"Hola" from Ensenada, Mexico!  This place is growing on me - just 60 miles South of San Diego, and more culture and class than expected in a small town.  Baja Naval, where we are berthed, provides free wireless internet, free showers and bathrooms, a free telephone back to the U.S. (I wonder how long that will last) and very low slip fees: for my 40' boat - only $260.00/month; including electricity and water!  For those of you who are boaters, you can appreciate all those amenities in one place. 

My boat was hauled out yesterday.  I'm going to have the hull painted and get some other work done before we head south on the 4th of November.  This evening, Vicky and I sat on the bow, drinking red wine, while watching open air opera on the waterfront just outside the yard.  There's this HUGE mexican flag on a pole that must be 200 feet tall, right next to the stage.  I'm gonna miss Ensenada... My apologies to Richard, for leaving you off the email list.  You are one person who can really appreciate what I'm doing in his bathtub of a sailboat!

For those of you I haven't told yet - I have a website:  www.svpegasus.net    Barry Joynes in Olympia created it for me and is helping me by posting all these emails and pictures (soon, soon, I promise) to the site.  Thanks Barry!  You and Ruth have a berth on my boat anytime, anywhere; just keep in touch.

Yeah ... open-air opera, while sitting on my deck, drinking wine with a sailing friend ...  shoot me now, and I'll die a happy man!  More in a day or so - many more before we head south 'cause there's no internet access until Cabo.   promise to take many pictures (and post them) for your enjoyment.  Gotta go - Vicky's making some dinner for a few friends.  Hasta luego! Sam