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WUtang_SloTH- 6/8- New Site!!!. I started moving the site over to I've done almost everything. The only thing that might not work is some of the home links. I also need to get some new message boards for it and site meter. I also updated the members page on that site. The new address is Using Brinkster we get more spacce on the site, more data transfer, and no ads.

WUtang_SloTH- 6/7- Awards and Top Players. I just wanted to let you know I finished the Awards and Top Players page. If there is any mistakes please send me an email. I hope you all like it. I put on some neat images but they don't seem to be working. I don't know how to do it correctly yet. If anyone knows how to do it please send me an email. I am now working on updating the members page. I'll try to do it every Saturday.

WUtang_SloTH- 6/5- More updates. So today and yesterday I worked on the website some more. I've updated the members page more. Links have been added to the links page. I have titled most of the pages if you didn't notice. I fixed more links. I have been made a captain. Yeah!!! I decided I will update the members page with win's, losses, and level weekly. I would do it daily but it would take too much time. You do not have to tell me each week what level you are-I will look it up. I've also added a home link to a lot of the pages. I know it looks really boring for now but I am looking for some cool icons to use. Next I'd like to share some of my ideas with you. I would like to add a clan info page. I've already written it up. I just need to put it on my computer. Also a Awards/Top players page. Once again this is done just needs to be put on my computer. Lastly I would like to know everyone's opinion on I have found another site that does web hosting. I'll see what people think and if we decide to I will move the site over to there host.

6/4- Hey It's WUTang_Sloth Here. I've volunteered to help fix up the site and update it. I have started fooling around with DreamWeaver and just HTML code. I am not a web designer but I will try my best. So far I have updated the Members site as much as I can for now. Also I have fixed all the links that I could find that previously didn't work and lastly I added a nice little site meter at the bottom of this page. Please email me with questions, comments, suggestions and concerns. My email is

5/29- Ok here it is. Blizzard has made it official when the Frozen Throne will come out. Looks really awesome with clan and tournament support. Check the article by clicking Here.

5/26- For all you Human Players! (w00t) Check out this great site for how to play human.Just Click Here.

5/20- Welcome. Read the rules and follow the rules: Play with honor and be respectful, Use the WUtang account only, Use the Message Board, and Vote for Wutang on the Top 200.

5/13- Practice Times are as follows- Weekdays at 6:30 ET. We will meet in channel: Clan Wutang then play, team games or solo games in which we will practice teamwork, skill, strats., and getting to know each other.

5/9- We had our first unofficial practice today. We are going to try to practice 3 or 4 times a week. The times are not set but we will just play games with all WUtang and learn from one another. These will help us to become better at AT games.

5/4/03- Our official clan channel is channel: clan WUtang. All clan members are to come to this channel and idle in there if possible. We are currently working on getting a bot set up here.


About Us
* * * * *The WUtang Clan is an active clan in Lordaeron. Our goal is to provide competitive playing and a fun atmosphere
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