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Will of Jonathan Farebanck: June 1, 1668
Grandfather of Ralph Day b. 1656

Notes on Jonathan Fairbanks and his Will:

Jonathan Fairbanks arrived in Boston Massachusetts about 1633. He owned his own ship and "thought ahead"...... its bilge was filled with special bricks instead of the usual ballast of rocks, as he wanted brick for his house in the new world. The ship was dismantled so he could use the cured lumber and timbers for framing his house. About three years after his arrival he settled in what is now called Dedham. Back then it was called Contentment. And there he built his house, which today is the oldest frame house in America. The Fairbanks family still owns it after 370 years. (See "The Smithsonian Guide to Historic America - Southern New England" or click the link to the site showing the house today and learn more details. )
Fairbanks Association

WILL: Jonathan Fairbanks in his will left 40 shillings to each of his deceased daughter Susan's four children by Ralph Day. They had five children, but Elizabeth was
born June 16, 1648 and died later that year, twenty years prior to the will. Hence the will gave to Jonathan's four living Day grandchildren.
(No one would have left 40 shillings to a dead infant.) The will also stipulated that they be paid their 40 shillings "as they shall attain lawful age", which again eliminates
Elizabeth, the deceased child.

Will of Jonathan Farebanck: June 1, 1668

I, Jonathan Farebanck, of Dedham, in the county of Suffolk, senior, being sick and weak, and expecting that the day of my dissolution is drawing nigh, make this my
last will. I give unto Grace, my wife, all and every part and parcel of my whole movable estate whatsoever, as well within doors as without, namely, all my
household stuff, also my cattle, all my corn, carts, plows, working tools and utensils of husbandry, all debts due to me, and whatsoever else come within the
denomination of moveable estate. All unto my said wife, to dispose of when and to whom she shall at any time see meet. I give to my said wife, an annuity
of 8 pounds oer annum to be paid to her or her assigns to her use yearly, in two equal parts, that is to say, at the end of every half year 4 pounds, during her
life. To my said wife, the use of all my houses, yards, and yard room, for her self and her cattle, her assigns and all her occations, for the space of four months
next after my decease. To George Farebanck, my second son, and to his heirs, forever, 16 pounds, the one half to be paid him within the year next ensuing
after the decease of my wife. Whereas I have already given and do hereby confirm to my son George, all that my part in the general divident already laid out
near Medfield, and some working tools, and such small things, my will is, that the said parcel of land and shop, tools and other small things, so given, shall be al
l indifferently and equally apprised, and if they shall together amount to the value of 8 pounds, then it shall be accounted for his first payment. And then my mind
is, that my daughter Mary, shall have her first payment within the first year of my wifes decease, otherwise she is to tarry till the second year. I give my daughter
Mary, the wife of Christopher Smith, the sum of 16 pounds, which I give to my said daughter distinct from her husbands estate, and to be always at her
disposal; this to be paid in two equal sums, eight pounds, in case my son George be paid, within the space of one year after my wifes decease, and in case George
be not paid so much, then she is to be paid her first payment within two years after my wifes decease. I give to my said daughter 3 pounds, to purchase her a
suit of apparel with, to be paid within the space of three months next after my decease. To Jonas Farebanck, my third son, and to his heirs forever, the like sum
of 16 pounds, to be also paid in two equal sums, the first 8 pounds to be paid the next year after his sister, Mary have received her first payment. Unto
Jonathan Farebanck, my youngest son, and his heirs, the like sum of 16 pounds, to be paid also in two equal sums, the first half to be paid in the year next ensuing,
after his brother Jonas is paid his first half. Whereas I have already given, and do hereby confirm to my son Jonathan, one parcel of land, valued at 5 pounds,
my mind is, that he shall have the same in part of his first payment aforesaid, and also what debt shall appear then to be due from him to me, shall be reckoned
upon the same account. My will is, that when all my sons and daughters aforesaid, shall have and receive their first payment in the manner and time successively
as is before expressed, that then my son George shall be paid his second 8 pounds, and then my daughter and son in that order. Jonas and Jonathan shall be
paid to them their heirs or assigns, their second 8 pounds each one year after another, until they be all paid their full legacies. I give to Sarah the eldest daughter
of my son John Farebanck, one young beast between one and two years of age. And more, three pounds to be paid by my executor when she shall attain
lawful age. the young beast before mentioned, I reserve out of the cattle bequeathed to Grace, my wife. To my son in law Ralph Day, 40 shillings, to be
paid within six months after my wifes decease. I give to each of the four children of the said Ralph, which he had with my daughter Susan, his
late wife, 40 shillings, to be paid them severally, as they shall attain lawful age, provided all my other legacies to my three sons and my daughter be
first paid, in manner as is above expressed. My will is, that all these my legacies, above bequeathed, the specie or kind of payment whereof is not named, shall
be all paid in current country payment, at price current, in Dedham. To John Farebanck, my eldest son, all my houses and lands whatsoever and not being
formerly above in this my will disposed of, together with all my common rights and towne priveledges whatsoever, to him and his heirs forever, to enter upon all
my lands forthwith after my decease. And all my houses and yards, at the end of 4 months next ensuing the same. I ordain John Farebanck, my eldest son, to
be my sole executor. I entreat my very loving friends, Mr Elizer Lusher and Peter Woodward senior to be overseers.

Witnessed by William Avery, Thomas Medcalfe, who deposed, 26 January 1669

Inventory of the estate taken 16 December 1668, by Eliazur Lusher, Daniel Fisher, Peter Woodward. Mentions- the home lot, with the addition of land in the
wigwam plane, the orchard and all the buildings thereupon, 150 pounds; 8 cow commons, 16 pounds; 6 acres of meadow in broad meadow, 15 pounds; 2 acre of
fowle meadow and common meadow there, 6 pounds; 22 acres of meadow in Purgatory plane, 22 pounds; 4 acres in the Low plane, 8 pounds; in Natick
Divident, 24 acres, 10 pounds; land in the clapboard trees, 2 pounds; swamp in the great cedar swamp near the saw mills, 4 pounds; at Wallumnappeage
(Wrentham), and cow common, 8 pounds; right at Paucumtack (Deerfield), 3 pounds.
total: 300 pounds.
26 Janurary 1669; Will proved.

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