Driver Profile - NICOLE BOWER

Nicole in action at Port Royal Speedway
Name: Nicole Bower
Hometown: Camp Hill, PA
Marital Status: Single
Family: Gary Bower(Father) Gina Bower(Mother) Brooke Bower(sister)
Occupation: Full Time College Student at Delaware State University
How did you choose your car number? I put two of my lucky numbers together.
Chassis: Schnee
Engine Builder: Rider Racing Engines
Crew: Rob Peters, Dick Patterson, Jim(Grizz) Powell, Lori Peters, Brooke Bower
Sponsors: ABC West Lanes Inc., Lawrence Chevrolet, CAT Services, Naputuano Enterprises, H&H Lighting, Rider Racing Engines, Rumberger's Gulf, Georges Cleaners, Wildeman N O'Brock, Macri Concrete, ABC Klean Cars
Favorite Track: Selinsgrove Speedway
Divisions competed in: Quarter Midgets, 358 & 410 Sprint Cars Years Racing: 8
Wins: Quartermidgets: 50+; Sprint Cars: 2
Regular Tracks/Series: Port Royal Speedway 410 sprints
Hobbies: Bowling, Sports
Favorite TV show: Law & Order SVU, NCIS
Favorite Music: i'm not picky, anything with a good beat
Favorite Band: Red Hot Chili Peppers
Favorite Food: Anything Italian
Favorite Beverage: Iced Tea
Favorite Restaurant: Carrabas
Favorite Driver: Carl Edwards
When and how did you get started in racing?

When I was 12. Randy and Lucas Wolfe helped me get into quarter midget racing.

Who had the biggest impact on your racing career and why?

Tim Young. If it weren't for Mr. Young I wouldn't have got the experience and the knowledge I needed to move up in the racing ranks.

What would you be doing if you weren't racing?

Bowling and playing sports.

What is your favorite aspect of racing?

The adrenaline rush and the feeling of being out on the track where no one can hear you and you can't hear them. The team work that is involved is also very crucial and an amazing thign to watch it all come together.

What is your greatest accomplishment/best memory?

Being the first female to win a sprint car race at Williams Grove Speedway in the 43 year history of the race track.

What is the worst thing that has happened to you in racing, or your worst season?

Catching on fire.

In your own words, describe your 2010 season:

Lots of ups, downs, and heartbreaks. A giant learning curve. I went from full time 358 racing to full time 410 racing in one season. We also had two 410 sprint car heat wins and a 358 feature win.

What are your plans for the 2011 season?

Full time 410 sprint car racing at Port Royal Speedway

Where do you see Sprint Car racing five years from now?

I think technology will continue make the sport less competitive.

What is your ultimate goal?

NASCAR or a WOO ride.