Free electric car charging station at Portland General Electric on SW Salmon Street between First and Second Avenue. Parking is also free while car is charging.
More charging stations:
1. World Trade Center SW 1st and Salmon, downtown Portland. Installed July 29th. (there is also a charging station in the parking garage below the World Trade Center.
2. City of Lake Oswego 4th and A street in front of Shell Station Sept 18th
3. OMSI North Parking Lot....Sept 19th
4. PGE Salem
5. PGE Tualatin
6. Oregon City Park N Ride 12th and Main Oct.8th
Six other Shorepower Charging Stations will be installed in the near future. There may not be "Charging Stations" at the Smart Parks, but there are a couple locations on each level that have standard outlets that can be used for charging. All of the above information is provided by Jeff Kin