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Robert Trim's Recent Projects
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What someone has done recently IS key... the depth of their skills.

The next few pages are good examples of the breadth and depth of my skills. For the past 25 years, starting with 2" video tape through direct-to-disk digital recording, my career is focused on creating media in and for just about all modes of delivery.

The few projects shown are a good cross section exemplifying full blown, multi-camera long format studio production, highly produced marketing efforts, interactive DVD's and CD's and multi-purposing of media to meet very specific client requirements.


They encompass work with analog and digital formats, Digital Audio Editing/Mixing, authoring for DVD, CD and the web. As producer, director, editor, audio engineer/mixer, compressionist, DVD authoring, videographer, set/studio designer, Gaffer, grip, Director of Photography, Script Writer.

Select the projects listed above for an overview of these efforts.

Robert Trim