Driver Profile - BROOK WEIBLEY

Driver - Brook Weibley
Car Number - 32
Birthday - September 19, 1959
Hometown - York Springs, Pa
Marital Status - Married
Children - 3, Brandon-18, Brody-4, Brent-7months
Occupation - Self Employed
Hobbies - Woking in the yard
Favorite Resturaunt - Red Lobster
Favorite Food - Fish
Favorite Music - Soft Rock
Favorite Artist - REO Speedwagon
Favorite Track - Wherever Im racin
Started Racing - 1978
Divsions Competed In - KARS limited Sprints & 410 Sprints
Career Wins - 8
Chassis - Gambler
Motor - Don Ott
Sponsers - Rebels Construction Inc, Goudy Wheels, Amerifab Inc
Car Owner - Shellada Motorsports Inc
Crew Members - Brandon, Greg, Paul, Matt, Aaron, Tim
Career Highlights - My first ever win, and my first 410 win at Williams Grove Speedway
Career Lowlights - The 2001 season
Future Goals - More Feature wins, and to see my son racing
Racing Heroes - My father & Dale Earnhardt
If you weren't racing what would you be doing - Enjoying life and making money instead of spending it.

Who has had the biggest impact on your racing career and why?

John King, for all the supoort through the years he has givin me

Where do you see Sprint Car racing five years from now?

Local racing with 360 motors and a weight limit and the traveling groups with 410s and unlimited weight.

Do you plan on staying in Sprint Cars, or do you have plans of moving to another division?

Sprint Cars

Ohio/Pa Sprint Car Racing