My boat is being hauled out tomorrow at 0700, for a paint job on the hull.  The price is right because the labor is cheap and I've seen the work they have done on other boats while I've been in Ensenada - beautiful!  I had a mechanic on board who made me feel really stupid, but saved me a LOT of dinero:  apparently I don't have a leak from the front transmission seal.  After wiping down the transmission seals fore and aft, and running the motor in gear at the dock for 20 minutes, he determined the leak was coming from the dipstick!  The dipstick for the transmission is screwed down, but apparently I have no o-ring on it.  So when the engine and tranny get hot, the fluid comes up and out the dipstick, then drips along the edge right down onto the front seal!!!  Much money saved there.  So he's finding an o-ring to fit.  I still have a list of work to do, but that was my major concern.  I emailed Marina Palmira  in La Paz with the rest of the list and a request for a reservation around the middle of November - when we expect to arrive.  There are two other Hans Christian 38s here at Baja Naval (that makes three), with my 33' being the baby.  We're having a Hans Christian rally and stories are pouring out!  Vicky is getting hauled next week for bottom paint, then we should both be back in the water by 4 November - the projected departure date.  Things are definitely looking up!  There will be three cruise shps in port tomorrow, so the ugly Americans will be prevalent in town; I'm staying at the marina tomorrow.  For those who are trying to call or leave messages on my cell phone: I can call out ok, but I can't get to my voicemail.  So - text message me and I'll call you back when I have some time.   The adventure continues ..