Well ... it happened.

Vicky and I were walking to a vegetable market, when this little guy crossed
our path, looking much like Jack did (for those of you who knew him).  He
had a string around his neck which was way too tight, and he burrowed
straight into my heart.  Now, this is Mexico and stray animals are
plentiful, so you have to walk the streets with a hard heart; but I couldn't
help it!  This little guy, less than three months old (according to the
vet), needed me.  We took him back to Vicky's boat and gave him a
baby-shampoo bath, picked off all the fleas we could and served him cool
water and a can of cat food, offered by another sailor walking by on the
dock.  Tomorrow on the Ensenada net I'm going to poll for names - they'll
have to come see him first; but I think his name is Baja.

We took him to a very well-recommended vet, who is giving him a flea dip,
all his shots, and treating him for mange - just like Jack.  I can pick him
up tomorrow after one.  I couldn't have a ship's cat; no...not me.  I have
to have a ship's dog!  It's about time, though.  I think I need him too.

The boat got stripped, sanded, and taped for painting tomorrow.  If I can
ever figure out theses computers and wherever my pictures are, I'll post
them too.  Ensenada gets better every day ...!


Sam Thayer
S/V Pegasus
(360) 951-2855