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Generation No. 5

9.  JEREMIAH5 DAY (JOSEPH4, JEREMIAH3, RALPH2, RALPH1) was born 03 Apr 1754 in Walpole, MA17, 
and died 28 May 1839 in Walpole, MA18.  He married REBECCA WHITTEMORE 08 Mar 1778 in Walpole, MA19.  

From "The Minute Men and Other Patriots of Walpole, Mass. in Our Long Struggle for 
National Independence 1775-1783" by Isaac Newton Lewis, pg 22:

Listed Day men were David, Ebenezer and Joseph, all sons of Joseph and Abigail Day.  
Also a John Day, son of Jeremiah and Mary Day, b. 11/16/1734.   However, for some reason 
(perhaps he joined elsewhere?) Jeremiah Day is not listed.

Checked Walpole births and he was the only Jeremiah Day  born there before the Rev War, 
tho several Jeremiah Days b. between 1775-1788.   

He is listed in Walpole Deaths, pg. 198 as follows:  Day, Jeremiah, 
"A Revolutionary Pensioner", May 28, 1839.

Military service: Rev. War per death notice.
	i. ANNA6 DAY, b. 29 Jun 1786, Walpole, MA.

10.  JOSEPH5 DAY (JOSEPH4, JEREMIAH3, RALPH2, RALPH1) was born 16 Apr 1756 in Walpole, Suffolk, MA20, 
and died 07 Jan 1843 in East Nissouri Twp, Ontario, Canada21.
He married (1) MARY [--?--] 02 Aug 1790 in German Flatts Twp,
Herkimer Co, NY 
- Reformed Protestant Dutch Church22.  
She was born Bet. 1765 - 1775 in Probably Herkimer Co NY or Norton, Bristol, MA, and died  in 
Probably Walworth, Wayne Co, New York23.  

He married (2) MARY MOWRAY Aft. 1818 in Ontario, Canada or Ontario, NY.  
She was born 1782, and died 11 Aug 1850 in East Nissouri Twp, Ontario, Canada.

Notes for JOSEPH DAY:
From "Massachusetts Soldiers and Sailors In the War of the Revolution" 
published by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, page 577:
"Day, Joseph (also given 4th), Walpole.  Private, Capt Sabin Man's co. of Minutemen, 
Col. Greaton's regt., which marched on the alarm of April 19, 1775, from Medfield and Walpole; 
service, 12 days;  also, Capt. Sabin Mann's co., Col Wheelock's regt.; marched April 22, 1777; 
discharged May 10, 1777; service, 20 days, at Rhode Island;  also, Corporal, Capt Oliver Clap's co., 
Col. Benjamin Haws's regt.;  enlisted Sept 25, 1777; discharged Oct. 23, 1777; 
service, 1 mo. 1 day, travel included, on a secret expedition to Rhode Island." 

Of note, his uncle, John Day of Walpole was reported killed Oct 19, 1777 on the secret expedition 
to Rhode Island (page 576).  Also on the expedition was Joseph's brother, The date of death for John Day, 
killed in Rhode Island, was Oct 19, 1777..  Joseph and brother, David, 
and a Samuel Day Jr (cousin?) were with their uncle, John on a secret expedition to Rhode Island, 
as all were  there for a month 9/25/1777-10/23/1777.  Joseph had been promoted to corporal 
for the expedition.  Wonder what all they ran into? Too bad none ever wrote about their experiences. 

On other listings some men were designated "(also given 2nd or Jr)"  so it appears Joseph was the fourth of that name.

From "The Minute Men and Other Patriots of Walpole, Mass. in Our Long Struggle for National Independence 1775-1783" 
by Isaac Newton Lewis, pg 22:

Day, Joseph, son of Joseph and Abigail, born April 10 (sic),1756.  Private in Capt. Sabin Mann's Co., in 1775.  
Buried in the Old Town Cemetery.(sic)

Also listed on page 22 are his brothers, David and Ebenezer Day who also served in the Revolution 
from Walpole.

However, per Mary Lou Cassidy, Joseph Day married Mary Mowry (sic) before 1791 and immigrated 
to Canada in 1821 with four of their children: Jonathan, Elmer, Dexter and a daughter (name unknown), 
leaving Polly, Joseph, Betsey and Susan in NY state.

Mary Lou is a descendent of Elmer Day, Joseph's son and brother of Dexter Baldwin.  She has seen the 
graves of Mary and Joseph in the Day cemetery (Zion 7th Line Cemetery) outside of London, Ontario 
and has his death date as 1843 in East Nissouri Township, Ontario, Canada.  We know this is 
Dexter's father, as DB Day is  mentioned in an article about Joseph and his sons clearing land in 
Ontario and it is where David Cass Day was born to Dexter and Hannah Day in 1822.   Hence the information 
in the DAR Patriot Index may be on a different Joseph Day.   Needs RESEARCH. [Jan Nelson 3/24/2003]

5/10/2003  Contacted Walpole Historical Society with my question on Joseph cited on page 22 of "Minutemen Of Walpole" 
as buried in the Old Town Cemetery at Walpole, which is in conflict with his being buried in 
Ontario Canada.  The president of the Society, John Anderson, did an on site investigation of the 
Old Town Cemetery on 5/10/2003.  There are only three Day family in it...
David Day, and his wife Susana and daughter. David was Joseph's brother.  
Hence the book was in error on page 22. 

His e-mail reads:  "As you can see on page 22 of the Revolutionary War book, there are several Day's listed. 
I looked at the "Old Burial Ground" today, and only saw a stone for David Day and his wife Susana. 
I can send a jpeg photo of that grave if needed. There is no other Day headstone in this cemetery. 
Some soldiers are buried in the Rural Cemetery, but it is a larger one with no master index to 
names. It would take a little longer to check this one out. In 1906 someone listed all the headstones 
at the "Old Burial Place". Some stones listed in 1906 are now gone. One listing was for Mrs. Mary Day, wife of John, 
but nothing for Joseph. ...per (Walpole) "Vital Records to 1850", ... All it seems to show is that 
Joseph was born in Walpole, but neither married or died here. Let me know if you want me to look in 
"Rural", but it doesn't look like he may be there. John Anderson

Mary Lou Cassidy stopped by Zion Cemetery after the Day Family reunion on May 20, 2003 and 
wrote down the exact information from Joseph Day's headstone:   
"Joseph Day  Died Jan 7 1843 age 87 years."   
This computes to a birth year of 1756

From "The Day Family History" page 2: "In 1821, Joseph Day, at age 65, accompanied by three 
sons and a daughter travelled to Upper Canada to start a new life.  He brought Jonathan, 
Dexter Baldwin, Elmer and a young daughter [note: this was Asineth] with him.  They came 
via Lewiston, where they crossed the Niagara River, and then on to Burlington and along 
Governor Simcoe's Road to Lot 1, Concession IX, Nissouri Township near Thamesford..... 
Although records are not conclusive, the point of departure for the Days was probably Ontario County, New York.  
The 1810 census in Ontario County shows Joseph Day and family on the rolls."

Census Reports on Joseph and his family are as follows:

1790 Federal Census, German Flatts, Herkimer Co, New York:

Head of household: Day, Joseph 
Males over 16 = 1  (Joseph Day)
Males under 16 = 0
Free White Females = 1  (Mary)
Other Free whites = 0
Slaves = 0

1800 Federal Census, Town of Westmoreland, Oneida Co, NY
Head of household: Day, Joseph
Males under 10 = 3   (Joseph Jr, Dexter Baldwin, unknown)
Males 10-16 = 0
Males 16-26 = 0
Males 26-45 = 1  (Joseph)
Males 45 & over = 0 
Females under 10 = 2  (Polly & Betsy)
Females 10-16 = 0
Females 16-26 = 0
Females 26-45 = 2  (Mary and Unknown) [gives Mary birth yr of 1755 to 1774]
Females over 45 = 0
Asineth, purportedly born between Polly and Betsy is not accounted for in this, 
unless the census taker miscounted her as the unknown male under 10.  But the unknown male could also 
belong to the unknown adult woman in the household.

1810 Federal Census Ontario, Wayne Co, NY Page 204A
Head of household: Jos. Day
Males under 10 = 2 (Jonathan & Elmer)
Males 10-16 = 1      ( Dexter)
Males 16-26 = 1      (Joseph Jr)
Males 26-45= 1       (Joseph Sr) - if born 1756 he would have been 54
Males over 45 = 0
Females under 10 = 2 (Susan & Unknown- believed to be Asineth)
Females 10-16 = 1 (Betsey)
Females 16-26 = 1 (Polly)
Females 26-45 = 1 (Mary) [Cuts her birth year to between 1765 and 1774

Asineth is once again not accounted for unless she was born after Susan and Betsey and is 
the unknown female under 10.  This seems likely.  As Susan remained in NY per the Day Family History, 
page 159, Asineth had to be the young daughter born after 1805 (Susan's birth year)  who accompanied 
her father to Canada.

Have been unable to find Joseph Sr, his son Jonathan who married in 1819, or Dexter who married in 1818 
in the NY Fed'l census for 1820. Could they have gone to Canada earlier than 1821?  Joseph Jr with a 
young family of two girls and one boy under age 10 is in the 1820 census for Ontario, Ontario Co, NY.

Per Liz Albright, Town Historian of Ontario, Ontario Co, NY sent the following about Joseph Day: 
"The Town of Walworth was a part of the Town of Ontario until 1829.  Joseph Day appears in the 
1810 and 1820 census records for the Town of Ontario, County of Ontario.  However, I believe that 
Joseph Day actually lived in the southern part of the Town of Ontario which later became Walworth.  
(Reference: McIntosh's 1877 History of Wayne County, New York p. 185 the chapter on Walworth in 
mentioning early 1806 settlers lists "Joseph Day . . . who settled in the south part of town.")  
Therefore, must check Walworth Cemeteries to see if his wife Mary (or Polly) died before he left 
for Canada and is perhaps buried in what is now Walworth.  email to Walworth Town Historian G. Bavis 7/13/2005

From the Internet  
Assessment Rolls 1812-1825[OCG]
Shenston, TS, 1852 Oxford Gazetteer (reprint of original) [OCG; WPL] (includes summaries of the 
following assessments:  Dereham Township (c 1828); "Oxford Upon the Thames", which eventually split 
into East, West and North Oxford Townships (1812 & 1816); West Oxford Township (1824); "North Oxford portion" 
of West Oxford Township (1825); Zorra Township (1822); Norwich Township (1811-1817); 
and East Nissouri Township (1822).

Listed in "Early Settlers and Pioneers of Oxford County":
DAY, Joseph / listed in an 1822 
assessment roll for East Nissouri Township with 94 acres uncultivated, 6 acres cleared and 
with 2 oxen and 2 cows as livestock. / Shenston (1852), page 201.

The Following is the Introduction to the "Day Family History" genealogical work produced in 
Canada by a committee of Day descendants from the notes of Edward R "Ted" Day in 1986, 
starting on page one:

"It appears that Joseph Day was born April 16, 1756 at Walpole, Massachusetts.  His father's name 
was Joseph Day and his mother was Abigail Colburn.  Joseph's great-grandfather, Ralph Day was 
born in England and had emigrated to the colonies, settling in Dedham, Massachusetts.

Much study has yet to be done in order to substantiate and clearly understand the Day family lineage up 
to the birth of Joseph Day in 1756.  It remains for future family researchers to unlock the 
secrets of the past and shed light on the Day Family history prior to the mid-eighteeenth century.

Joseph's birth in 1756 provides the point of departure for this history of the Day family.

The earliest known evidence which tells us where Joseph Day and his family originated, comes from the 
New York State census records.  The 1790 census shows Joseph and his wife living in German Flats(sic),  
Herkimer County, New York.  The village of Herkimer, which is the County seat, is located just east 
of Utica, New York, on the main transportation route from Albany to Syracuse.

Ten years later, the census of 1800 shows that Joseph and his wife had moved to Oneida County which 
is about 30 km west of Herkimer and has Utica as its County seat.

In 1810, the census shows Joseph, his wife Mary and eight children living in Ontario County, New York.  
The family had moved approximately 150 km west from the Utica area into a County, which has the town 
of Canadaigua as its County seat and the Finger Lakes as it's most impressive geographic feature.

These records would seem to indicate that the early Days were somewhat nomadic in their lifestyle.  
It is important, however, before drawing such a conclusion to understand that all of the land in 
west-central New York State had been given to loyal soldiers after the war of independence in 1776, 
or had otherwise been taken up by "land agents".  Joseph Day may not have owned property in any of the 
locations where the census records identify him. [Note 2008: sold farm in 1818 of 155 acres.]  
The Erie Barge Canal which was opened in 1825 from Syracuse to Buffalo, provided great stimulus to travel, 
business enterprise and the continual westward movement of settlers.  Joseph and Mary were typical 
of many families of the times.

......  The (1800) pattern of settlement in upper New York State shows a wedge of higher density through the 
centre of the state in exactly the same direction that Joseph Day's family moved from point to point 
across the State.

The Niagra Road, little more than a footpath until the early 1800's, connected the settlements of Ontario 
county with Niagara Falls, Buffalo Creek, at Lake Erie, and Fort Niagara at the mouth of the Niagara River.

These early roads were nothing more than deeply rutted cart paths, but afforded the ony means of travel 
for pioneers on the move.  Joseph Day and his family used such roads in their frequent moves from place 
to place in New York State.

The Day family of eight children was made up of four boys and four girls.  The eldest boy, Joseph Jr was 
born in 1790 and appropriately, was named after his father and his grandfather.

Polly, a daughter, was born in 1791(sic 1793), died in 1845 and was married to William Crowell (sic).

Asenith, the third child (sic - see notes above on birth order per censuses) was born between Polly 
and Betsy but no records exist of the exact date.

Betsy, a daughter and the fourth child (sic), was born in 1795.  She married Daniel Ruttenbur in Walworth NY on 
Dec 15th, 1814.  The Ruttenbur's had ten children. Many of Betsy's descendants still live in New York State.

Dexter Baldwin Day was born in 1798, Madison County, New York.  He married Hannah Cass on Jan. 15th, 1818, 
in Ontario, a small village in Wayne County, New York.  The fifth child and second son to be born to 
Joseph and Mary Day, D.B. as he was known, was destined to become somewhat of an inventor and was 
considered by some to be a genius.  Dexter's descendants are spread out across the states but many 
still live in Wisconsin.

Jonathan Day was born in 1801, died Jan. 15, 1882 and was married to Polly McCarty.  Their descendants 
still live on or near the family homestead in Michigan.

Elmer, the seventh child, was born in 1803, died in 1885 and was married to Asenith Fowler.  
Most of Elmer and Asenith's descendants live in The Province of Ontario, Canada.

Susan was born in 1805 and died in 1875.  She is the last recorded child of Joseph and Mary; however 
some evidence exists to indicate that there was one other younger daughter.

In 1821, Joseph Day, at age 65, accompanied by three sons and a daughter travelled to Upper Canada to start 
a new life.  He brought Jonathan, Dexter Baldwin, Elmer and a young daughter with him.  They came via 
Lewiston, where they crossed the Niagara River, and then on to Burlington and along Governor Simcoe's Road 
to Lot 1, Concession IA, Nissouri Township near Thamesford.

(Figure showing rates of travel in 1800) would suggest that the Day family spent perhaps one full week in 
their travels to Nissouri.

....The time of their emigration coincided with a period of intense settlement in the London and 
Huron Districts of southwestern Ontario.  The Canada Company was the Government's agent for the settlement 
of lands in this part of Upper Canada and in 1821 they were advertising lands for sale primarily in 
the Goderich-Stratford area.

Nissouri as it was known at the time of the original survey, had already been settled by the "free grant" 
method and only reserve lands remained when Joseph and his four children arrived searching for propery 
on which to settle.

The children who accompanied Joseph to Canada were certainly a courageous and enterprising group.

Dexter Baldwin Day, one of the boys who accompanied Joseph to Nissouri was married in 1818, ...three years 
before coming to Ontario.  His wife's name was Hannah Cass.  Several historical documents refer to a 
Joel Cass as the owner of Lot 1, Conc IX, Nissouri Township.  This is the lot on which the Days first 
settled when they came to Nissouri.  There may have been some family relationship between Joel Cass, 
who owned the original Day lot, and Joseph Day's daughter-in-law Hannah. (Note by Jan Nelson: this theory 
proved true.  Joel the brother of Hannah Cass.)  Dexter was born in 1798, Madison County, New York 
and died in 1863, in Iowa, USA.  He and Hannah had nine children, seven of whom were born in New York State 
and two who were born in Nissouri, 1834 and 1838 (sic -- also David Cass Day born 1822 at Nissouri.)  
Dexter and Hannah came back to Nissouri in 1833, [Note: from Chautaqua Co NY where his brother Joseph Jr 
and sister Betsy lived]  spent five or six years on a farm across the road from Elmer Day, his brother, 
and then moved on to Ohio, Wisconsin, and finally Iowa. [Note: Hannah left Iowa in 1856 going to Linn Co, Kansas 
with several of their adult children.]

Jonathan Day, like Dexter, was also married when he came to Nissouri with his father, Joseph.  
He had married Polly McCarty in New York State, and their first child, George, was born there in 1820.  
The rest of the family was born in Ontario. They farmed at Lot 4, Conc. IX Nissouri Township.  
Jonathon and his son Eleazor went to Michigan sometime before 1850 and took up farming in Forester Township.  
Jonathon died in 1882 but left a Day legacy in Michigan which continues to the present.

Elmer Day came to Canada with his father in 1821 but returned to New York and married Asenith Fowler.  
They returned to Nissouri with two children who had been born in New York and took up farming on the NE 
half of Lot 4, Conc. IX.  They had seven more children who were all born in Ontario.  Elmer died in 1885 
and is buried in the seventh Line Cemetery.

There is little known about the fourth child who accompanied Joseph to Nissouri.  A girl is mentioned 
very clearly in the "White Shirt" article which is appended to this book but evidence is lacking in terms 
of her name and marriage history. 
[sic - Susan did not come until in the 1840's, Betsey and Polly never came, remaining with spouses in NY state.  
This leaves Asineth. JMNelson 8/2003]

A brief outline of the history of the four children of Joseph and Mary Day who remained in New York State 
at the time of the Day's emigration to Upper Canada in 1821, can be found in Chapters 11, 12, and 13. 

Of significant importance (to) Joseph and Mary Day's descendants is the continuation of the traditional 
Day Family Reunion.  The annual reunion is unique characteristic of Day families not only in Ontario but in 
Michigan and New York.  A brief history of the "picnic" is included here in Chapter 10 along with 
several photographs of family members at early reunions.

This book, dedicated to the memory of Ted Day, is considered to be the forerunner of a more comprehensive 
history of the family of Joseph and Mary Day.  Statistical information included here, in a format 
developed by the Historical Committee of the Day Family, deals primarily with the extended family of 
Elmer Day, a second generation family member who came to Upper Canada in 1821 with his father.

Elmer's sister Betsy Day and brother Jonathan Day have left large families in New York and 
Michigan respectively.  Representatives of these families are actively researching the Day Family roots.  
Daniel Ruttenbur of Jamestown, New York, and Mr. and Mrs Sigmund Runyon of Goodells, Michigan have been 
contributors to the development of this book and have provided us all with an incentive to continue the 
Ted Day tradition of energetically pursuing and documenting the Day family histoy."
(3/9/2004  Telephone call from Nancy Magnusson.  Alta Runyon (Day Family book committee) claims that 
Joseph remarried after Mary's death.  Nancy found a Joseph Day marrying in 1837 to a Catherine Bladgdell 
in 8/1/1837 in Queenston.  License issued by Robt Grant.  Pg 63 book compiled by Dan Walker and 
Fawne Stratford-Devai and Publ Global Heritage Press, Milton, Ontario, Canada.  However, Queenston 
is 256 miles away toward NY State, and doubtful he went back there to marry, unless married on way 
to Thamesford.  Also second wife named Mary.}

From The Autobiography of the Rev. Thomas Brush Brown, Titled "A Pioneer Settler of 1822 in Nissouri", 
page 38: 
     "Among the early settlers was the Day family, who settled on the Governor's Road, near Thamesford.  
Mr. Day having lost his wife contracted a second marriage which resulted in adding a number more children 
to his already large family, making the name of Day quite numerous.  They all, or nearly all, 
resided in the same neighborhood and some reside there at present. "

The above has to mean that the first wife, Mary, was gone before 1822.  From the wording in the 
Day Family History, it appears she did not accompany Joseph and his children from NY.  
The above Brown book also shows that  Joseph had married his second wife, also a Mary, by 1822 when 
Brown passed through.  Per Alta Runyon, a letter from Russell Lindley in 1979 says .............."
Our records start with Joseph Day, whom we show as generation No. 1.  You will note he was born in 1756, 
died January 7, 1843.  He married a Mary Mowray, who was born in 1782 and died Aug. 11, 1830......  "

Obviously, the Mary Mowray b. 1782 had to be Joseph's second wife, as she was only eight years of age 
in 1790 when Joseph's documented marriage to Mary [--?--] occurred in German Flatts, Herkimer Co, New York.  
She also does not match the age brackett of the first Mary in the New York censuses, above.

However, the death date for the second wife Mary is shown as 1850 at age 68, which comes out to b. 1782, 
in the Old Day Cemetery.   Could Russell have been writing off the top of his head and put in the wrong 
death date......or did he somehow mix up the two Mary's ??  

12/3/2007:  Mary the first wife did not die.  See news articles in scrapbook.
Joseph and his first wife, Mary b. between 1765-75, separated in April 1818 and Joseph placed the farm 
of 155 acres up for sale.  See ads disclaiming responsiblity for Mary's debts (April 14, 1818) and ad 
selling farm (4/27/1818) in Mary's notes and in scrapbook.    Joseph then moved to Ontario, Canada, 
before 1820, as he and none of his adult children who accompanied him can be found in the NY 
census for 1820.

I checked the households of each of the adult children who remained in NY State:  Son Joseph, 
Daniel Rutenbur (Betsey),  and William Crowell (Polly) and none had a woman Mary's age in their households 
in 1820.  It is unknown what became of her.  She would have been 43 to 53 years of age then.  Have requested 
information from Ontario and Wayne Counties to determine if a divorce is on record there for 
Joseph and Mary Day.  [12/2007 JMNelson]

More About JOSEPH DAY:
Burial: Zion 7th Line Cemetery, Nissouri Twp, near London, Ontario, Canada
Emigration: Bef. 1790, German Flatts, Herkimer Co, NY
Immigration: 1819, East Nissouri Twp, 
near Thamesford, Canada
Military service: 1775, See "Minute Men of Walpole"

Notes for MARY [--?--]:
IGI record of marriage is Joseph Day and Mary.  No maiden given.  Joseph and Mary were married in the 
Reformed Protestant Dutch Church at Ft. Herkimer, Herkimer Co NY on 2 Aug 1790.  Day family history has 
Mary" Mowry" (Intro picture) per Ted Day, and Mary "Marbray" on page 163 as in dtr Betsey's records.  
Checked world wide db on Mowrey/Mowry and no Mary born that time period.  Geofry Williams, who owns the 
database, suggests she might be a Mowry widow remarried.  Checked Internet rootsweb surname lists 
and no Marbray, but there is a Marbury, so will search there.  [Jan Nelson 4/3/2003]

Re Mary's death date: The "Day Family History" has her dying "after 1822", however in the 
'History of Photography" the process Daguerreotype was not patented until 1839, and  the paper 
process Talbotype was developed in the same year.  Hence, giving time for the processes to reach Canada 
and the area in Ontario where Joseph and Mary lived, the picture is not of Joseph and his first wife Mary, 
parents of Elmer. (JMN 4/20/2003]  In 2007 the photo from the book was sent to a specialist and she 
said the garb was circa the Civil War.

Re Mary's death date......From the autobiography of Thomas Brush Brown it appears that Mary was dead 
before 1822 when Thomas was writing of his trip to Nissouri, as he mentions that Mr Day having lost his 
wife had contracted a new marriage.  It appears the Mary may have died in NY before the family 
migrated to Nissouri. (Sic: Joseph and Mary separated before 4/1818]

Then Alta Runyon said that she had doubted the picture ID'd in the "Day Family History" as Joseph and Mary Day, 
parents of Elmer Day b. 1/25/1803 was identified correctly.  She said all the picture had on the back was 
"Elmer Day's parents".  Looking at the tree, we have an Elmer B Day b. 1879 whose parents were David Day 
and Candace Moore who married 16 Apr 1866 in Michigan; and an Elmer Day b. 15 July 1860 whose 
parents were Israel Day and Elizabeth McIntosh who married abt 1857 in Ontario, Canada.   Either set 
of parents would have been wearing clothes of the Civil War era and are more likely the correct 
people in the picture.  Unfortunately, Alta could not remember if the photo showed where taken in 
a corner of the framing or the back of the photo.   If whoever has possession of the original 
picture would come forth, a correct ID might be possible. [JMNelson 9/1/2005]

10/28/2007:  There was a Rev. George Morey buried in the same cemetery as David Day (Joseph's brother) 
in Walpole.  Cemetery records indicate he was from Norton, Mass, less than 20 miles from Walpole.  
He was of an age to be a brother to Mary, so have sent letter to Norton Town Clerk to determine if 
they have a Mary Morey or Mowry b. between 1765-1774.  Asked to check births, and deaths as Mary Day 
apparently left Joseph around 1818.
Norton Town Clerk
70 E. Main St.
Norton, MA 02766
10/30/2007  Heard from the Librarian at Norton via e-mail.  Rev. George Morey had a sister Mary, 
but born 1752, so too old to be our Mary Morey.  However, there was another Mary and this info fits ours:
"There is a Mary Morey, ch of Ebenezer and Lydia born February 3, 1775. She was baptized May 18, 1778 
as listed in the records of the First Congregational Parish, United. These records are supposedly 
kept in the Town Hall vault but you need to ask the Clerk of the Church for access."

10/31/2007:  She MAY NOT be our Mary, as found a Mary Morey who married an Oliver Sweet in Dec. 1802.

I called the City Clerk, and they did not get parents' names in 1802, so no help there in finding out 
if this is the Mary b. 1775.

But Mary Morey, b. 1775 was baptized in the Congregational Church in 1778, so I called the 
Church Secretary, Mrs Zwicker.   She says the records are kept in the town vault as so precious, 
but when next she gets to the vault (be a while as she is 91 and housebound just now) she will look 
and find out if the marriage was of the Mary bapt. 1778 or not.  She has my phone, name and address in Yuma.
12/3/2007  Mrs Zwicker called back.  The records at the church start at 1834 as the previous church 
burned with its records.  So no way to check.

Mary left Joseph Day some time before April 14, 1818 as on that date he put an announcement in the 
Palmyra Register which appeared in the paper on 21 April 1818:

Whereas my wife, MARY, has eloped from my bed and board without any just provocation whaterver; 
----These are therefore to forbid all persons harboring or trusting her on my account, as I 
will pay no debts of her contracting after this date.
Ontario, April 14, 1818.    22-3

Two weeks later (April 27) he paid for an ad to place his farm and apple orchard for sale.  It was still 
running in October:
Palmyra Register, Oct 6, 1818:
A Great Bargain.
The subscriber offers for sale a valuable farm situate in the town of Ontario, three miles west of 
Douglass's Corners, on the main Road leading to Rochester, containing 155 acres of excellent land, 
80 of which are under good improvement -- between four and five hundred bearing Apple-trees with a variety 
of other fruit.  The above premises will be sold unusually low and on accommodating terms.  For further 
particulars apply to A. Cole, Esq. Palmyra, or to the subscriber on the premises.
Ontario, April 27, 1818.         22-

Based on the letter from Russell Lindley in 1979 which says Mary Mowry was born in 1782, if correct, the 
second wife was named Mowry.  Of course, the two wives could have been confused, as for a long time 
the family did just that.  Hence have entered the first Mary with a maiden name unknown. [JMNelson 1/2008]

Burial: 1850, Old Day Cemetery, Nissouri twp, near London, Ontario, Canada
Children of JOSEPH DAY and MARY [--?--] are:
13.	i. JOSEPH6 DAY, b. 21 Dec 1791, Herkimer or Oneida County, NY; d. 22 Mar 1854, Arkwright, Chautauqua Co, NY.
14.    ii. POLLY DAY, b. 1793, Prob. German Flatts, Herkimer Co, NY; d. 23 Aug 1845, Postville, York Twnshp, Green Co, WI.
15.   iii. BETSY DAY, b. 02 Apr 1795, Herkimer or Oneida Co, NY; d. 13 May 1876, Chautauqua Co, NY.
16.    iv. DEXTER BALDWIN DAY, b. 1798, Madison, Madison Co., New York; d. 1863, (Probably Mitchell Co,) Iowa.
17.     v. JONATHAN DAY, b. 1801, Probably Westmoreland Twp, Oneida Co, NY; d. 15 Jan 1882, Forester Twp, 
           Sanilac Co, Michigan.
18.    vi. ELMER DAY, b. 25 Jan 1803, Prob. Westmoreland, Oneida Co, NY; d. 15 Feb 1885, Nissouri twp, Ontario, Canada.
19.   vii. SUSAN DAY, b. 1805, Oneida or Wayne Co, NY; d. 17 Oct 1875, Ontario, Canada.
     viii. ASINETH DAY, b. Bet. 1805 - 1810, Walworth (formerly Ontario) Wayne Co, NY; d. Probably Nissouri twp, 
           Ontario, Canada.

Notes for ASINETH DAY:
The researchers for "The Day Family History" state on page 2 that Asineth was the 'third child' of 
Joseph and Mary, born between Polly and Betsey Day.  However, further research has proven them to be 
incorrect on this.  Per the 1800 census the couple had only two daughters, and we now know Polly was 
born 1793 from her headstone and Betsey was born Apr 2, 1795, accounting for both daughters on the census.

The third and fourth daughters only appear in the 1810 census, and Susan, page 158, has her birth 
year as circa 1805.

Because of their early error on birth order, the researchers seem to have discounted Asineth as a 
possiblity of being the youngest daughter who accompanied her parents to Canada in 1821.  

Have been unable to find Joseph Day Sr in the 1820 census (or Jonathan or Dexter Day).

What became of her in Canada is still unknown.  Did she die young, or marry and get lost due to a married name?

Children of JOSEPH DAY and MARY MOWRAY are:
20.	x. WILLIAM C DAY, b. 1823, East Nissouri Twp, 
           Ontario, Canada; 
           d. 03 Oct 1883, Malahide, Elgin East, Ontario, Canada.

was born 11 Mar 1758 in Walpole, MA24, and died 1822.  
He married ADAH BOYDEN 13 Mar 1796 in Walpole, Mass.25.  

From "The Minute Men and Other Patriots of Walpole, Mass. in Our Long Struggle for National Independence 
1775-1783" by Isaac Newton Lewis, pg 22:

Day, Ebenezer, son of Joseph and Abigail, born March 11, 1758.  Private on April 19, 1775, alarm , in 
Capt. Seth Bullard's Co., Col. John Smith's Regt., 8 days; also in Capt. Joshua Clap's North Walple Co., 
in R.I., for 24 days in 1776; also in Capt. Oliver Clap's Co., in 1777.  Buried in the Rural Cemetery.

Also, From "Massachusetts Soldiers and Sailors in the Revolutionary War", page 570:  
"Day, Ebenezer, Walpole.  Private, Capt Seth Bullard's (Walpole) co., Col. John Smith's regt., which 
marched on the alarm of April 19, 1775; service 8 days.

Burial: Rural Cemetery, Walpole, MA
Military service: 19 Apr 1775, Served three periods in Rev. War
Children of EBENEZER DAY and ADAH BOYDEN are:
	i. OLIVE6 DAY, b. 14 Jun 1797, Walpole, MA26; 
           d. Unknown.
       ii. REBECCA DAY, b. 05 Feb 1799, Walpole, MA27; 
           d. Unknown.
      iii. ABIGAIL DAY, b. 06 May 1802, Walpole, MA28; 
           d. 06 May 1802, Walpole, MA.
       iv. ELLIS DAY, b. 22 Oct 1804, Walpole, MA29; 
           d. Unknown.
21.	v. JOSEPH DAY, b. 25 Jul 1807, Walpole, MA; 
           d. 1876.
       vi. ADDALINE DAY, b. 10 Dec 1811, Walpole, MA30; 
           d. 03 Jul 1812, Walpole, MA.

was born 16 Nov 1761 in Walpole, Massachusetts31, 
and died 1813.  He married SUSANA H.  She died 29 Sep 1829.

Notes for DAVID DAY:
"Massachusetts Soldiers and Sailors of the Revolutionary War" publ by Commonwealth of Massachusetts, 
1893, page 568:
Day, David, Walpole. Private, Capt. Oliver Clap's co., Col.
Benjamin Haws's regt.; enlisted Sept 25, 1777;  
discharged Oct. 28, 1777; service 1 mo. 7 days, travel included,
on a secret expedition to Rhode Island;  (same expedition as 
his Uncle John was killed on and his brother Joseph accompanied.)

1810 Census, Norfolk County, Walpole Township, MA
Head of household:  Day, David 0000101001

Males under 10 = 0
Males 10-16 = 0 
Males 16-26 = 0
Males 26-45 = 0
Males 45& over = 1  David
Females under 10 = 0
Females 10-16 = 0
Females 16-26 = 1  Chloeta
Females 26-45 = 0
Females 45 & Over = Susana

More About DAVID DAY:
Burial: 1813, Old Town Cemetery, Walpole, Massachusetts32
Military service: Bet. 1777 - 1781, 
Three periods during Rev. War.

More About SUSANA H:
Burial: Old Town Cemetery, Walpole
Child of DAVID DAY and SUSANA H is:

Burial: Walpole Old Town Cemetery with parents

Continued With Generation 6