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Published: March 2, 2005


Tampa, FL ( - In December of 2004, author and former Texas prison guard Tim Hampton made headlines nationwide for releasing his first book entitled 'Holding My Own' - a book he describes as a testimony of how he was able to avoid the corruption that so many guards in Texas prisons are persuaded to take part in.

Texas Prison officials were initially outraged with Hampton's literature and deemed it a security threat inside Texas prisons. Hamptons Port Arthur Texas-based attorney Langston Adams was able to contact Texas Governor Rick Perry who ordered the Texas prison officials to review the book again, the result being 'Holding My Own' is suitable for Texas inmates to obtain.

During that period, Hampton shared his stories with many media outlets, and was able to keep quiet about his current employment as a prison guard in the state of Florida. Hampton has announced his resignation after only 11 months and sites disgust and déjà vu feelings about working at Hillsborough Correctional Institution, a female state prison located in Riverview Florida just outside Tampa city limits.

Hampton wrote a detailed letter to the administration, and it can be read on his website

Prison officials are declining to comment on the letter.

For more details about Hampton and his experience with the Texas Prison system, interested ones should visit: