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Generation 1 - 4

1.  RALPH1 DAY was born Abt. 1623 in Halifax Parish, Yorkshire, England, and died 28 Oct 1677 in Dedham, MA.  
He married (1) SUSAN FAIRBANKS 12 Oct 1647 in Dedham, Norfolk Co, MA, daughter of JONATHAN FAIRBANKS and GRACE SMITH.  
She was born Bef. 23 Dec 1627 in Thornton, England, and died 08 Jul 1659 in Dedham, Norfolk, Massachusetts. 
He married (2) ABIGAIL CRAFT 15 Nov 1659 in Dedham, Norfolk, Massachusetts1. She was born 08 Mar 1633/34 
in Roxbury, Massachusetts.

Notes for RALPH DAY:
Ralph Day joined the First Church of Dedham Massachusetts 5 July 1648 and had his infant daughter Elizabeth 
baptized there on the same day, per records displayed on the NEHGS web site.

More About RALPH DAY:
Individual Note: 1645, Admitted a freeman

Jonathan Fairbanks in his will left 40 shillings to each of his deceased daughter Susan's  four children by Ralph Day.  
They had five children, but Elizabeth was born June 16, 1648 and died later that year, twenty years prior to the will.  
Hence the will gave to Jonathan's four living Day grandchildren.  No one would have left 40 shillings to a 
dead infant.  The will also stipulated that they be paid their 40 shillings "as they shall attain lawful age",  
which again eliminates Elizabeth, the deceased child.
Will of Jonathan Farebanck: June 1, 1668

Baptism: 23 Dec 1627, Thornton-in-Craven, England
Children of RALPH DAY and SUSAN FAIRBANKS are:
	i. ELIZABETH2 DAY, b. 16 Jun 1648, Dedham, Norfolk,
           d. Aft. 05 Jul 1648, Dedham, Norfolk, Massachusetts.

Baptism: 05 Jul 1648, Dedham, Norfolk, Massachusetts

	ii. MARY DAY, b. 09 Sep 1649, Dedham, Norfolk,  MA; 
            d.25 Oct 1694, Dedham, Norfolk,  MA; m. JOHN PAYNE,  
            07 Feb 1676/77, 
            Dedham, Norfolk, Massachusetts.
       iii. SUSAN DAY, b. 13 Oct 1652, Dedham, Norfolk, MA; 
            d. 24 Oct 1669, Roxbury, Suffolk, Massachusetts.
2.	iv. JOHN DAY, b. 15 Apr 1654, Dedham, Norfolk,  MA; 
            d. 11 Sep 1727, Wrentham, Norfolk, Massachusetts.
3.	 v. RALPH DAY, b. Bef. 12 Dec 1656, Dedham, Norfolk, MA;
            d. 21 Oct 1694, Dedham, Norfolk, Massachusetts.
            Ralph was Baptized at First Church of Dedham on 
            12 Dec 1656


Generation No. 2

2.  JOHN2 DAY (RALPH1) was born 15 Apr 1654 in Dedham, Norfolk,  MA,and died 11 Sep 1727 in Wrentham, Norfolk, 
Massachusetts. He married ABIGAIL POND 22 May 1678 in Wrentham, Norfolk, Massachusetts, daughter of DANIEL POND.  
Children of JOHN DAY and ABIGAIL POND are:
	i. RALPH3 DAY, b. Aft. 1678.
       ii. ABIGAIL DAY, b. Aft. 1678.

3.  RALPH2 DAY (RALPH1) was born Bef. 12 Dec 1656 in Dedham, Norfolk,MA2,and died 21 Oct 1694 in Dedham, Norfolk,
Massachusetts. He married SARAH FULLER 06 Dec 1682 in Dedham, Suffolk Co, MA3, daughter of THOMAS FULLER and HANNAH FLOWER.  
She was born 07 May 1659 in Dedham, Suffolk Co, MA, and died 31 Mar 1736 in Dedham, Suffolk Co, MA.

Baptism record found at the New England Historical and Genealogical Society,Church and Cemetery Records of Dedham,
Mass. 1638-1845
"1656 DAY Ralph ye sone of Ralph Day was baptised 11d 12m 1656. First Church Baptism Dedham_Church"

More About RALPH DAY: Baptism: 11 Dec 1656, Dedham First Church. NEHGS db: Church and Cemetery Records of Dedham, Mass. 1638-1845 Individual Note: 1690, Admitted a Freeman Notes for SARAH FULLER: Sarah Fuller married three times. Per the NEHGS Register Vol 41, pg 28 (Jan 1887) and corrections Vol 41, pg 396 (Oct 1887) the spouses were Day, Carpenter and Ware in that order. "Will of Sarah Ware dated July 12, 1735, proved April 13, 1736, leaves legacies of money or lands in Wrentham and Needham to sons- Ralph, Thomas and Jeremiah Day; granddaughter Mary, dau. of Ralph Day; daughters Sarah Wight and Abigail(sic) Bacon. Michael Metcalf and Israel South, Executors. [Per Correction in Oct issue, the daughter was Abiel Bacon who married Michael Bacon.] Children of RALPH DAY and SARAH FULLER are: 4. i. RALPH3 DAY, b. 29 Oct 1683, Dedham, Norfolk, Massachusetts. ii. THOMAS DAY, b. 19 Jun 1686, Dedham, Norfolk, Massachusetts. iii. SARAH DAY, b. 01 Apr 1689, Dedham, Norfolk, Massachusetts; m. DAVID WIGHT, 17 Jan 1716/17, Dedham, Massachusetts; b. 19 Dec 1686. iv. MARY DAY, b. 02 Oct 1691, Dedham, Norfolk, Massachusetts. 5. v. JEREMIAH DAY, b. 28 Sep 1692, Dedham, Norfolk, Massachusetts; d. Bet. 01 Apr 1752 - 1757, Walpole, MA. 6. vi. ABIEL DAY, b. 29 Mar 1695, Dedham, Norfolk, Massachusetts.
Generation No. 3
4.  RALPH3 DAY (RALPH2, RALPH1) was born 29 Oct 1683 in Dedham, Norfolk, Massachusetts; he married ELIZABETH ELLIS
        i. MARY4 DAY.

Notes for MARY DAY:
Named as grand daughter, dau of Ralph Day, in the Will of Sarah (Fuller) Ware 1735.

5.  JEREMIAH3 DAY (RALPH2, RALPH1) was born 28 Sep 1692 in Dedham, Norfolk, Massachusetts, 
and died aft 1774 
He married MARY WILLETT Abt. 1720 in Probably Dedham.  She was born 18 Nov 1701, and died 17 Feb 1774 in Walpole, MA5.
Children of JEREMIAH DAY and MARY WILLETT are:
	i. MARY4 DAY, b. 11 May 1722, Dedham, Norfolk, Massachusetts.
       ii. JEREMIAH DAY, b. 25 Apr 1725, Dedham, Norfolk, Massachusetts.
           d. 01 Apr 1752, Walpole, Norfolk, Massachusetts4; 
           m. Mary Aldridge, 07 Nov 1748, Walpole; 
              Mary b. 01 Jun 1749 Walpole
              Joseph Jr b. 08 Dec 1750, Walpole
                        married Lucy Ellis 05 Jul 1778 Walpole,                
                        d. 29 Mar 1840 Sunderland, Bennington, Vermont
      iii. SARAH DAY, b. 16 Aug 17296.
7.     iv. JOSEPH DAY, b. 25 Aug 1731, Walpole, Suffolk, Massachusetts; d. 1825, Walpole, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts.
8.	v. JOHN DAY, b. 16 Nov 1734, Walpole, MA; d. 17 Oct 1777, Rhode Island; killed in Rev. War.

6.  ABIEL3 DAY (RALPH2, RALPH1) was born 29 Mar 1695 in Dedham, Norfolk, Massachusetts.  
She married MICHAEL BACON, son of JOHN BACON and LIDIA [--?--].  He was born 21 Mar 1695/96 in Dedham, Norfolk, Massachusetts.
	Children of ABIEL DAY and MICHAEL BACON are :
        i. MICHAEL4 BACON, b. 25 Jul 1722, Dedham, Norfolk, Massachusetts.
        ii. EPHRAIM BACON, b. 30 Nov 1724
       iii. SARAH BACON, b. 9 Feb 1726
        iv. NEHEMIAH BACON, b. 4 Jan 1728 d. 1798
         v. JOSIAH BACON, b. 6 Jan 1729
        vi. LYDIA BACON,  b. 21 Dec 1734
       vii. WILLIAM BACON, b. 24 Sep 1735

Generation No. 4
7.  JOSEPH4 DAY (JEREMIAH3, RALPH2, RALPH1) was born 25 Aug 1731 in Walpole, Suffolk, Massachusetts7, 
and died 1825 in Walpole, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts.  
He married (1) ABIGAIL COLBOURN 23 Sep 1753 in Walpole, Suffolk,
Massachusetts8. She was born 12 Sep 1733 in Dedham, 
Suffolk, Massachusetts, and died 25 Feb 1773 in Walpole, Suffolk, MA9.
He married (2) BETTY CARVER 05 Sep 1773 in Walpole, Mass.10, daughter of JONATHAN CARVER and HANNAH FISK.  
She was born 21 Mar 1743/44 in Natick, MA11, and died 27 Oct 1836 in Walpole, MA12.

Notes for JOSEPH DAY:
There is a will for a Joseph Day of Walpole who died 1825 listed in the Norfolk Co Massachusetts Probate Index on

Burial: Walpole, MA

Baptism: 25 Mar 1744
9.	i. JEREMIAH5 DAY, b. 03 Apr 1754, Walpole, MA; d. 28 May 1839, Walpole, MA.
10.    ii. JOSEPH DAY, b. 16 Apr 1756, Walpole, Suffolk, MA; d. 07 Jan 1843, East Nissouri Twp, Ontario, Canada.
11.   iii. EBENEZER DAY, b. 11 Mar 1758, Walpole, MA; d. 1822.
       iv. DANIEL DAY, b. 05 Jul 1760, Walpole, Mass13; d. Unknown.
12.	v. DAVID DAY, b. 16 Nov 1761, Walpole, Massachusetts; d. 1813.
       vi. ABIGAIL DAY, b. 29 May 1764, Walpole, Mass14; d. 29 May 1764, Walpole, MA.
      vii. MEHITABEL DAY, b. 22 Aug 1766, Walpole, Mass14; d. Unknown.

Children of JOSEPH DAY and BETTY CARVER are:
     viii. BETTY5 DAY, b. 18 May 1775, Walpole, MA; d. Unknown.
       ix. BENJAMIN DAY, b. 14 Apr 1777, Walpole, MA; d. Unknown.
	x. HANNAH DAY, b. 30 Aug 1780; d. Unknown.
       xi. MOLLY DAY, b. 08 May 1785; d. Unknown.

8.  JOHN4 DAY (JEREMIAH3, RALPH2, RALPH1) was born 16 Nov 1734 in Walpole, MA15, and died 17 Oct 1777 in Rhode Island; 
killed in Rev. War.  He married MARY [--?--].  She died 15 Apr 1789 in Walpole, MA16.

Notes for JOHN DAY:
John, was born Nov. 16, 1734, in Walpole Massachusetts, the son of Jeremiah and Mary Day, and the brother of 
Joseph Day, b. Aug 25, 1731.  Although forty-one at the outset of the Revolution, he served from Walpole and was 
killed October 19, 1777 on a secret expedition to Rhode Island.  
He was accompanied on the 
"secret expedition" by his nephews David and Joseph Day, and a Samuel Day, relationship not known. 

From his Military record in " Massachusetts Soldiers and Sailors of the Revolutionary War" page 576:
Day, John, Walpole, Private, Capt. Seth Bullard's (Walpole) co., Col. John Smith's regt., which marched on the alarm of 
April 19, 1775; service, 7 days; also, Capt Joshua Clap's North co. in Walpole, Col. Ephraim Wheelock's regt. 
commanded by Maj. Metcalf; service, 24 days, at Warwick, R.I.,on the alarm of Dec. 8, 1776;  also, 
Capt Oliver Clap's co., Col. Benjamin Haws's regt.; enlisted
Sept. 25, 1777; service, 27 days, on a secret 
expedition to Rhode Island; reported killed Oct. 19, 1777.

From "The Minute Men and other Patriots of Walpole, Mass." page 22:
DAY, JOHN, son of Jeremiah and Mary, born Nov. 16, 1734.  Private on April 19, 1775, 
in Capt. Seth Bullard's Col, Col. John Smith's Regt., 7 days;
also in Rhode Island, where he was killed on 
Oct. 19, 1777.  Buried in the Old Town Cemetery.

More About JOHN DAY:
Burial: Old Town Cemetery, Walpole
Child of JOHN DAY and MARY [--?--] is:
	i. BENJAMIN5 DAY, b. 13 Jul 1773, Walpole, MA.

Continued With Generation 5