Thurston Energy Kick-Off Event
[Please See Our Flyer]

Wednesday, June 2 - 6:30-9:00 pm*

Olympia School District, Knox Administration Building
1113 Legion Way SE in Olympia, Corner Legion Way & Eastside St

*Program begins at 7:00, Doors open at 6:30
To visit Information Tables and enjoy Coffee & Dessert
(Please bring your own mug)

Find out how you can SAVE ENERGY & SAVE MONEY

When it comes to energy efficiency, every home has room for improvement. Did you know you can save money and reduce your climate impact by increasing your energy efficiency?  A new program from Thurston Energy shows you how.  On Wednesday, June 2, Thurston Energy will kick off the new program at a free public event to help you Jump-Start Your Energy Savings. The program is available to all Thurston County residents and business owners. 

You’ll learn how to get a home energy evaluation at a reduced rate – the first step toward lowering your energy bill. And you’ll hear how Thurston Energy helps you find qualified contractors and get utility rebates, tax incentives, and financing from local financial institutions.  Karen Valenzuela, Thurston County Commissioner, will share her perspective on the importance of energy efficiency and home weatherization.  Graeme Sackrison, former mayor of Lacey, will share his experience from his recently completed home energy evaluation.  You’ll also find out how to participate in a grassroots network to help spread the word and lead more people to saving energy and money.

You don’t have to wait until June 2 to sign up for your home energy evaluation.  Contact Wayne Ballew at to schedule an appointment with a certified energy expert, who will do a room-by-room examination, conduct a blower door test, and take infrared photos to detect air leaks and heat loss.  The energy expert will also analyze your gas and electric bills, replace light bulbs with more energy-efficient compact fluorescent bulbs, and install water-conserving showerheads. You will receive a comprehensive and prioritized plan for cost-effective energy-saving improvements that can put money back in your pocket.

Thurston Energy, a joint program of the Thurston Economic Development Council and Thurston Climate Action Team, is a federally funded program that assists homeowners and business owners identify and implement ways to save on energy costs.  Visit the Thurston Energy website at to find out more about our program offerings.  For more information, contact me at 754-6320 or .

Thurston Energy Your Pathway to Savings
A joint program of Thurston EDC and TCAT