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Anthony Day Descendants List
If you would like to be added to this list, email me at the address
shown at the bottom of the page and please be sure to mention the
section that you want your information added to

This list has been created especially for the descendants of Anthony of Gloucester.
Please feel free to email each other to share/compare information or just to say hello to fellow
descendants. I hope this will prove to be a fun and useful source for all of you. Have fun, and good
luck with your searches.

Melanie Snyder

JOAN CAROL BEAVER Married Melvin Leonard Snyder

Laurie Marshall Holbrook

Timothy Day & Phoebe (Wildes)
Timothy Day Jr & Jean (?)
Abner Day & Susanna (Marshall)
Bethulah Day & Joseph Marshall
Antipas Marshall & Sarah (Low)
Joshua Marshall & Betsey (Day) --
(She was from Anthony, Timothy, Timothy, Abner, Eliphalet & Thirza (French)
Antipas Percival Marshall & Maria Adelard (Herbert)
Herbert Marshall & Louise Williamson (Abeel)
Herbert Marshall Jr. & Evelyn Lenore (Philips
) Philips Williamson Marshall & Sandra Richards (Vose) Laurie Williamson (Marshall) & Mark James Holbrook


I descend from Anthony Day as folllows:
Anthony Day (immigrant) and Susan Matchett (England to Gloucester MA)
Nathaniel Day and Ruth Rowe (Gloucester MA and Attleboro MA)
David Day and Ruth Whipple (Gloucester MA, Attleboro MA)
Eliphaz Day and Anne Peck (Attleboro MA)
Benjamin Day and Cynthia Kent (Attleboro MA, Concord (now Day) NY, and Pawtucket)
Lewis Kent Day and Celinda Brown Reynolds (NY, RI, CT, and Gorham ME)
George Lewis Day and (Emma) Jennie LIbby (Westbrook, Scarborough, and Gorham, ME)
Harry Earl Day and Edith M Boynton (ME)
Robert Edgar Turner and Marjorie Boynton Day(ME and MA)
Eleanor J Turner and Merle L Noyes

I would love to hear from anyone with sources on this line! I am willing to share what I have

Patricia Banks

I am a Day family descendant as follows:
Anthony Day and Susannah Matchett
Thomas Day and Mary Langton
Thomas Day and Mary Denning
Thomas Day and Mary Crowell
Samuel Day and Eunice Fay
Thomas Day and unknown
Reuben Bates and Almira Day
James Strain and Mary Ann Bates
William Whitfield Stevens and Elmira Strain
Samuel W. Stevens and Ada Alice Reavis
Hershel J. Stevens and Zelia C. Black
Patricia Banks

John C. Barrett

My name is John C. Barrett and I am decended on my mother's side as follows:
Anthony Day > Timothy Day > Joseph Day > Benjamin Day
Ebenezer Day > Capt. Stephen Prentise Day > Sargeant Prentice Day
Edwin Day > Byron Clark Day > Edwin Colburn Day > and my mother Virginia Colburn Day

I have found the cemetery that contains the graves of Ebenezer and Capt. Stephen Prentise Day
in the woods of a farm in West Kennebunk Maine. This line of Days settled in West Kennebunk and was
instrumental in starting a church there. They were farmers and loggers. Byron was listed in
Whos Who in Boston Buisness as a leather merchant. He was a partner in the Day Gorley Leather Co.
on Summer St in Boston Mass. He owned the "Willow Lane Farm" in West Kennebunk.
It was used as a summer retreat and guest house in those days. The farm house burned
down in the "Great Maine Fire" in the 30's or 40's. My mother Virginia and my sister and her
family have a home on a lot subdivided from that farm. I'd be happy to hear from others about
this line of the Days.
Thank you,

Jeffrey Levensaler

I descend from Anthony as follows:
Anthony Day
Thomas Day
Thomas Day
Josiah Day
Thomas Day
William Day
Hudson Day
George Day
Lenora Day
Arnold Levensaler
Cedric Levensaler
Jeffrey Levensaler
I have a website at that has our genealogy.
I am very interested in learning more about my great grandmother Lenora Day's
family and would love to find any and all photos of our ancestors in that line.
I am happy to share any information that I have.

James Day
I descend from Anthony as follows:
Anthony Day & Susanna (Matchett)
Timothy Day & Phoebe (Wildes)
Joseph Sr. Day & Patience (Hilton)
Joseph Jr. Day (1719-1783, Wells ME) & Elizabeth (Wentworth)
Moses Wentworth Day (b.1762) & Elizabeth (Littlefield)
George Wentworth Day (b.1788, Wells ME) & Emily (Wood)
Augustus Day(1824-1905, Wells ME) & Harriet (Gove)
Henry Augustus Day (1851-1923, Boston MA) & Sara (Remington Waite)
Charles Eugene Day (1878-1920, Trenton NJ) & Ella (Mills Taylor)
Ralph Remington Day (1908-1971, Solon OH) & Genette (Weber)
Richard Remington Day (1927-2006, IL)

I'm Richard's second son, please feel free to email me if
you're interested, we've got more names and dates as well.

Sandy Day
My husband is descended from Anthony Day as follows:
Anthony Day-Susannah Ring Matchett
Thomas Day-Mary Langton/Laughton
Thomas Day-Mary Denning
Thomas Day-Mary Crowell
Samuel Day-Eunince Fay
Stephen Day-Anna Ransom
Corydon Day-Lucinda Banta
Stephen Day-Mary Belle South
Floyd Day-Elsie Waechter
Dwayne Day-Luana Hindes

The earliest birth record I have is Stephen that married Anna Ransom.
He was born 1785 in VT. Also have their marriage record.
Have found his father Samuel's birth record in 1748 in MA.
Do not have desired proofs of anyone beyond Samuel. Most of
this family's earliest line is in Gloucester, MA. We believe
Anthony was born in England. Cannot prove his date and place of birth.

Penny Dilloway
Iím descended from 2 Day cousins who married. Benjamin Day and David Day were
sons of Anthony Day and Susanna Matchett. Davidís son, Comfort Day, married
Benjaminís grand daughter, Esther Day.

Anthony Day m. Susanna Matchett
Nathaniel Day m. Ruth Rowe
Benjamin Day m. Margaret Robinson and David Day m. Ruth Whipple
Jonathan Day m. Bethiah Everett Comfort Day m. Esther Day
(daughter of Jonathan Day and Bethiah Everett)
Esther Day m. Comfort Day
Olive Day m. David Whitney
Comfort Whitney m. Anna (Last Name Unknown)
David Whitney m. Diana McCalvey
Annie Elizabeth Whitney m. Alexander Douglas
Irene Mae Douglas m. John McLellan Brown
Douglas Strang Brown m. Grace Ulitchny
Penelope Brown m. Richard Warren Dilloway (me)

I would be happy to share and compare information with anyone in this line.
Feel free to email me at
Penny Dilloway

Clifford A Day

My line from Anthony:
1.Anthony & Susanna
2. Thomas Day & Mary Langton
3.Thomas Day & Mary Denning
4. Josiah Day & Mary Thomas
5 .Thomas Day & Susanna Grover
6. Elijah Day & Lydia Rollins
7. James P Day & Altania A Hakes
8. Thomas J Day & Dora A Swan
9. Amos C Day & Gladys L James,

Michael William Walton
Clinton, Maine

I descend from Anthony as follows:

Anthony Day & Susanna Matchett > Thomas Day & Mary Langton > Thomas Day & Mary Denning >
Josiah Day & Mary Thomas > Jacob Day & Bathany Blethen > Samuel Day & Mehitable Grover >
John Alvin Day Sr. & Eliza Gray > Abijah Day & Margaret Elvira Hayward >
Vianna Annie Day & Leslie Howard Hayward > Goldie Alice Hayward & Lloyd Holbrook Additon >
Bernice Hayward Additon & John Alexander Giberson > Virginia Additon Giberson & Frank Michael Walton >
Michael William Walton, 1949

Marianne Carraway-
Northern Michigan

I am descended from Anthony as follows:
Anthony DAY-Susanna MATCHETT
John Joseph DAY-Elizabeth GOOCH
Nancy TOBY-Lyman OAKS
Daniel Proctor OAKS-Maria ROSENBAUM
Nancy Adaline Oaks-Frank Rogers DECKROW

Dana White Siegmund

I descend from Anthony as follows:
Anthony Day & Susan Matchet > John Joseph & Elizabeth Gouge or Gooch >
Joseph & Hannah Hoppin > Edward & Susanna Sublett > Phillip >
Thomas Jefferson & Eliza Duncan > Mark Robinson Day & Emily Price >
Sarah Elizabeth & Roy Mather > Maude Mather& Ira Kerwood > Pattie Kerwood & O.D. White, Jr > Dana White

Howard Edward Day III

I descend from Anthony as follows:
Anthony DAY & Susanna (Matchett) > Thomas (I) & Mary (Langton) >
Thomas (II) & Mary (Denning) > Josiah & Mary (Thomas)>Jacob & Bathany (Blethen) >
William & Lucy Ann (Thompson) > Joseph Lee & Caroline K. (Sherman) >
Edwin Charles & Temperance (Hastings) > Howard Edward (I) & Jewel (Johnson) >
Howard (II) & Bonnie (Routsong) > Howard (III) & Barbara (Maloney)

Have documented this line backward to William Day & wife Lucy Ann
(Thompson) Would be very interest in sharing info. with others &
learning more about the parent of William & Lucy Ann, the siblings &
thier spouses, and beyond etc.

Eileen Bennett
Jenison, Michigan

I descend from Anthony as follows:
Anthony Day & Susannah Ring > Joseph Day & Elizabeth Gooch>
Joseph Day & Jane Boyd > Lucrettia Day & Thomas Edes

Elroy Charles Heath Jr

I descend from Anthony as follows:
Anthony Day-Susan Ring Matchett
Timothy Day-Phebe Wildes > Joseph Day-Patience Hilton > William Day-Dorothy Littlefield>
Asa Day-An Indian Maiden > Daniel Day-Jane Danford > Moses Kimball Day-Martha A. Chase>
Howard Burleigh Day-Esther M. Hatch > Martha Mae Day-Alvin Atherton >
Beatrice Violet Atherton-Elroy Charles Heath > Elroy Charles Heath, Jr.-Shirley Ann Gurney>

I have the book "William Day and Dorothy Littlefield and many of their
ancestors, descendants & cousins" that was given to me by Parker( son of Howard B, Day)
and Verna Day, my great uncle and aunt. They are still living and have been a
great source for my Day lineage. I will do lookups in the book and share info at

Laurie Shaffer

I descend from Anthony as follows:
Anthony Day and Susannah Matchett> Ezekial Day and Mary Rowe > Samuel Day and Saran Lurvey>
Anne Day and Rufus Stacy > Lucy Stacy and Robert Ransom


I descend from Anthony as follows:
Anthony Day > Thomas Day > Thomas Day>Josiah Day > Jacob Day > Samuel Day > Jacob Day>
John Day > Mary Day > Marjorie Brooks > Freeland Jones > Karen Jones Walker>

I am also the president of the Day Family Assoc. of which most of us are from
the Anthony Day line. We publish a news letter 4 times a year and hold a
reunion each year. The Assoc. over the last 85 years has also published 3
editions of the Day Genealogy the last in 1989. We have tried to include all
the lines of Anthony but have many blanks so are always looking to fill them
in. Hoping to at some time publish yet another edition. So keep your family
lines up to date please. Anyone wishing information on the Assoc. reunion, Etc. Email me please.

Ruth Day

I descend from Anthony as follows:
Anthony > Timothy > Ebeneezer > Ebeneezer > Stephen Palmer > Thomas>
Ernest Franklin > Sherwin Maxwell > Sherwin Maxwell Jr.
We have a lot of interest in the Day lines. A good Biographical project
on this line through Thomas also.

Richard W. Murdock

I descend from Anthony as follows:
Anthony > Ezekiel > Samuel > Sarah Day > Nymphas Stacy > Sally Stacy > Joseph Stacy Murdock>
George Calvin Murdock >William Murdock > Vandis Murdock > Richard Murdock.
Will share information with anyone. Always looking for histories of the Day family.
Thanks Richard

John E. Cook

I descend from Anthony as follows:
Anthony > Timothy > Joseph > Joseph > John > John > Daniel > Charles Lewis > Lillian Paulina>
Paulina m. John Thomas Cook > Russell Crossland Cook > John E. Cook
Very interested in contact with descendants of Charles Lewis Day as I
have very little information on my grandmother's (Lillian Pauline Day)
brothers and sisters and their children.

Judy and Albin Sporny

Albin Junior Sporny descends from Anthony as follows:
Anthony Day > Nathaniel Day > Benjamin Day > Jonathan Day > Easter Day > Polly Day>
Anthony Day > Nathaniel Day > David Day > Comfort Day > Polly Day.
Polly Day >Ira Felt, Sr > Ira Felt, Jr > Charles Luther Felt >Lena MayFelt > Nancy Clementine Werts > Albin Junior Sporny (my husband)

Benjamin Day & David Day were brothers.
Comfort Day & Easter Day were married & were cousins.
If you would like to view my resources I would be willing to provide them if
you contact me at
Judy Sporny