I motored into Mexico two days ago, to rejoin my friends on "Inspiration"- a
Hans Christian 38 we met in Neah Bay, Washington.  The weather from San
Diego was grey all around - a bit depressing for 10 hours alone on the
water.  Needless to say, my arrival was a reason for a small party, then
movie night on my boat that evening.  The marina we are in is called Baja
Naval, and by all accounts is quite professional, clean and hospitable. 
They have wireless internet you may access for free and a telephone you may
use to call back to the U.S. for free; I like this place!  The offices were
closed on the weekend, so we spend those days discovering Ensenada.  A nice
town, with a serious tourist strip which seems to come to life when a cruise
ship comes in; otherwise kinda quiet.  I did discover the seedier side of
Ensenada :-)

Today I acquired the paperwork I'll need for the trip down the Baja

- Tourist Visa
- Vessel Import Permit - good for 10 years (no, I'm not staying that
-Fishing Permit.  Even if you don't fish; one fishook on board, or one
person with a fishy look and you need one.  They're not expensive, so for
the opportunity to fish, I'll get one.

There are other miscelleneous papers, but those are the big ones.

I spoke to the yard about having my transmission inspected and serviced -
hopefully it won't have to be pulled to repair.  Vicky and Alish on
"Inspiration" are leaving to go South on 4 Novemebr, and I'd like to
buddy-boat with them.  vicky called a friend who is dying to come down and
crew - just to spend time and learn more about sailing.  It's always more
fun with someone to shar it with.

I heard Baja Naval is reputed to do excellent "paint and tape" jobs and got
an estimate for my boat around $5k for Awlcraft 2000.  With everything else
done, Pegasus deserves a new dress; and the price is excellent!

The Peso is about a dime now, so I could live here very nicely on my
pension; I'm meeting a lot of retired military down here who are doing just
that.  Hmmm ...
That's all for now; I'm going cruising around Ensenada - there has to be
more to this place!  My cellphone is working in Mexico; thanks to the
miracles of modern technology.  So - keep in touch!


Sam Thayer
S/V Pegasus
(360) 951-2855