Earth Week 2010

Earth Week went exceptionally well this year at the DOR/Capital Plaza location with the assistance of Joe Lambrix and daughter Sarah of “Plug-in-Olympia”, the guys from EV Batteries, Kerry “CTR/MTB“ Tarullo from the City of Olympia, Erick “electric scooter” Swenson, and Bike Commuter extraordinaire, “No Longer Buckets” Cushman (she’s got a slick new trailer to go w/her slick new bike). 

tesla view 1
tesla view 2
electric bike

Commuting bicycles w/trailers, electric bike and scooter, the Miles 4 door electric passenger car and a Tesla electric sports car.  Over 120 people turned out to look at all modes and poach a hot dog as the rain Gods held off.  

On behalf of the Special Programs Earth Team, we want to thank all of you that participated in the Special Program Earth Week 2010 activities during April 19th through April 23rd.   Below are the results:

  • All Cap Plaza and Field Office employees turned out and worked with reduced or natural lighting for at least one day.
  • Over 120 people attended the Fuel Reduction Lunch Hour Event and got to see a “Tesla”!!
  • Cap Plaza SP Employees stuffed thirteen (13) 64 gal dumpsters (2,600 lbs.) with paper for recycling. 4th floor reported they were inspired and stuffed an extra bin (200 lbs.) = 2,800 lbs. Smashing the last year’s record of 1,440 lbs.
  • 25 people viewed the Clean and Shop Green Lunch and Learn Event.
  • Planted a new garden and volunteers cleaned up four 50 lb bags of trash from Interstate walking trail.
  • 3 personal computer monitors, 1 TV set, 2 CPU units and 2 laptops recycled during the lunch hour.
  • 30 different Earth Friendly door prizes were awarded ranging from seeds and trees to reusable shopping bags and emergency lights (all donated by the Earth Team members).



Earth Week Team Members:
Crystal Deoskey
Lori Lindstrom
Mark Longrie
Barbie Schneider
Lee Smith
Patti Wilson
John Walkowiak