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Robert Trim's Recent Projects
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Math Signs

Ut . Division of Rehab., Services for the Deaf and The Hard of Hearing

Clients goals:

Provide an interactive DVD that will teach American Sign Language certified interpreter with the training to sign for students in math classes.

350+ individual segments cover word problems grades 3-7, basic math, geometry, algebra, Trig., Calc, plus segments on how this disk is to be used. Chris Kurz, Ph.D. is the instructor who is deaf and teaches math to standing room only, college level math classes where 90% of the students are hearing. He's just that good.

Under grant funding from WROCC, National Center On Deafness, US Dept. of Education, this DVD is now available world wide, free.

Shot in studio, BetaCamSP, edited in Final Cut Pro, DVD authored in DVD Studio Pro.

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Robert Trim