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This photo is identified though a newspaper clipping.  I have the print
        (which is what I scanned) as well as a copy of it printed in a badly damaged
                  newpaper clipping.  Here is what the caption says.
                            FOUR (sic) GENERATIONS--FROM 89 TO 1.
             In the picture are:  Holding baby, Mrs. Anna Day of South Canaan, an aunt of
        Lona B. Day, chief of police of Scranton;  to the right, her daughter, Mrs.
        Charles Fielding of South Canaan;  on the left, Mrs. Fielding's daughter and
         Mrs. Day's grandaughter, Mrs. Richard Gibbs, of Carbondale;  young man in
       center of group, Mrs. Gibb's son and Mrs. Day's greatgrandson, Charles Neill,
         of Carbondale; the baby, Mr. Neill's daughter and Mrs. Day's great-great-
           granddaughter, Mamie Jeanette Neill, of Carbondale.  The great-great-
            grandmother is 89 years of age, and the baby is one year of age. 

            You will note there are actually five generations represented here, not four.
        And that is what is written on the back of the photo.  Also, I believe Anna
          Day is actually Hannah (Spangenberg) Day who was married to Marcus Day.
         Hannah was born May 1, 1823 and died February 16, 1912.  This means this
        picture must have been published about 1912, based on her age in the photo.
           There is no date on the clipping itself.  These towns are located in
                    Lackawanna and Wayne Counties of Pennsylvania.