some went on to Barre, Washington County,and some
ended up in Orleans County
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