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JB's Page of Comparisons

In the comparisons below, John is trying to find all similarities/connections to
George Day of NJ and the immigrant, Robert Day of Hartford CT.,

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Summary of his possible connections:
There are different ways to look at these:
1) both your tree and Janet's for Robert begin with Morgan Dee, John, Nicholas, then to Richard etc The trees from both Charlene and Pamela for George start Morgan, John,Nicholas, George etc thus apparently they were atleast cousins to start with. 2) The tree from Pamela, Charlene, the new one from Nancy, my own #1 yesterday, and even the one on Jeheil of New Jersey would seem to talk about the same family, According to Charlene the Jared #20 is probably my ancestor, and he has a brother Jeheil not followed thru, that seems to agree with the stumper query, making his line and mine connected. 3) separately the material I sent from the Van Buskirk book on Peter Day is not necessarilly connected to George, that would be possible, but not yet proved, there are too many other families available that could also be involved. That was sent because of the stumper questiond on Jeddore, Nova Scotia, as a suggestion for one more possible source for that family, and the newest mystery question who is Peter Day's parents is very much open yet.