Driver Profile - JAMIE MARTIN

Jamie in action during the 2004 season.

Name: Jamie Martin
Hometown:Wooster, Ohio
Marital Status: Single
Family: Dad (Jim) Mom (Traci) Brother (Broc)
Occupation: Heavy Equipment operator
How did you choose your car number? I was 15 years old when I got my first sprint car so I chose 15 and the m is for Martin
Chassis: Maxim
Engine Builder: Dave Draime
Crew: Jim, Matt, Broc, and Rich
Sponsors: Orrville Trucking and Grading, Roto- Rooter, PEL Electric, Santmyer Oil, Wirt Towing, S&V Enterprises, Paint by Vern and Draime Racing Engines
Favorite Track: Mercer Raceway Park and Attica Raceway
Divisions competed in: Quarter Midgets then Sprint Cars
Years Racing:5
Wins: 3
Championships: Winter National Points champion in Quarter Midgets
Regular Tracks/Series: This year it will be Attica and Fremont, Mainly Wayne County Speedway the past 3 years
Hobbies: Running, and working on the Racecar
Favorite TV show: Speed News and Sports Center
Favorite Music: Rock and Country
Favorite Band: 3 Doors Down
Favorite Food: Steak
Favorite Beverage: Pepsi
Favorite Restaurant: Fridays
Favorite Driver: Dean Jacobs, Kenny Jacobs, Jac Haudenschild, Brad Doty and Tim Kaeding

When and how did you get started in racing?

My Dad worked on Late Models when I was younger and when I turned 10 years old we bought a quater midget off of Kenny Jacobs. When I turned 16 I told my Mom and Dad that I wanted to race sprints cars, so we bought a car off of Dean Jacobs and I have been racing ever sense.

Who had the biggest impact on your racing career and why?

A lot of people have. Dean Jacobs, Jac Haudenschild and Brad Doty have gave me a lot of pointers on what I need to do different in the car while aim racing, but I would have to say my Mom and Dad for giving me the opportunity to Race.

What would you be doing if you weren't racing?

I would be running in college and going to the races as a spectator

What is your favorite aspect of racing?

Just being competitive and wining races

What is your greatest accomplishment/best memory?

Winning my first race at Wayne County Speedway.

What is the worst thing that has happened to you in racing, or your worst season?

2003 season

In your own words, describe your 2004 season:

It was a great year we ran a lot of 410 races with our 360 motor and we had a 4th place against the MASS Series at Mercer and we got a win at Wayne County Speedway. We had 9 top five's and 12 top tens.

What are your plans for the 2005 season?

410 racing at Attica and Fremont Speedway. On off nights we'll travel to Sharon and Mercer and we are running some 360 races also.

Where do you see Sprint Car racing five years from now?

About the same as it is right now.

What is your ultimate goal?

Just to get some experience in the 410 and to make some races and to win some races in the 360 car also.

Anything else you would like to add?

I would like to thank all of my sponsors for making this possible and my Mom and Dad for letting me race. Also visit for the latest information from the winter and the 2005 season. Also there are still T-shirts for sale you can contact me to get more info on them.