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Is There a Connection Between The New Jersey Line of George Day,
and Robert Day of Hartford CT?

This page is being set up on request to bring together all of you who may
connect to either George Day of NJ or Robert Day of Hartford CT., to explore
the possiblity that the two may be in some way connected.
Below you will see posts from other researchers and their ideas on
the subjects, and their reason for suspecting that the two may somehow connect.
You will also see a link to a forum where you can enter your ideas and
information that may eventually lead to a connection. If you have large amounts
of information, and would like to have it posted separate rather than
as a part of the forum, feel free to email the information to me and
please be sure to mention where you are requesting the information to be posted.

John's Page of Comparison and Possible Connections
5 pages of observations on the similarities of the two lines

The guestbook below is provided for you to view others information on this
topic or to leave your comments/information for comparison and possibly to
prove that there is a link between George Day of NJ and Robert Day of Hartford Ct

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