The following article was sent to us by Jaspen Amodeo.  Embedded in the article is the addresses of all the plugins in the Nevada City area.  Thanks Jaspen for keeping us updated.   Electric Vehicle Charging Network Blossoms!      November 24, 2008   Coinciding with our new president-elect Barack Obama’s stance on improving our economy, foreign oil independence,  and environmental balance by supporting the development and use of alternatively fueled vehicles, several businesses here in Grass Valley and Nevada City have joined  forces with the Electric Vehicle Alliance of Nevada County to create a solid electric vehicle charging station network.   By supporting the existing electric vehicle drivers in our area, as well as promoting the use of this notably efficient technology, business owners in our community are recognizing the value in becoming proactive in the shifting of our ecological gears which will be needed in the years to come.  The Electric Vehicle Alliance of Nevada County is proud to recognize the following businesses in their dedication towards the “greening” of our community:
  • Miner’s Foundry Cultural Center, Gretchen Bond, 325 Spring Street, Nevada City  “We wanted to support Nevada City business.  It’s a walkable town. People can come with their electric cars, charge them and go shopping or to eat. Come to town and get your car juiced up. The cost to the Miners Foundry for each charge is pennies, and is no huge expense for the facility.”  The Miner’s Foundry sees the plug-in as a connection to the Pelton Wheels that were made there that provided hydroelectric power to the area’s famous underground gold mines during the past two centuries.  “We’re also supportive of the community’s effort to reduce our carbon footprint.  I thought, if we did it, more businesses would”.  Visit the Miners Foundry online at
  • Xtremely Green Earth Friendly Resources, Mike Hoxsie, 734 E. Main St., Grass Valley   Xtremely Green is your retail and wholesale distributor for quality environmentally responsible commercial and home use products.  They service restaurants, offices, home, garden, camping, businesses and parties.  Xtremely Green supplies earth friendly alternatives to replace many of the petroleum based plastics and styrofoam products with items made from resources such as sugarcane, corn and potato starch.  They are also currently installing a free-trade and organic coffee bar, there are class and workshop spaces for rent, and a community bulletin board.  See all of their offerings at
  • Magickal Florist, Jada Fae, Frank Armstrong and Cheryl Zellers, 821 Zion Street, Nevada City.   Visit their beautiful showroom just next to Fuden Juice. Magickal Florist offers organic and sustainably certified fresh cut flowers for any event and setting including Holidays, weddings, altars, sympathy, special occasions, corporate gifts and ‘just because’.  Local delivery is also available.  Their web site is at
  • Hills Flat Lumber Company, Daryl Davis and Jeff Pardini, 380 Railroad Ave., Grass Valley   Hills Flat offers way more than your run-of-the-mill hardware store. They have a beautiful nursery, machine rentals, doors & windows, appliances, and even a Deli!

    Hills Flat has been actively working to contribute to promote environmentally responsible business with a geothermal infrastructure in their Grass Valley location, and solar electricity in both their Grass Valley and Colfax stores.  Visit their web site at
  • Summer Thyme’s Bakery & Deli, Amy and Chamba Cooke, 421 Colfax Ave., Grass Valley   Along with superior bakery & deli goods, they also offer gourmet fair trade and organic coffee & teas, a smoothie bar, music events, artisan showcases, a play area for children, and even Oracle Tarot Readings on Fridays! They have parking up front and around the back, as well as patio dining.  Check out their web site at
  • Siteline Architecture, Richard Baker and Andrew Pawlowski, 644 Zion Street, Nevada City  Siteline offers a plethora of services including planning, design, drafting and permitting for offices & retailers, tenant improvements, restaurants, hospitality, light industrial, care facilities, custom residences, additions, remodels and more.  They also offer bidding services and construction management.  See details of their quality craftsmanship at
Plug-In electric vehicle owners are welcome to use the designated 120 volt outlets at any of these venues free of charge, which typically will cost the business 14 cents per hour or less, depending on the level of a car’s battery charge when it arrives at their location.   Business owners in Nevada County who would like to join the charging station network can do so easily, and most times with minimal cost.  They may contact Jaspen Amodeo of the Electric Vehicle Alliance at 530-470-0315.   Persons interested in learning more about our local electric vehicle community may visit