My apologies to all - this entry is LONG overdue!   After a fantastic year and a half in Baltimore, I hauled out in Annapolis at Bert Jabin's and put PEGASUS on a truck back to Washington.
We (Joey and I) left behind some new friends whom which we will always be in contact.  This world is WAAAY too small to say goodbye; and hey - the Chesapeake Bay - who can stay away for long?  We will miss them all:       - My dear friends at the Getaway Sailing Center and School (  Why isn't MY pic up there with the rest of you goobers?          OOH!  Julie and Tiffany are SOOOO HOT!  By the way, your website newsletter is from 2006.       - The clan at the Baltimore Marine Center (       - Hugh Benet.  Full-time pirate, part-time biker, and a great friend; happily lost somewhere in the Bahamas.        - Doc Richardson. Not a sailor; not a powerboater; but a "floater" (houseboat) extraordinaire.   And many more.  I love the people; I don't miss the city life. 

Hugh Benet
Imagine actually seeing your propeller and most of your keel from the dock!   Now PEGASUS is safely back in Washington.      PEGASUS is currently mast-less, arch-less and bow pulpit-less.  Those items are all sitting in the boatyard while I rewire them and install new lights.  I'm using OGM lights; until recently only available to the military.  They're insanely bright and use a lot fewer watts than incandescent ones (

  Joey and I have settled in nicely and are enjoying the mild weather, clean water and fresh air iherent in the Northwest.   Yesterday I found a rather large area of delamination on the bow, just forward of the coach roof, so tomorrow we are going to be hauled into the shop for 3 weeks while Shurtz Marine ( cuts it out, recores and reglasses the area; Joey and I are moving into Motel 6 for three weeks.  Pics of that will be forthcoming.   Our plans this Spring are to head North along the inside Passage for a month or more; then in the Fall, maybe to head back South to La Paz.  I'm looking for crew, if anyone has it in their heart for an adventure!

More coming soon ... Sam