I'm still here!
It has been too long since I last updated my happenings, and a lot has happened.  Carnival was a blast, though the hangover wasn't worth it (no more tequila for sammy).  Everyone around me is leaving, which can be a bit depressing, but it's a lot quieter now, and I can run around nekked belowdecks, without worrying about peekers (too much info, I know)!  I passed my ham radio test - technician level, which does not require any knowledge of Morse code.  That will enable me to keep in touch with a lot of the cruisers I've made passing friendships with along the way, and clutter the airwaves with meaningless babble..
Joey and I drove down the west side of the Baja to Todos Santos and saw among other things, the original Hotel California - we could check out, but we couldn't leave! 
Oh - here's a link to the maker of the Mexican Navy patrol boat that towed us 40 miles back to Cabo San Lucas after Vicky was dismasted and my mainsail blew out:
I'm already dreaming of the day these show up on the used boat market!
I bought a used VW Vanagon and when Dockwise comes to get the boat, Joey and I will have almost a month before we have to be in Florida to receive it - so we're gonna do the "hippy van" thing across the southern states, sleeping in the van.  I never realized what a cult car it was, until every other Vanagon and microbus gives us the peace sign!  I'm planning on stopping in San Diego to see Keith (Heritage), Tucson to see my favorite First Sergeant, and Houston to see some folk who just moved there from here.  By the way, does anyone want to come with?  A no-hurry trip across the southern (read warm) states.
Here's a picture of my little buddy; getting bigger every day, and a mug shot I'm not proud of.  Today, yet another Mexican asked if I was Nick Nolte, which I don't really take as a compliment maybe Ed Harris), but it does look how I felt the day after carnival!  He has more hair . . yeah - that's it.
Dockwise has pushed my departure date to 26 March - that's when we load on the boat.  It's gonna be a cool experience. If I can get pictures, I'll attach them to the next send.  The boat is projected to arrive in Ft. Lauderdale in late April.  So . . . who wants to help me drive her up to the Chesapeake?  I could do it alone but that's no fun. Now, don't all speak at once ...
I think I've been here too long - the security guards and the waiters at the marina restaurant are starting to call me by my first name, I've watched waaaay too many episodes of WBC's Charmed in Spanish (didn't really understand it, but the plot's always the same and they're fun to look at), I've got a tarzan horn on the vanagon and a cow skull string tie (not to mention the one hanging on the front of the boat), I've been there/done that most of the southern Baja, and I miss my family and friends (threw that one in for sympathy) .  See you soon!
Sam Thayer
S/V Pegasus
(360) 951-2855