The adventure continues!
Dockwise arrives tomorrow morning with Pegasus on board.  I go on before 10:00 am to inspect the hull of my boat, while it is still high and dry; then I sign for all papers, keys and documents, they sink the boat and we motor off to Bahia Del Mar marina.  I made slip reservations for a slip for five days, but won't be staying that long, because it costs me $114/day, and Fleet Week is beginning on Monday - I'd like to get out of town before the maritime rush hour begins.
I contacted another Hans Christian 33T owner for the owners association web site (http://www.hanschristianorg), who will be in the area and would like to buddy-boat up the ICW with me.  I'm still looking for full-distance crew, and my big brother will be joining me around the 5th for about a week - most likely from Jacksonville,Florida.
Maureen, you did it to me:  I went to Target to buy some shorts (I'm a classy guy, eh), and found a copy of the soundtrack to the movie "Garden State"!   AAAUUUGGGH!  I listened to it in the car all day, then threw it in the suitcase.  It may be my theme music for the trip north!  Miss you.
Joey and I have been in Fort Lauderdale for almost a week now and we are both ready to move back aboard.  The hotel and rental car are costing me $100/day (ouch)!  There are so many megayachts here, my boat will look like a dinghy; but I wouldn't want any other boat.
Hey Lid - still want to come with me?  I'd love to have your company; it'd be cool to have both you and Dickie on board for a while!  Let me know if and when you'd like to come down.  Tell Thistle Joey said he STILL thinks she's cute!
P.S.  I'm going to buy a cheap digital camera, so I can add more pictures.
Sam Thayer
S/V Pegasus