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Generations 6-8
                             Descendants of Robert Day

Generation No. 1

1.  ROBERT1 DAY was born in Somerset, England, and died in Somerset, England.  
He married ABIGAILL COLLYAR May 24, 1664 in Beer Crocombe, Taunton Deane, 

Notes for ROBERT DAY: 
Beer Crocombe is a very tiny village in a farming community. it is very close to the Fivehead 
river and one of the farms on the edge of the village is named beer mill farm this was once 
an old mill. The village is approximately one mile to the east of the larger village of 
Hatch Beauchamp and one mile south of the larger village of Curry Mallet. The village 
is set on the junction of two roads and the cottages are built alongside the roads forming 
a T shape. The village church has a square tower and is built on the eastern outskirts of the 
village at the end of a lane that leads only to the church. 

The village covers an area of approximately one fifth of a square mile. the name of the 
village comes from the old English bere (meaning barley) croh (meaning saffron) and cumb 
(meaning valley) = 'barley in the saffron valley. there is no village pub in Beer Crocombe but 
the two neighboring villages both have a village inn. Some years ago the railway ran just to 
the south of the village but this has now been dismantled. Beer Crocombe is not a village that 
you  would pass through to get to anywhere so it is very quiet with very little traffic. You would 
probably see more tractors than cars here. The village itself was mentioned in the 
Domesday Book' 1086. 

The Somerset Parish Marriage Register: 1542-1812, vol 4. (ed. by WFW Phillimore and EH Bates), 
Beer Crocombe:  p. 28 and 29, lists the marriage of: Robert Day to Abigaill Collyar (Collier) 
May 24, 1664. Since their son John Day was born three years later in the same small village, 
it is safe to assume that these are his parents. Not other DAYs were listed before or after 
this date. Baptismal records show that Robert Day and Abigaill Collyar had: 
John Day b. 1667, Robert and Abigail Day. 

Mimbs reserach in Somerset confirms that Robert Day and Abigail Collyar were married 
May 24, 1664 at Beer Crocombe, Somerset. Children: 
1) Abigail Day daughter of Robert and Abigail Day was born December 27, 1664; 
    she was premature, as she did not live and was buried Jan. 1665. 
2) Robert Day son of Robert and Abigail Day was baptisted March 24th, 1665 
3) John Day son of Robert and Abigail Day was baptised Sept. 1, 1667 
4) Alice Day  the daughter of Robert and Abigail was baptised --1677. 
5) Abigail  Day(the second named) daughter of Robert and Abigail was 
     baptised in 1669. 

Genealogist and Day relative, Marie Mimbs wrote June 13, 1998: " In my research I 
found their were Day families in Taunton Dean which is located near (about 8 miles). 
The Day family lived in between. There were still Day families in Taunton and I have 
several marriage records and someone who did research in England 
(on the papers it states a relative) did research on these Day families and state relative 
of them. I am trying to locate more on these families " 
Phillimore has other Colliers were listed. Listed just before Abigaill Collyar is the 
marriage of Johannis Master (ali Weaver)  and Catharina Collier, married Nov. 10, 1663. 
Perhaps Abigail's sister. Also listed was Thomazin Collier who married Robart Shurard 
on Oct. 31, 1657 and then a Thomas Lumbeard on Jan. 31, 1679. There was also listed 
an Agnes Collier m. Matthew Bannde on June 16, 1651. Perhaps other sisters. 

    i.     ABIGAIL2 DAY, b. December 27, 1664, Beer Crocombe, 
           Taunton Deane, Somerset; 
           d. Beer Crocombe, Taunton Deane, Somerset. 

Notes for ABIGAIL DAY: 
Abigail Day, first daughter of Robert and Abigail Collyar Day 
was born prematurely and died soon after. She was buried in January 1665. 

    ii.    ROBERT DAY, b. March 24, 1664/65, Beer Crocombe, 
           Taunton Deane, Somerset. 

Notes for ROBERT DAY: Baptised March 24, 1665. 

2.  iii.   JOHN DAY, b. June 07, 1667, Beer Crocombe, 
           Taunton Dean, Somersetshire, England; d. Kennett, 
           Chester Co., PA. 
    iv.    ABIGAIL DAY, b. 1669. 
     v.    ALICE DAY, b. 1677. 

Generation No. 2 

2.  JOHN2 DAY (ROBERT1) was born June 07, 1667 in Beer Crocombe, Taunton Dean, 
Somersetshire, England, and died in Kennett, ChesterCo., PA.  He married 
REBECCA GARRETSON in 1706, Chester Co., PA. (Source: Chester Co., PA State 
Vital Statistics, pages 41-43.) 

Notes for JOHN DAY: 
Somerset, Beer Crocombe Baptismal records: John Day, son of Robert and 
Abigail Collyar Day, baptised Sept. 1, 1667.  LDS Ancestry file lists: John Day 
b. June 7, 1667, Beer Crocombe, Taunton Dean, Somerset and wife Rebecca Garretson. 

Ref: See John Humphrey's Chester Co. Births 1682-1800: p. 45. Day: John Day 
b. July 7, 1667 parents not given, probably England; John Day b. 9/ 8, 1707, parents 
John and Rebecca Day; Rebecca Day b. 11/ 26, 1709. Kennett MM Minutes confirm 
John Day Sr. (1667) and Rebecca, parents of John Day (1707) and Rebecca Day (1709). 
(Quaker calendars put month 2 months ahead, ie. 9 mo = Nov., and 11 mo. = Jan.) 

Children of JOHN DAY and REBECCA GARRETSON are: 
3.  i.     JOHN3 DAY, b. November 08, 1707, Chester Co., PA; 
           d. May 21, 1760, Kennett and 
           Newberry, York Co., PA. 
    ii.    REBECCAH DAY, b. November 26, 1709, Kennett, 
           York Co., PA; d. Newgarden, York Co., PA. 
    iii.   JOSEPH DAY, b. about 1711, Chester Co., PA; 
    iv.    STEPHEN DAY  b. about 1713, Chester Co., PA, 
    v.     SILVIRAS DAY  b. about 1715, Chester Co., PA, 
    vi.    SOLOMON DAY b. about 1715, Chester Co., PA 
    vii.   SAMUEL DAY, b. about 1717, Chester Co., PA. 
           Chester Co., PA birth records, pgs. 41-43 confirm the 
           births of seven children of John and Rebeccah GARRETSON DAY. 


Generation No. 3 

3.  JOHN3 DAY (JOHN2, ROBERT1)1 was born November 08, 1707 in Chester Co., 
PA2, and died May 21, 1760 in Kennett and Newberry, York Co., PA3.  
He married (1) ANNA HUSSEY4 November 11, 1730 in New Castle Quaker MM, 
New Castle, Delaware5, daughter of JOHN HUSSEY and ANN INSKEEP.  He married (2)
REBECCAH September 30, 1752. 

Notes for JOHN DAY: 
John Day and Anna Hussey were staunch Quakers. He was an Elder and were 
one of the earliest settlers in the 1730s of Chester Co, PA. The first court of York Couty 
was held at York on Oct. 31, 1749 and John Day was the first judge. The courthouse 
was built in 1756. 

Two of Anna Hussey's brothers include John Hussey III and Nathan. Former President 
Richard M. Nixon is descended from two of John Hussey III's children. 
Lancaster Co., PA Church records of the 18th century. Vol. 3, F. Edward Wright: p. 24: 
Sadxbury Monthly Quaker Meeting: July 3, 1739  "friends of late settled on the West 
side of the Susquehanna some of them have produced certificates to this meeting from 
the Kennet Meeting: John Day and Ann his wife, and nChristopher Hussey and Ann 
his wife, Nathan Hussey and Ann his wife, John Garrison (Garretson) and his
wife Content and another certificate for John Bennet and his wife Rebecca. 

 DM 11 Received 200 A west side of Susquehanah River - Blunston Licenses. 
July 20 1733, Genealogical Soc of Pa. Vol 11 1933-35. Certificate of transfer from 
Kennett MM dated 1738. 

 First marriage in York Co Pa. was at John Day's house 29 5mo 1740. 
Myers Immigration of Irish Quakers into Penna. 1612-1750. See Marriage certificate 
copied at Friends Historical Library, Swarthmore College. 

 References: p. 36: Feb. 18, 1761: Certificates from Warrington Monthly Meeting 
for Rebecca Day. p, 38. July 21, 1762: Certificates for Rebecca Day to the Newgarden 
Monthly Meeting. 

"The Garretson were all Quakers and if John Day Jr. married a Rebecca Garretson, 
she would have been a Quaker, but still they could have married out of the Quaker 
Meetings, but I can't understand why, as he was an elder at the time and with wife dead 
could easily have married her in church." 

John Day Will, May 21, 1760, did name his beloved second wife Rebecah, who may 
have been his second wife, and left her 1/3 of the estate. He also stated if she were 
pregnant and had a child after his decease the child was to share equally with the 
other children. 

Abstracts of York Co. PA wills, 1749-1819, p. 14: May 21, 1760, June 9, 1760: 
Day, John. Executors: John Garritson, Rebecca and Joseph Day. Newberry, PA 
township. wife ommitted. Children: Joseph, Stephen, Rebecca, Silvanus, Thomas, 
Samuel and Solomon. Grandchildren: Rebecca Garritson daughter of 
John Garritson (Garretson), mother's name not recorded.
May 27, 1761: York County, PA Court Records: "Came into court Sylvanus DAY minor orphan 
son of John DAY late of Newberry Township,Esq., deceased, age fifteen years, the  _____ day of
 _______ last and chose Joseph Updegraef of York Town, father guardian over his person and 
estate during his minority of whom this court approves." 

May 28, 1761: York County, PA Court Records: "Came into court Joseph Updegraef, Guardian of 
Sylvanus DAY a minor and orphan son of John DAY late of this county, Esq., deceased, aged fifteen 
years the  ____ day of August and prayed that the said Sylvanus DAY last January be bound and apprentice 
to Joseph ALLEN of London Grove Township, Chester County blacksmith, was considered by the court and 
the said Sylvanus DAY is hereby bound and apprentice to the said Joseph ALLEN until he shall be of the 
age of twenty-one years in consideration whereof the said Joseph ALLEN doth covenant and agree to teach 
or cause to be taught the said apprentice the art or mystery of blacksmith which he now practiseth, to
read the Bible, to write and arithmetick as far as the Rule of three direct and to furnish and allow the said 
apprentice sufficient meat, drink, apparel, washing and lodging during the said term and at the expiration 
thereof to pay unto him two suits of apparel one whereof shall be new and of the value of six pounds and six 
pounds  in money which the said apprentice shall then chuse and the court dodecree that in the mean time the 
said Joseph ALLEN give bond in fifty pounds with sufficient security to the guardian od the said Sylvanus
mentioned for the performance of the covenants mentioned in the for going record on his part to be performed 
and kept." 

John DAY Jr.'s Mill site, commonly known as "The Old Red Mill" also known as "Brunks/Smalls, Goldsboro.
" Last millsbuilt 1851 by P/A. & Small Co., : Source: P.A.& Small Co., Goldsboro Mill at the mouth of Fishing Creek, 
west of the Susquehannah River. Product of John DAY Jr.'s mills were: feed, meal and lumber. (Research by Grant A. Voaden, 
2/17/78.) Deed Book A, pg 540: "Thomas & Richard PENN, proprietaries etc.granted JOHN DAY a certain tract on the west 
side of the Susquehannah in Manchester twp in Lancaster County but now in Newberry twp in York Co., PA, beginning on Fishing 
Creek containing 307 acres as per patents in Philadelphia, Vol. H., pg. 5."  John DAY Jr. sold 106 of these acres to Jacob 
MYER during his lifetime, wihtout the mills. John DAY Jr. requested in his will of May 1, 1760 that the remainder of this tract 
be sold and named executors: "JOHN GARRETSON, JOSEPH DAY, CALEB LOW  and the deceased's wife, Rebecca DAY which they did on
Oct. 23, 1761, containing 207 acres with house, buildings, mills amd other improvements to John BRONK for 580 pounds of the 
city of York inthe Province of Pennsylvania, yoeman." 
Marriage Notes for JOHN DAY and ANNA HUSSEY: 
See Early Church records of New Castle Del, Vol. 1, p. 104. 

Children of JOHN DAY and ANNA HUSSEY are: 
4.  i.     SAMUEL4 DAY, d. Bef. March 17, 1803, Manchester, 
           York Co., PA. 
    ii.    SILVINA DAY. 
    iii.   JOHN JR. DAY, b. 1731, Warrington, York Co., PA; 
           d. March 16, 1762, Warrington,  York Co., PA; 
           m. SARAH BENNETT, April 22, 1756, 
           Warrington MM, York Co., PA. 
    iv.    SOLOMON DAY, b. 1738. 
    v.     REBECCAH DAY, b. 1740; m. THOMAS MCCONNELL, 1763. 
    vi.    JOSEPH DAY, b. 1741. 
    vii.   SILVANUS DAY, b. 1746. 
    viii.  THOMAS DAY, b. 1748. 
5.  ix.    STEPHEN DAY, b. Abt. 1742, Warrington, Chester Co., 
           Pennsylvania; d. 1825, Columbia Co., GA. 

Generation No. 4

4.  SAMUEL4 DAY (JOHN3, JOHN2, ROBERT1) died Bef. March 17, 1803 in 
Manchester, York Co., PA.  He married ISABELLA. 

Notes for SAMUEL DAY: 
 Abstracts of York Co. PA wills, 1749-1819, p. 191: June 17, 1802, Mar. 17, 1803: 
Day, Samuel, Day: Executor: Isabella Day. Manchester township. Wife: Isabella Day. 
Children: George, John, Rebecca and Ann. 

Notes for ISABELLA: 
Abstracts of York Co. PA wills, 1749-1819, p. 204: 

May 11, 1805, May 18, 1805: Day, Isabella. Executor: George Wogan. manchester twp. 
Children: George, John Rebecca and Ann. 

 Children of SAMUEL DAY and ISABELLA are: 
 i. GEORGE5 DAY, d. 1815. 

Notes for GEORGE DAY: 
Abstracts of York Co. PA wills, 1749-1819, p. 27: 
Index to Probate Inventories: 

Goerge Day: 1815 

    ii. JOHN DAY. 
    iii. ANN DAY. 

5.  STEPHEN4 DAY (JOHN3, JOHN2, ROBERT1) was born Abt. 1742 in 
Warrington, Chester Co., Pennsylvania, and died 1825 in Columbia Co., GA.  
He married MARGARET PEGGY JONES 1766 in North Carolina, daughter of 

Notes for STEPHEN DAY: 
  From the Early Church Records: 1749-1850: "Marie Mimbs states that Christopher 
and Ann Hussey were at the Warrington MM and removed to Cane Creek MM in 
NC along with Theodate and husband Robert Hodgen,  as well as the son of 
John Day and Ann Hussey, Stephen Day." 

 Stephen Day attended the Newgarden and Warrington MMs in Chester Co., PA 
and was part of an early group of Quakers who migrated south from Chester Co., PA 
to North Carolina between 1750 and 1770. During this time, Quaker in Pennsylvania 
were hungry for new lands, and losing thier influence on the coast due to a large influx 
of people from other faiths, they decided to move south and west to the mountain valleys 
of NC.  They went under the leadeship of Capt. Joseph Maddock (b. Haddonfield, NJ) 
but moved to Warrington/Newark, Chester Co., PA. he and a group of early Quakers, 
Stephen Day possibly among them, established the Cane Creek Quaker Meeting in 
1751 in Orange Co., (now Alamance Co., NC). And later the Newgarden MM was 
established in 1754 in Guilford Co., NC. 

 The Quakers were treated badly by the Governor of NC which forced them to move 
to Georgia. GA Pioneers Nag, #2 1965, PP 19:  Note about Wrightsboro:  Site of 
Wrightsborough, Georgia's Quaker town, near Augusta and Thompson, GA, was 
selected in 1767 by Joseph Maddock, the leader of the group, who felt they could 
no longer exist under the intolerable conditions imposed by Gov. Tryon of 
North Carolina. 

 Stephen Day settled in Columbia Co., GA  and married Margaret Peggy Jones from 
the Quaker colony of Wrightsboro, GA. Stephen Day's will was probated Dec. 9, 1825. 

 GA Pioneers Nag, #4 1969, PP 197:  Land Grants in Wrightsboro TWP until 
February 1769:  Stephen Day, 200 acres 

 GA Pioneers Nag, #3 1970, PP 123: Petitions for land, Augusta Area, 
1744-1773: Complaints about grant problems; most grants allotted during fall 
and summer 1770, around Brunswick in St. George Parish and along coast: 
Stephen Day:  March 1771; petitions for 100 acres, Great Kiokee at the 
Beaver Dams, near Wm. Bernard. 

 GA Pioneers Nag, #4 1970, PP 201: Petitions for land, Augusta Area, 1744-1773: 
Stephen Day:  Jan 1772; ordered 100 acres in Wrightsboro TWP, but time has 
elapsed, wishes to reapply. 

 GA Pioneers Mag: Vol. VIII, Nov 1971 #4, PP. 185:  Columbia Co., GA 1805 
Tax List: PP. 187: Stephen Day; 350 acres; bordered by Shaw and Day; Uchee Creek; 
1 lot in Wrightsboro; 300 acres bordered by Poole and others on Sandy Run; 
200 acres bordered by Pope and others on Beaver Dam Creek 
(in Oglethorpe Co., GA). (Capt. Wm. Wilkinson Dist. #6) 

 GA Pioneers Mag:  1975, #3, Vol XII, PP. 138:   (Columbia Co., GA): 
PP 434: Sold 04 Nov 1800:  Recorded 28 Nov 1800:  Stephen Day, Sr. 
Alexander Pugh, of Wilkes County for $1,082.00, a 200 acre tract on 
Creek, granted to Day 03 Jul 1770.  (Day married a daughter of John 
Jones-land adjoined-next.) 

GA Pioneers Nag, #2 1966, PP 53:  Columbia Co., GA Early Marriages 
Day, Hiram and Repsey Grimmage on 31 Dec 1812 
Day, Jeremiah and Levicy Daniel on 28 Sep 1795 
Day, Stephen and Priscilla Jones on 02 Jul 1793 

GA Pioneers Mag: 1980, #1, Vol XVII, PP 6&7:  Day, Stephen (Revolutionary 
Soldier-GA); Will signed 15 Feb 1821, probated 09 Dec 1825, Columbia Co., GA 
names: wife, Margaret  "Peggy" Jones and children: Stephen, Jr., Jonathan, 
John (m. Fereby Bullock, Richmond Co., GA 31 May 1788) and Joseph 
(apparently dead);  Thomas Kindrick m. Theodate Day, Richmond Co., GA, 
25 May 1791 (dau. of Joseph); and his brother John Kindrick m. Rebecca Day, 
Richmond Co., GA 09 Nov 1787 (dau. of Joseph) and grandsons: Jonathan Kindrick, 
Hezekiah Kindrick.  Executors of will were: Sons Stephen, Jonathan and
John; Witnesses of will were: Solomon Hodge, Berry Olive and John Harris. 

The children of Stephen Day and Margaret Jones 
    2. Stephen Jr. born Mar.22, 1772, mar. Priscilla Jones 
    3. Jonathan born Nov. 8, 1776 
    4. Joseph born Mar. 6, 1782, married to Nancy Ponder, 
       daughter of Ephrim Ponder. 
    5. Theodate born May 10, 1769, mar. Thomas Kendrick 
    6. Rebecca born Aug.19, 1774, mar. John Kendrick 
    7. Nathan born Dec.10, 1785 
    8. Samuel Connell born Sept 18,1788 
    9. Sylvanus born Nov. 8, 1778 

 Children of STEPHEN DAY and MARGARET JONES are: 
6. i. JOHN5 DAY, b. December 13, 1768, North Carolina; d. Abt. 1838, 
       Augusta, Richmond Co., GA. 
 ii. THEODATE DAY, b. March 10, 1769; m. THOMAS KENDRICK, 
     May 25, 1791, Richmond Co., GA. 

 GA Pioneers Mag, #1 1972, PP 34: Columbia Co., GA  1805 Tax List: 
Kindrick, Thomas, 229 acres bounded by Stephen Day on Uchee Creek, Columbia 
Co., GA 

    iii.     STEPHEN DAY, b. March 22, 1772, Columbia Co., GA; d. 
             Columbia Co., GA; m. PRISCILLA JONES, July 02, 1793. 

Notes for STEPHEN DAY: 
 GA Pioneers Mag: Vol. VIII, Nov 1971 #4, PP. 185:  Columbia Co., GA 
1805 Tax List: PP. 187: Stephen Day, Jr.; 150 acres bordered by Shaw and 
Day on Uchee Creek. (Capt. Wm. Wilkinson Dist. 36) 

    iv.     REBECCA DAY, b. August 19, 1774; m. JOHN KENDRICK, 
            November 09, 1787, Richmond Co., GA. 
    v.      JONATHAN DAY, b. November 08, 1776. 

Notes for JONATHAN DAY: 

 GA Gen. Mag:  #8, Jonathan Day, BP Stephen Day, Sr.,  PP 445:  
(1805 Land Lottery Registrants-Columbia County) (Blank and Prize); 
Stephen Day, Jr. BP; John Day, BB;BB. 

 GA Pioneers Mag: Vol. VIII, Nov 1971 #4, PP. 185:  Columbia Co., 
GA 1805 Tax List: Jonathan Day; 112 acres, no slaves; land bordered 
by John Day and others on Uchee Creek.  (Capt. Wm. Wilkinson Dist. #6) 

    vi.     SYLVANUS DAY, b. November 08, 1778. 
    vii.    JOSEPH DAY, b. March 06, 1782; d. January 24, 1793, 
            Savannah, GA; m. NANCY PONDER. 

Notes for JOSEPH DAY: 

    viii.    NATHAN DAY, b. December 10, 1785. 
    ix.      SAMUEL CONNELL DAY, b. September 18, 1788. 

Generation No. 5 

6.  JOHN5 DAY (STEPHEN4, JOHN3, JOHN2, ROBERT1) was born 
December 13, 1768 in North Carolina, and died Abt. 1838 in Augusta, 
Richmond Co., GA.  He married FEARBY (FERRIBY) BULLOCH May 31, 1788 
in Augusta, Richmond Co., GA, daughter of ARCHIBALD BULLOCH 

Notes for JOHN DAY: 
 John Day was a Pennsylvania Quaker who emmigrated to Georgia about 
the end of the eighteenth century and there married Feariby Bullock of the well 
known family of Archibald Bulloch along the Georgia coast. This is likely as there is 
still a settlement of Quakers at Warrenton, the county seat of Warren Co. not far
from Augusta.  John Day and Ferriby Bullock were supposed to have had twelve 
children. But I have been able so far, only to find two: Joseph and Stephen. 

 GA Pioneers Mag:  1975, #4, Vol XII, PP. 177:   (Columbia Co., GA):  BK "I", 
PP 493: Sold 12 Feb 1799:  John Day and wife, Ferriby, sell to Robert Shaw, 
150 acres, for $200.00.  It being 1/2 of the tract granted to Charles Smith, 
and adjoining to the 1/2 that Day's son now lives on. 

 GA Pioneers Mag: Vol. VIII, Nov 1971 #4, PP. 185:  Columbia Co., 
GA 1805 Tax List: PP. 187 (same as above) : John Day; 4 slaves, 250 acres; 
bordered by Shaw and others on Uchee Creek. (Capt. Wm.Wilkinson Dist. #6) 

Notes for FEARBY (FERRIBY) BULLOCH: June 1998: Information about the 
Day family comes from the Stepehn Day Family Bible in the possession of 
Marie Mimbs' family of her Great Aunt Nancy Day, Miami, FLA. 

Children of JOHN DAY and FEARBY BULLOCH are: 
7.  i.     JOSEPH6 DAY, b. May 02, 1789, Augusta, Richmond Co.,  
           GA; d. April 02, 1867, Vineville, Macon, GA. 
8.  ii.    STEPHEN DAY, b. 1791, Columbia Co., GA; d. Macon Co. AL. 
    iii.   WILLIAM DAY, m. NANCY MCDONALD, May 02, 1812. 
    iv.    MARY ANN DAY, m. CHAPMAN MADDOX, December 30, 1820. 
    v.     REBECCAH DAY, m. EDWARD WOODING, April 28, 1825. 
    vi.    NATHAN J. DAY, m. MARTHA COLE, December 01, 1830. 
    vii.   RICHARD B. DAY. 
    viii.  ALMON Y. DAY, m. SARAH ANN SYKES, August 20, 1835.

Generations 6-8