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precision figure skating is heaven on earth!

welcome to the one true sport: precision figure skating! if you haven't heard of precision figure skating, it's about time you did! precision involves a team of 12-24 skaters, performing intricate footwork in formations, all to music! it's quite the amazing sport!** i skated with the lake minnetonka windjammers (minnetonka, mn) during the 1995-1996 and 1996-1997 seasons. i began skating with the fsc of minneapolis senior team, the minneapplettes (minneapolis, mn) during the 1997-1998 season, and i plan to skate there again next season. my last season. =( ****** news!! MINNEAPPLETTES *congratulations to the minneapolis teams that competed in san diego march 11-14 at the united states precision championships! * THE MINNEAPPLE CORPS ARE THE 1998 UNITED STATES ADULT OPEN PRECISION FIGURE SKATING CHAMPIONS! way to go! * minneapplettes skated a beautiful long program, although we were struck by a kiss-of-death skating order- we skated second. we ended up ninth. we had a great time, though, despite complications with plane rides! thanks for a fantastic first season! LMFSC *congratulations to the sailorettes (intermediate) for making gold round at mids! what a step up! *congratulations to the mini-mates (juvie) for your excellent finish in silver. *mini-mates have won two first place awards so far this year- at duluth and cottage grove- way 2 go! *shannon gilbertson is the world's coolest chick. way to go on your two gold medals in eau claire! * eat bagels!* i loved the lmfsc show this year. i'm so sad i wasn't in it... OTHER *congratulations to my friend sally-anne's team, the wisconsin edge, for winning the bronze medal in the intermediate divison. * congratulations to micaela's team, the novice braemarettes, for placing fifth at nats. and congrats to the bramarettes- they will be representing the USA at the snowflake international competition in rhode island next season. * congratulations to melissa's team, the rocky mountain dynamite, for their great skating in san diego! melissa will also be moving in july to finland to skate with a team there... i'm so jealous. this page will be updated regularly! SK8 GR8 LOVE, laurel

ten good reasons why precision is the one true sport!

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