Race Tracks I have seen races so far...

Lernerville Speedway
Mercer Raceway Park
Tri-City Speedway
Sportsman's Speedway
Hickory Speedway
Gabmlers Raceway
Challenger Raceway (1/4 mile)
Challenger Raceway (4/10 mile)
Marion Center Speedway
Pittsburgh Motor Speedway
Lincoln Speedway
Williams Grove Speedway
Port Royal Speedway
Dog Hollow Speedway
Silver Spring Speedway
Selinsgrove Speedway
Jennerstown Speedway
Susquehanna Speedway
Grandview Speedway
Clinton County Speedway
Bedford Speedway
Eriez Speedway
McKean County Raceway
Big Diamond Raceway
Latimore Valley Fairgrounds
Trail-Way Speedway
Central Pa Speedway
Latrobe Speedway
Path Valley Speedway
The Hill Raceway
Stony Brook Speedwway
Thunder Mountain Speedway
Roaring Knob Motorsports Complex
America's Motorsports Park
Bloomsburg Fair Speedway
Hummingbird Speedway

Sharon Speedway (1/2 mile)
Sharon Speedway (3/8 mile)
Raceway 7
Expo Speedway
Lakeville Speedway
Barberton Speedway
Wayne County Speedway
Fremont Speedway
Attica Raceway
Eldora Speedway
Sandusky Speedway
K-C Raceway
Muskingum Speedway
Ace High Speedway
Shadybowl Speedway
Mansfield Speedway (Asphalt)
Mansfield Speedway (Dirt)
Seagate Centre
Lorain County Speedway
Cannonball Speedway
Mid-Ohio Road Course
Waynesfield Speedway
Hilltop Speedway
Midway Speedway
Skyline Speedway
Millstream Speedway
Limaland Motorsports Park
Big B Speedway

Potomic Speedway, MD
Hagerstown Speedway, MD
Knoxville Raceway, IA
Deleware Speedway, DE
New Egypt Speedway, NJ
Boardwalk Hall, NJ
Bridgeport Speedway, NJ
Little Valley Speedway, NY
Woodhull Raceway, NY
Stateline Speedway, NY
Ransomville Speedway, NY
East Bay Raceway, FL
Alaska Raceway Park, AK
Alaska Raceway Park, AK (Asphalt Oval)
Alaska State Fair, AK
Twin City Raceway, AK (3/8 mile)
Twin City Raceway, AK (1/8 mile)
Union Field Raceway, AK
Capitol Speedway, AK
Thunder Vallery Speedway, AK
North Star Speedway, AK
Big Lake Speedway, AK
Lawrenceburg Speedway, IN
Gas City Speedway, IN
Kokomo Speedway, IN
Winchester Speedway, IN
Paragon Speedway, IN
Twin Cities Raceway Park, IN
St.Francious Speedway, MO
Butler Battlegrounds, MI
Dirt Track at Lowes, NC
Concord Motorsports Park, NC
Ohio Valley Speedway, WV
Tyler County Speedway, WV
Lincoln Speedway, IL
Wilmot Speedway, WI
Merrittville Speedway, Ontario
Ohsweken Speedway, Ontario
Virginia Motor Speedway, VA
Screven Motor Speedway, GA
Bristol Motor Speedway, TN


2023 RACES: 28 TRACKS: 13
2023 RACES: 57 TRACKS: 20
2022 RACES: 68 TRACKS: 19
2021 RACES: 68 TRACKS: 23
2020 RACES: 61 TRACKS: 18
2019 RACES: 55 TRACKS: 21
2018 RACES: 51 TRACKS: 19
2017 RACES: 63 TRACKS: 20
2016 RACES: 55 TRACKS: 22
2015 RACES: 65 TRACKS: 19
2014 RACES: 69 TRACKS: 18
2013 RACES: 65 TRACKS: 20
2012 RACES: 68 TRACKS: 19
2011 RACES: 51 TRACKS: 17
2010 RACES: 55 TRACKS: 21
2009 RACES: 78 TRACKS: 25
2008 RACES: 83 TRACKS: 27
2007 RACES: 79 TRACKS: 21
2006 RACES: 76 TRACKS: 19
2005 RACES: 67 TRACKS: 16
2004 RACES: 79 TRACKS: 25
2003 RACES: 78 TRACKS: 18
2002 RACES: 78 TRACKS: 16
2001 RACES: 78 TRACKS: 18
2000 RACES: 104 TRACKS: 25
1999 RACES: 110 TRACKS: 34
1998 RACES: 84 TRACKS: 19
1997 RACES: 38 TRACKS: 10
1996 RACES: 64 TRACKS: 11
1995 RACES: 58 TRACKS: 9
1994 RACES: 45 TRACKS: 8
1993 RACES: 38 TRACKS: 8


World of Outlaws (WoO), All-Star Circuit of Champions (ASCOC), Gumout Support Series (WoO2), United Racing Club (URC), Empire Super Sprints (ESS), Auto Value Super Sprints (AVSS), Winged Sprints on Asphalt (WSoA), Hoosier Outlaw Sprint Series (HOSS), Sprint Asphalt Series (SAS), Interstate Racing Association (IRA), United States Auto Club (USAC), Keystone Auto Racing on Speedways (KARS), Patriot Sprint Group (PSG), American Racing Drivers Club (ARDC), National Racing Alliance (NRA), Mid American Sprint Series (MASS), International Super Modified Association (ISMA), Sprints on Dirt (SOD), (NAMARS), (BOSS), (SCRA), (NCRA), Outlaw Sprint Bandits, National Sprint Tour (NST), Norhtern Lights Dirt Series (NLDS), (ASCS) Southern Tour, Ohio Valley Sprint Car Association (OVSCA), Ohio Sprint Car Series (OSCS), Allegheny Sprint Tour (AST)