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RE: Florida Department of Corrections
By R. Mark Shepard

It does not matter what an inmate has done in the past, or was doing at the time that he is being chastised for. Whether it is for doing something wrong, for not obeying the rules or regulations, or even for 'disrespecting an officer', it doesn't matter...  

It makes no difference if the inmate is weak or strong mentally or physically, or if he is, or has been in the past, the most violent inmate in the system BECAUSE...

It is the Officer's responsibility in any situation to maintain himself in a Professional and Human Manner, and to not let others take advantage of him in ANY WAY. 

It is not the job of the Correctional Officer in any Rank or Supervisory capacity to give orders to inflict undue pain or punishment, or to cause injury, and sometimes even be the cause of Death to someone JUST BECAUSE....

The job of the Correctional Officer is to Maintain Care and Custody of an Inmate.

Even if the Officer is worried about losing his or her job, or afraid of being chastised because he or she did not Follow Through or Carry Out the DIRECT ORDER from the Supervisor to do the unjust, or if the officer is  nervous not to obey the order of Corporal Punishment of Pain, it is not an officer's job JUST BECAUSE a superior says so....

Myself and Sgt. Tom found this out personally. What you are about to read are indeed FACTS; it is Public Record, and with a clear conscious, myself and Sgt. Tom - instead of being Certified Correctional Officers - are now, in Fact, Certified Convicted Felons JUST BECAUSE we in Fact told the Truth and Maintained our own Self-Discipline as Correctional Officers. 

We are Not hiding any issues of our own, nor the Fact that we never Punched, Kicked or hit an inmate.  All of our 'Uses or Force' on Inmates were investigated thoroughly and found to be 'By the Book, and still exist as Public record with the Department Of Corrections, and were approved by the Department of Corrections. 

The uses of Forces that have never been reported were those of Spontaneous Actions of Force, helping other Officers who were attacked by inmates, or helping control the actions of inmates who were about to get into serious Trouble by starting a riot or just beating someone to Death.

The time span for the stories is about 10 years from 1987 to 1997. And most of the stories took place at Charlotte CI, and some at Desoto CI.

The Inmate I went to court over was John Edwards.  Frank Valdes and John Edwards are 2 Inmates who didn't deserve to be treated like that.  It just escapes me to think that those GUARDS actually did those horrific things to those inmates with a good conscious.  But like the Nurse, most of the officers from Charlotte have had either heart attack's, or something bad has been happening to them.

Anything else I have forgotten, or info you need please let me know.  Can't wait to get the good mail and the Negative, and to respond. Yes I mean after all, they know who wrote the book, so yes include my email address.

Like I said, anything I can do to help, please let me know.
R. Mark Shepard



Life and Times Author R. Mark Shepard

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