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Robert Day of Hartford CT

Robert Day of Hartford Ct was one of the original Founders of Hartford Ct
Society of The Descendants

Monument of Founders of Hartford
List of Names of The Founders of Hartford

Also be sure to click on "Sites" as there are photos of other plaques etc., bearing Roberts name
Sites with photos and visitors map of Historic sites in regards to the Founders of Hartford

A Little About Our Immigrant, Robert Day of Hartford

Passenger List of The "Elizabeth"
Submitted by Diana

Which connects Robert Day of Hartford Ct., all the way back to
about 10 generations prior to the year 727
Just keep clicking on "Father" to view previous generation
You can also click on Roberts childrens names to see the generations
from the 1600's and forward.

Descendants List

Multi-Generation Charts
These are various branches of Robert's descendants
We have 5 different lines listed so far.

Is There A Connection Between:
George Day of NJ And Our Immigrant Robert Day of Hartford?
This is a newly added section with researchers observations and a guestbook
that you can leave information in to help figure out this Day mystery

Information On The Butler/Day Marriage Dispute
"Cousin" John has found this information while researching, regarding the disputed marriage
of Sarah Butler and John Day

Bible Of Benjamin Day
Bible of Lucy and Benjamin Day

Tommi's Page
Abraham Day III and first wife Elmira
Day Family Reunion 1897 - individuals identified

Loma's Page

Annie's Page

Kevin's Page

Sue's Photo

Robert's Will
John's Will
Thomas's Will

Lookups in sources we own
connecting to Robert Day of Hartford Ct

Birth, Death, Marriage, Land Transactions
And more. Submitted by John Ladwig. There is a large amount of information listed here.

Obituaries, Marriage Index, And Cemetery Records
Submitted by Loma

Misc Records

Links To Sites Containing Information and Lines of Robert Of Hartford