San Diego is beautiful! 

I employed a delivery skipper to bring the boat down from Eureka, for three reasons:
(1), my crew of one bailed out for a funeral (understandable),
(2), the weather around Cape Mendocino and Cape Conception went to heck and was, in all honesty, beyond my abilities as a sailor (12 foot seas, 30+ knot winds), and
(3),I had to fly out to Hawaii (tough, huh) to receive my household goods and put them in my house in Hilo.

So ... San Diego is beautiful!

I'm going to see Monday who is available to work on my engine.  I have a transmission leak somewhere - I suspect the front main seal; and the refrigeration (less than a month since installation) crapped out.  Listen, the engine is important, but refrigeration (read cold beer) is a NECESSITY!  If they're all to busy, which is likely 'cause this place is full of boats toeing the line for the Baja Ha-ha, departing for points south the end of October.  If too busy, I'll sail to Ensenada just across the border this week sometime and get the work done at Baja Naval.  

I found crew!  A lady from Michigan who is yearning for adventure on the high seas, before she gets a real job and spends the rest of her youth in a cubicle!  She sounds like a lot of fun, and we should both have plenty of stories to take home.  She may want to add a paragraph, or some addresses for her friends in here. 

Stay posted - this should be really good reading, as we head into Mexico! I look forward to rejoining my friends on "Inspiration", a Hans Christian 38 we met in Oregon (Coos Bay, right Vicky?).  They are in Ensenada already, and we need to get there before they run out of Margaritas!

The adventure continues!


Sam Thayer
S/V Pegasus
(360) 951-2855