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Passenger List of the ship "Elizabeth"
Information Submitted by Diana

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Passenger List Sources:
The Complete Book Of Emmigrants 1607-1660
By Peter Wilson Coldham
Surrey, England
Published by Genealogical Publishing Co. Inc., Baltimore, MD


"The Original List of Emigrants"
By John Camden Hotten
Published originally London, 1874. Reprinted by Genealogical
Publishing Co. of Baltimore 1974

4 February
Henry Dade writes from Ipswich to the Archbishop of Canterbury that the "Frances" and the "Elizabeth"
with 60 men in each intend to sail for New England on about 10 March and he supposes they are
debtors or persons disaffected with the established church. About 600 such men will go over shortly
and he questions the effects of allowing such swarms to go. Mr. Ward of Ipswich has preached against
the Book of Common Prayer thus causing this giddiness and desire to go to New England.
Note: These ships and nine others bound for New England were stayed but on 28 February allowed to
proceed on condition that the passengers took the oath of allegiance (CEPC)

26 March
Matthew Cradocke and John Winthorpe shippers in the "Elizabeth".
Mr. Stagg, bound from London to New England. (PRO:E190/38/7)

10 April Provisions for passengers shipped by John Winthorpe in the "Elizabeth" and "Dorcas",
Mr. Anthony Watts, bound from London to New England. (PRO:E190/38/7)

28 April
Commission to William Laud, Archbishop of Canterbury, and other officers of state to make laws
for the government of the English colonies, to impose penalties for ecclesiastical offences, to
remove Governors, to appoint judges and to establish courts. (CSPC)

30 April
Passengers from Ipswich embarked in the "Elizabeth" of Ipswich, Mr. William Andrews, for New England:
John Sherman 20; Joseph Mosse 24; Richard Woodward 45 and Rose his wife 50, George Woodward 13,
John Woodward 13; Edmond Lewis 33 and Mary his wife 46, John Lewis 3, Thomas Lewis 9 months;
John Spring 45 and Elinor his wife 46, Henry Spring 6, John Sping 4, William Spring 9 months;
Thurston Raynor 40 and Elizabeth his wife 36, Thurston Raynor 13, Joseph Raynor 11, Elizabeth Raynor 9,
Sarah Raynor 7, Lidia Raynor 1, Edward Raynor 10, Elizabeth Kemball 13;
Thomas Skott/Scott 40 and Elizabeth his wife 40, Elizabeth Scott 9, Abigail Scott 7, Thomas Scott 6;
Henery Kemball 44 and Susan his wife 35; Richard Kemball 39 and Ursula his wife, Henry Kemball 15,
Richard Kemball 11, Mary Kemball 9, Martha Kemball, John Kemball 3, Thomas Kemball 1;
John Lavericke 15; Isaacke Mixer 31 and Sarah his wife 33, Isaack Mixer 4; Martha Scott 60;
George Munnings 37 and Elizabeth his wife 41, Elizabeth Munnings 12, Abigail Munnings 7;
John Bernard 30 and Phebe his wife 27, John Bernard 2, Samuell Bernard 1, Thomas King 15;
Thomas Kilborne 24 and Elizabeth his wife 20; John Crosse 50 and Anne his wife 38; Robert Sherin 32;
Humphry Bradstreet 40 and Bridgett his wife 30, Anna Bradstreet 9, John Bradstreet 3,
Martha Bradstreet 2 Mary Bradstreet; Henery Glover 24; William Blomfield 30 Sarah his wife 25,
Sarah Blomfield 1; Robert Day 30 and Mary his wife 28; Sarah Reynolds 20:
Robert Goodall 30 and Katherin his wife 28 Mary Goodale 4, Abraham Goodale 2 , Isaacke Goodale 1/2;
Samuell Smithe 32 and Elizabeth his wife 32, Samuell Smith 9, Mary Smith 4, Elizabeth Smith 7,
Phillip Smith 1; Thomas Hastings 29 and Susan his wife 34; Susan Munson 25;
Martin Underwood 38 and Martha his wife 31; Henery Gouldson 43 and Anne his wife 45, Anne Gouldston 18,
Mary Gouldston 15; William Cutting 26; John Palmer 24; Danyell Pierce 23; John Clearke 22;
John Firmin 46; Rebecca Isaacke 36; Anne Dorifall 24.

12 November
John Cutting and William Andrews pray to be released from their Bonds on presentation of certificates
carrying the names of all passengers who have gone in their ships to New England, enclosing lists of:
1) Passengers in the "Frances" of Ipswich, Mr. John Cutting, bound for New England 30 April 1634.
2) Passengers in that ship who did not take the oath.
3) Passengers in the "Elizabeth" of Ipswich, Mr. William Andrews, 30 April 1634
4) Passengers in that ship who did not take the oath (CSPE) (See entries for 30 April)

21 January
John Cuttinge, Master of the "Frances" and William Andrews, Master of the "Elizabeth", both of Ipswich,
have brought a list of all the passengers that went on their ships to New England in April 1634 with
certificates of their having taken the Oaths of Supremacy and Allegiance. (APC)