Driver Profile - DARYL STIMELING

Birthday - March 21, 1966
Hometown - Lewistown, Pa
Marital Status - Married to Paula
Children - Two, Rachel and Tiffany
Occupation - Logger
Hobies - Racing
Favorite Resturaunt - Parkway
Favorite Food - Cheesesteak Sub
Favorite Music - Country
Favorite Artist - Garth Brooks
Favorite Track - Sharon Speedway
Started Racing -1978
Divsions Competed In - Go-Karts, Started racing Sprints in 1987
Career Wins - 15
Chassis - J&J / J&B
Motor - 410 & 358 Ford
Sponsers - Sunbury Motors, Mapco Machine Shop, Parkway Store, Groves Furniture
Car Owner - Daryl Stimeling
Crew Memebers - Cliff, Duff, Harry, and Craig
Career Highlights - Winning the track championship at Clinton County Speeedway and first win at Sharon Speedway
Future Goals - To run full-time with the All Stars
Racing Heroes - Todd Shaffer and Bobby Davis Jr.
If you weren't racing what would you be doing - I have no idea

How long have you been interested in racing, and how did you get started in racing yourself?

I've been interested in racing for twenty-five years and got started racing go-karts at a little track called Shade Speedway.

Who has had the biggest impact on your racing career and why?

My Dad because he took me to the races all the time

Where do you see Sprint Car racing five years from now?

Some type of limited racing like 358 Sprints

Do you plan on staying in Sprint Cars or moving to another division?

Staying in Sprint Cars

Ohio/Pa Sprint Car Racing