Ensenada - the Brigadoon of northern Baja.  Normally a sleepy littl town about 1.5 hour drive south of the border ; but when a cruise ship is in port ... the sidewalk merchants come out of the, er ... sidewalk!  I've walked every corner of Ensenada and experienced the nightlife (WOW!) - not to be understated.  I got goobered by Baja Naval; apparently, here in "Manana land" one hand never talks to the other.  Ergo, I never got on the schedule to have my boat worked on.  So, on or about 4 November, I'm limping south with a questionable transmission and a troublesome anchor windlass - all workeable, but I'm seething at the incompetence of the locals.  they supposedly do great work - when you can get them to actually work.  So ... as I'm planning to be in La Paz for four months or so, I'll schedule to get it done there - with email confirmation that I'm scheduled.  My brother Dickie (you like that, huh ... "Dickie! ;>) is feinting at coming out to sail the Sea of Cortez with me for a couple of weeks.  A girlfriend I scheduling herself and maybe a friend (wheee!) for a couple of weeks in

January or thereabouts, and Vicky has found me some crew going South from Ensenada !  Things are shaping up nicely.   Keith (Heritage) went up to Eureka , CA to bring his trawler souht to San Diego , and got hit with 17 knot winds just two miles outside the bar!   OUCH!  So they returned to port and he is looking for a trucking company to take his boat south.  The weather here is great - not really hot yet, but still t-shirt, shorts and boat shoes.  Tomorrow I'm putting on my war paint and going to talk with the yard manager about getting SOME work done.  Adios!